Former AMCO Enforcement Officer Joins the Pakalolo Supply Company Ohana

We are very pleased and beyond to excited to announce that Amanda Stonecipher, a former AMCO Enforcement Officer (the one that handed us our license back in 2016), will be joining the Pakalolo Supply Company team, or ohana, as we like to call it! (Click here or scroll down to read press release) We quickly realized Amanda’s skill set, attention to detail and drive during our initial inspections and in every encounter since because she was great to work with at AMCO.  She made things straight forward, easy to understand and logical. Once we heard she was leaving the state workforce we jumped at the opportunity to give her a career at Pakalolo. Her knowledge of the industry paired with her prior enforcement of AMCO regulations make her invaluable as a member of the cannabis industry. We feel we are stepping into a bright future with her by our side and we can’t wait to get to work!