Pakalolo Grown Clones Available today!

Aloha PakaBloggers!  We hope that your in between Holiday short work week finds you well as we digest our Christmas meals and get ready to slide into the 2018!  We have a special announcement that many of you have been patiently waiting for… CLONES!

With recent expansions in our cultivation, it has been a while since any clones weren’t put directly into production to bring beautiful buds to you in our store.  We finally have the mother plants caught up to our new capacity and the grow rooms full to the point that we have extra clones cut and available for YOU!  We have 3 strains available now, Northern Lights, Aloha CBD and Chernobyl.

Our clone babies have been grown with lots of love and aloha to get them ready for you. Each tray of clones is treated as if they are going directly into our cultivation area.  Our clones are ideal and “ready-to-grow” in organic soil setups.  They have received multiple preventative treatment foliar sprays and dunks of organic neem oil to prevent any pests and provide a waxy protective coating to the plant.  Clones are in small cups with a light mix of Happy Frog soil and perlite.  They have received foliar feedings of our homemade korean natural farming nutrients, organic probiotic compost teas and have been inoculated with mycorrhizae fungi on the roots.  Mycorrhizae fungi live on the plants roots and help the plant gather nutrients and water from soil. If you don’t grow in an organic soil setup, no worries, they are young and hearty with a strong root mass, ready for a transplant into basically any grow medium you choose.

Northern Lights is a classic.  It’s probably our favorite indica strain and it is a tried and true beauty.  It’s a fun plant to grow as it is fast growing, hearty and always delicious. The taste is both fruity, pungent and spicy and the high is happy, comfortable and very relaxing. Great for beginner growers, it’s a forgiving, tough and hearty strain.


Aloha CBD is a great strain for those looking for a balanced high with multiple cannabinoids.  We entered it into the Cannabis Classic – Indica division last spring and took 3rd Place.  We were very excited that our lower THC, high CBD and high terpene strain did so well with the judges in a blind taste test.  It really proved to us and the judges that THC numbers are not the defining characteristic of a quality strain.  When these judges had no idea if they were smoking a high THC strain or not it was given high marks in each category which included smell, taste, appearance and effect. (what else matters?) Aloha CBD is the perfect strain for you to grow if you are looking for high CBD content, balanced high and delicious flavors.

Aloha CBD

The 3rd strain that we have clones available for you is Chernobyl.  Our highest testing THC strain to date at Pakalolo Supply Co.  We have had this potent sativa strain test as high as 31.7% THC! The strain is funky, strong, earthy and sweet on the taste with effects that will leave you feeling radioactive.  It provides a strong cerebral sativa buzz that will have you feeling like you reached into your pocket for that extra shot of espresso in your morning coffee! Chernobyl is a classic boutique strain for the more experienced grower.  It can require a little extra care and attention and time under the lights, but if you’ve experienced the brain buzz from this one then you know that the light at the end of the grow tunnel is worth the extra tender loving care.


Tips from the Pakalolo Grow Squad:

  • Make sure to transplant clones within about 7-10 days as they will outgrow their small cups and quickly deplete the nutrients in the small amount of soil.  
  • Don’t over-water. A day or two in between watering is fine and helps the plant grow.
  • Give them plenty of light.  A windowsill is not enough.  Get them a grow light and watch them grow like a “weed!” 

Good luck and we hope each of these babies goes to a great loving home where they will be nurtured into healthy and thriving adult cannabis plants!

As always, thank you for taking the time to check out the happenings at Pakalolo Supply Co. We are always humbled by how many of you are reading our blog posts and frequent the shop whether that be for clones, concentrates, edibles, buds, or sometimes just to say hi. We appreciate you!  Have a great day and hope to see ya soon!


Pakalolo Supply Co.