The Moment has Arrived…



The day has finally come that we open our doors to the eager public of Fairbanks, Alaska.  While I’m speaking in tangible terms, of letting customers into the first marijuana retail store and cultivation facility combination in Alaska, I’m also speaking in a political sense. We are helping the people of Alaska to walk through a more conceptual door into a future where marijuana is legally sold and bought, as a bottle of wine is at the local liquor store, with no worries of legal consequence.  Today is historical and we want to take that dream of normalizing the marijuana culture a reality by giving our customers a professional, comfortable and helpful environment to purchase legal marijuana and related products.  We hope to eliminate the anxiety and connotations usually associated with purchasing some weed. This is something that is long over do and we plan to accelerate the process to make up for the lost time.

Not all employees are pictured.  Most likely working too hard elsewhere in the facility.

We have been working very hard to open up shop over the last couple months and during that time we have built what we think is the perfect team that is just right for the job. We have began to work like a well oiled machine and plan to only get smoother from here on out. It has been a tough job up to this point and many sacrifices were made to get Pakalolo Supply Company to where it is now but the day has finally come so join us as we journey into the unknown at 1 pm today. Mahalo!