Strain Drop Saturday, New Edibles at Great Prices


Aloha Pakabloggers! Though the spring season faced some setbacks after making an early attempt at getting started, summertime is finally fully upon us. Summer in our state is something pretty special.  Since we are basically forced to hibernate in our homes all winter due to the lack of sunlight and undesired temperatures, the people of Alaska truly come alive with the first days of summer and sunshine.  As soon as you can feel the natural warmth of the sun’s beams and see the tree’s the buds start to pop Alaska feels like a completely different planet when compared to the dark months of winter.  The difference is literally night and day as the sun begins to stay out longer and longer until it barely even sets.  The change is reflected in the people as they are full of energy with smiles on their faces considering the summer possibilities. There is always something to do with tons of events, concerts, weddings, camping, boating, hittin’ the lake, etc.  As Alaskans we fully take advantage of these wonderful summers like its our duty because we know it won’t be long before the snow flies again and we have to bunker down again for the long haul.  So get out there and enjoy everyday that you can.  One of the best things to do while soaking up the sun is to get faded and boy do we have some perfect summertime options at Pakalolo for you and yours to do just that… Hashade anyone!?

Strain Drop Saturday

Oceanview OG

Pakalolo Grown Oceanview OG drops today! The newest indica on our menu offers fuity and sweet aromas and delivers a balanced indica high at 21% THC.  



THCa: 21.2%

Total Cannabinoids: 21.6%

Pineapple Haze

This Saturday we are dropping Pineapple Haze from Catalyst Cannabis Company at both stores. This fun strain combines the tropical aroma of Pineapple with the racing cerebral energy of Haze, creating a mostly sativa strain with equally enticing flavors and effects.  This strain is best indulged in during the day as it an energetic and productive high that is perfect for getting things done or being active.




Hybrid (70% Sativa, 30% Indica)

THCa: 22.3%

Total Cannabinoids: 25%

Oodles of Edibles

We have recently stocked both our stores full of amazing infused edibles with amazing price tags to match.  As the cannabis industry continues to thrive we continue to see innovative new prices with increasingly competitive prices.  We got ’em both for you right here!




One of the newest and exciting edibles on the market is Red Run’s new infused lemonade  right in time for summer and it is spectacular.  Did I mention that it has an extremely reasonable price at only $25 for 50mg?  Only containing a few key ingredients Hashade is great to mix with something like Sprite using the dosing measurements on the back of the bottle.  Of course you can also just throw it back straight from the bottle to get the full effects, if you know what I mean 😉

Wakin’ Bakery Caramels


These new caramels from Wakin’ Bakery just hit both Pakalolo locations.  We have them available in two different flavors:  Lemon and Sea Salt.   Both types are deliciously smooth and creamy caramels that just melt away in your mouth.  However, the unique pairing of lemon with caramel is something I have never had before but was very pleasantly surprised by how frickin’ good they taste together.  They come 2 per packet at $12 a piece or 2 for $20 along with the rest of Wakin’ Bakery line of cookies.

Northern Delights Glacier Gummies


These small sugar coated gummies from Raspberry Roots come in 50mg 10-packs for only $36! We have them available in Green Apple, Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Sour Strawberry.

Northern Delights Snow Caps


Snow Caps are flavored breath mints that are also 50mg 10-packs but at only $30!  They come in a assortment of tasty flavors that you can see above.

Canamo Capsules


Would you rather cut straight to the chase then go through the trouble of eating something and waiting to digest it?  Well you are in luck because we have you covered with Canamo Cannabis Capsules.  Just down the appropriate dose with a glass of water and you will be on your way to funky town.  These too come in 50mg 10-packs (5mg/capsule) for our best valued edible at only $20 per packet!  That’s a steal if you ask me.  If you are a CBD fan we also have a  special version for $26 that is 50mg THC AND CBD per packet with each capsule being 5mg of each.


Canamo Conentrates for Daysssssss

We are stocked full of high quality concentrates for Canamo including shatter, crumble, sugar wax and decarbed honey oil starting at the low price of only $30 per half gram!




TV Menu (ANC) (8).png

Well I think we covered all the bases.  As always mahalo for stopping by to chat with us at the Pakablog.  We think the sativa Pineapple Haze from Catalyst Cannabis Company is going to be a hit as it fits right into the mold with the rest of our Pakalolo Grown strains We hope you swing by and enjoy some of our new products and everyday low prices over the weekend.  Until the next time. Hang loose ohana!




Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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