New Everyday Low Prices, Canamo Concentrates and Northern Delights Edibles

Greetings and Aloha to you and yours on this fine afternoon! We have a few cool things in the good news category we would like to share with you today.  First off it’s April and that means the worldwide cannabis holiday 4/20 is only weeks away.  We thought about it and have decided to do away with the holiday and make it an entire holimonth to celebrate 4/20 in style.  We have a lot planned and it starts this weekend with new low prices on concentrates and edibles as well as new products from Canamo and Northern Delights!

Who Likes to Save Money?

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish companies are starting to get ahead of the curve both production wise and financially, refined techniques and better equipment result in quicker production and less overhead.  This allows for the wholesale prices that we pay to come down which of course trickles down to the people that matter most: YOU! As a result the prices on our menu have began to come down across the board.



As you can see in the image above we have lowered the prices drastically on some of our highest quality concentrates from Canamo and Cold Creek.  You can now get half grams as low as $30 everyday because these prices are here to stay! We are kicking off the new prices with a TON of new concentrates from Canamo including shatter, Crumble, Sugar Wax, Caviar Nugs and Honey Oil.



We have also brought down the prices of our Northern Delights edibles to the lowest prices on the Alaska market!  Snow Caps are now only $30 for the 50mg 10 packs and we just put out a new 1:1 ratio (THC:CBD) version of the Snow Caps with each mint having 5mg of THC and CBD. We also introduced a new edible from Northern Delights in the all new Glacier Gummies which are also 50mg 10 packs and are available in 5 different flavors.

TV MENU (FBKS) (18).png

Do you like the high of edibles but not the act of eating something to get there?  Well we got some new capsules of cannabis infused coconut oil from Northern Delights.  All you have to do is throw ’em back with a glass of water like a few daily supplements.  We have them with 5mg THC and capsules with a 1:1 ratio of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.


TV MENU (FBKS) (19).png

5 Days of Catalyst

Everyone knows the 12 Days of Christmas jingle, right?  Well we wanted to do something similar with 4/20 and do 5 days of Catalyst strains and it starts Monday next week!  Each day we will be dropping one new strain from Catalyst Cannabis Company.  Each one of these look and smell amazing with nice bud structure and each has a unique flavor profile.  We think its should be a fun week sampling a new strain each day taking a page from Alaska Beer Week at Hoodoo Brewing Company.  The first strain to be dropped on Monday will be Grape God.  We are willing to divulge the name of the first strain but the others will remain top secret until the days of their releases!  Visit the front page of our website at each day next week to see what strain we are dropping that day.  On the 5 Days of Catalyst Pakalolo gave to meeeeeeee!



That’s it for this post.  We are excited for the holimonth of 4/20 and we hope you are too because this is just the beginning! Stay tuned and check back to the Pakablog regularly. Don’t forget to swing by this weekend and take advantage of our new low prices and test out our new products.  As always mahalo for stopping by to chat with us and until next time remember to hang loose!




Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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