Christmas and Cannabis Cheer

Christmas day is almost upon us and holiday cheer is flowing through the town of Fairbanks, the place that we are proud to call our home.  Christmas lights are strung, decorations are hung and festivity baking and cooking has begun.  I’m sure by now most homes have their Christmas trees fastened into a stand in their main living room completely lit up with sparkling lights towering above the children below, who are undoubtedly holding up presents to their ear as they shake them in an attempt to determine what could be inside. There are also some that like to light up another kind of tree during Christmas, and if you are reading this post you are most likely one of those people.  Of course, I’m talking about cannabis and if you are hoping to purchase some holiday herb for the weekend don’t hesitate to stop by Pakalolo Supply Co. today, Friday December 23rd.  Whether you’re on your way home from work or you’re out doing your last minute gift shopping today is your last chance before Christmas as we will be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the holiday.  The majority of the staff at Pakalolo has been working long hours and 7 days a week to keep the gears turning so that we can do our best to consistently keep our customers happy.  We have been planting, watering, transplanting, cropping, trimming, testing, packaging, printing, labeling and serving literally nonstop since before the doors were even opened up to the public in order to keep up with demand, and we couldn’t be happier to do so.  It has been a whirlwind of hard work and reward for everyone involved. Still, the process has taken a lot of energy out of us all and we are excited to be able to take a few days to, not only spend the best part of the year with our families and loved ones, but to rest and rejuvenate so that when we come back we are as full of energy as humanly possible so that we can continue to serve the city of Fairbanks to the best of our abilities.

If you do end up making it in today we have a new strain on the menu!  It is called Cannalope Haze and it is grown by Subsistence Products, a fellow Fairbanks area cultivator.  The Leafly description is as follows…

“Like the name suggests, Cannalope Haze is a sweet mix of tropical, melon, and floral flavors. Almost a pure sativa that crosses Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican landrace, this strain is a great solution for fatigue and when struggling with appetite loss.”



Now if you celebrate the holidays like I do, Christmas is a 2 day marathon of eating, watching sports and exchanging presents, then Cannalope Haze is the perfect strain.  I definitely can use a solution for fatigue and a loss of appetite when I’m already about to bust at the seams from just the snack platter and dinner hasn’t even been served yet!  Cannalope Haze is a sativa so it does get your brain and metabolism moving, and if you are wondering it does indeed smell and taste like cantaloupe.  We have a limited amount of 1 gram units so if you want to try it out I suggest arriving at the time the doors open at 3:00pm.

We also have SupaJoints! I’m sure many of you are wondering what exactly is “supa” about a SupaJoint.  First off they are much bigger than our normal sized prerolls weighing at about 1.3g compared to the 0.8g of the smaller joints.  On top of that the trim used to roll the SupaJoints is very, very high quality.  We recently purchased a tumbler trim machine to increase productivity.  The way it works is by spinning untrimmed buds in a pipe shaped colander and whatever pokes through the holes gets chopped by blades spinning on the other side.  However, in the process small pieces of flower also get the axe and end up in our trim containers along with a ton of kief.  Kief is the name for THC trichomes (crystals) that break loose from the bud when being handled.  In the end our super trim is kief, trim and flower mixed together which basically amounts to ground up marijuana! The SupaJoints come at a great holiday price at $15.



Check out our full menu at where you can see test results and prices on everything in stock.  From everyone at Pakalolo Supply Company to the city of Fairbanks, MERRY CHRISTMAS! See you all next week. Mahalo!

Happy Turkey Day Fairbanks!

We are oh so grateful.

We truly hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving to its fullest potential, and yes, the pun was intended! We hope your insides are as overstuffed as a turkey is with dressing because there is nothing better than the marathon of eating, drinking and lounging that we get to gratefully enjoy with our families and loved ones to celebrate this traditional American holiday. Whether you go all out at home with a giant feast inviting everyone you know, or you still go to your mom’s place so you can watch football while she happily prepares the best meal you will have all year, Thanksgiving never gets old and it never will.  Though the holiday has come and gone, there is still so much to be thankful for.  For example we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support Fairbanks is showing to us at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Every single day at 3:00 pm when we open our doors there is a line of enthusiastic Fairbanksans of all walks of life, ranging from first timers to experienced marijuana connoisseurs, stretching out into our parking lot.  This is not only important to us but to the marijuana industry as a whole and many of you, if not all, understand that.  There is strong passion for marijuana that is expressed every day by our customers visiting our retail store.  Sometimes the passion is expressed verbally but other other times you can just see the excitement in the customers eyes.  The people of Alaska spoke with the vote to legalize and your actions continue to show that it was not a mistake.  For us, it’s simply an amazing feeling to be a part of fulfilling a desire that so many people have wanted for as long as…. Well, forever! There are still some who do not agree with marijuana legalization and will continue to fight it going forward, which is why we want to express how thankful we are to each of our customers on Thanksgiving… THANK YOU!!!

As you may know already, Pakalolo Supply Co. is taking advantage of the holiday to take and short break and will be closed for the rest of Thanksgiving weekend and will reopen on Monday, November 28 for business.  However, when we open on Monday we will be opening with a brand new strain called Shiva on our shelves that everyone at Pakalolo is very eager to try themselves.



Shiva, testing at 24% THC, is a rare sativa strain that was grown in our own cultivation facility requiring flowering for 14 weeks, which is about twice as long most hybrid strains. Sativa strains are rare in part due to the time required to bloom as well as there tendency to stretch and get very tall.  For that reason people used genetics to create hybrid strains that have shorter bloom phases and smaller, more manageable plants  The fact that they are rare is exactly why we were willing to put in the time and effort to bring it to our store front.  The high from sativa strains is energizing, cerebral and well suited for daytime use. They are also said to promote deep conversation and enhance creativity and can also give you a sense of well being and happiness making it ideal for social situations.  We are very thrilled to be able to bring something unique into our store and curious to see what each and everyone of you think about it.  We only have a limited amount of Shiva of so if you intend on giving it a try the early bird gets the worm! 😉 See you on Monday.





On to the Next One!

On to the next week of business at Pakalolo Supply Company, that is.  We successfully made it through the first, welcoming the people of Alaska into a new era of legal marijuana sales here in Fairbanks.  Working up to the grand opening we experienced every aspect of the new, and forever evolving, marijuana industry. Every high and every low, all the way back from the endless paperwork for licensing to germinating our first seeds, up to present time where we can legally place carefully grown, manicured and fully tested flower into our customers hands in exchange for legal tender. To put it simply, it has been quite the adventure with a wonderful outcome!  We are so relieved that what we set out to do is now a reality and benefiting those who have been patiently waiting. However, the first week did not come without some hiccups ranging from issues with our point of sale systems to running through our high quality product quicker than expected.  Fortunately, having to work out the kinks and smooth the bumps of starting up a new business, especially in a new industry, was something that we without a doubt expected. Although, what really made us feel good was the people of Fairbanks’ understanding, patience and feedback (dont worry, we got the pre-rolls on lock now 😉 ) during the process of overcoming some of those hurdles.


Over the weekend, specifically Sunday, we were able to take a deep breath and gather ourselves as we hid from the public eye for a day and frantically labelled hundreds of 1 gram pop top containers and filled them with well grown, beautifully manicured marijuana flower for your consumption.  We also filled hundred of pre-rolled cones with flower or trim that is now ground up to a perfect consistency to avoid them getting packed too tight and lacking airflow, as some of you have mentioned to us.  This is a technique we have began to perfect thanks to the generous feedback you have provided us over the last week.  Feedback is something we greatly appreciate because it allows us to improve our business based on the customers praise or concerns, which are the people we are aiming to please. Just to give you some quick updates on our product, we have brought in two new strains, that some of you may have had the opportunity to try out if you made it in on Saturday.  The first strain being Cinderella at 20.6% THC and the other being Agent Orange at 16.4% THC. If you like oranges then you will love Agent Orange… It literally smells and taste like a tangerine! The Mauna Kea White Fire OG, grown at Pakalolo Supply co., will be returning by midweek along with 2 previously unreleased strains, but I’m going to have to keep my lips sealed for a couple more days so don’t forget to check back on the PakaBlog! We also have new official hours to bring a little more consistency to our store front which will be Monday through Saturday 3:00pm to 8:00pm. The hours, as well as a google map to find our location, can be found on our Facebook page (dont forget to like us for news and updates!) or our website at Mahalo!



Fairbanks’ Enthusiasm Inspires Pakalolo

As well as temporarily cleans off our shelves!

Yesterday we were simply blown away by the excitement brought to our store front during the grand opening of Pakalolo Supply Co.  The curiosity and simple joy of our future patrons as they browsed our displays and interacted with our budtenders was the first, and most rewarding evidence, of our hard work paying off.  Not only were the customers enthusiastic about being part of history, but they were also extremely patient as our budtenders worked out the kinks of charting unexplored territory in the form of legal marijuana sales.  Understanding the attention to detail we must have to ensure this endeavor is successful is the best gesture we could receive from the public.  Now we have to ask if you could sustain your patience for a little while longer because during the grand opening you completely emptied our stock!  We would like to express how grateful we are and that you inspire us to double our efforts so that we can keep our shelves stocked at all times.  As we have mentioned we plan to normalize the purchase of marijuana and being fully stocked is an important factor to that equation.  We ensure you that we are currently working around the clock trimming, manicuring, packaging and labeling product to reopen our doors to the ambitious people of Fairbanks as soon as possible.

In case you are unaware, “soon as possible” happens to be today at 5:00pm.  You can view the schedule for Friday and Saturday on any page on our website at  Friday we will be getting back our test results for another sizable harvest, which will immediately be labeled and put on our shelves for purchase. We even have a new strain or two but we’ll keep it as a surprise for now… 😉

We hope to see each and every one of your smiling faces through the weekend. Mahalo!


The Moment has Arrived…



The day has finally come that we open our doors to the eager public of Fairbanks, Alaska.  While I’m speaking in tangible terms, of letting customers into the first marijuana retail store and cultivation facility combination in Alaska, I’m also speaking in a political sense. We are helping the people of Alaska to walk through a more conceptual door into a future where marijuana is legally sold and bought, as a bottle of wine is at the local liquor store, with no worries of legal consequence.  Today is historical and we want to take that dream of normalizing the marijuana culture a reality by giving our customers a professional, comfortable and helpful environment to purchase legal marijuana and related products.  We hope to eliminate the anxiety and connotations usually associated with purchasing some weed. This is something that is long over do and we plan to accelerate the process to make up for the lost time.

Not all employees are pictured.  Most likely working too hard elsewhere in the facility.

We have been working very hard to open up shop over the last couple months and during that time we have built what we think is the perfect team that is just right for the job. We have began to work like a well oiled machine and plan to only get smoother from here on out. It has been a tough job up to this point and many sacrifices were made to get Pakalolo Supply Company to where it is now but the day has finally come so join us as we journey into the unknown at 1 pm today. Mahalo!