Pakalolo Oceanside in Anchorage is Almost Ready…

Aloha to you all and happy holidays! Our apologies for the time in between blog posts.  Don’t worry though we have a good excuse as we have been hard at work in preparation for the grand opening of Pakalolo Oceanside in downtown Anchorage.  When will it open you ask? Well let me put it like this… The opening day is so close we can almost taste it!

It has been a marathon of one task after the next as we inch and crawl closer to the green light at the end of the tunnel.  There is a ton that goes into opening any business but a cannabis business has a few (hundred) extra hoops you need to jump through before you open the doors.  As we put the finishing touches on the remodeling of the building we are simultaneously going through a handful of inspections required by the state.  We expect to have the final inspection done sometime next week and if all goes as planned Pakalolo Oceanside will be open in merely a matter of days! 

We do not yet have an exact date, based on needing to get through a couple more inspections.  As soon as we do, you can read it at the Pakablog first. If you have been in Anchorage in the last month or so (or follow us on Instagram) you may have seen our bright neon Pakalolo sign glowing above our new location at 735 W 4th Avenue right next door to the Pioneer Bar and sandwiched between two of Anchorage’s top restaurant/breweries with 49th State Brewery right behind us and Glacier Brewhouse right in front.  It is a beautiful sight to behold as it marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter as we begin to serve the Anchorage market. Here’s some very awesome pictures to hold you over.  

Pakalolo Oceanside @ 735 W 4th Avenue in downtown Anchorage
View from the front door
The counter where you will talk to your favorite budtender while you broswse the iPad menus and smell jars.

We wanted to give a special shout out to our partners in this endeavor who live down in Anchorage.  They have been putting in work around the clock with us to get the building remodeled and ready for state inspection so we can hit the market with a splash.  As you can see from the pictures above they have done an outstanding job getting custom wooden display cabinets built as well as the square shelving on the wall for our product.  It’s got the Pakalolo vibe to a whole new level and we are beyond excited to open up to the public.  Opening announcement coming soon…

Mahalo for stopping by to chat with us.  Remember to check back to the Pakablog for that opening date and most of all… Get ready Anchorage!

Einstein Labs Menu Takeover and Oceanside in ANC is Almost Upon Us

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family, food, football and cannabis.  Now its on to the next one…Christmas! We hope you made it by Pakalolo Supply Company last weekend for our Kick Off Christmas Sale to stock up for yourself or pick up some early Christmas presents with some big savings.   Cannabis seems to make everything a little better including the holidays.  That’s why giving the gift of cannabis is never a bad idea.  If you aren’t sure what strain or product to get for someone then we suggest getting some PakaCash, $25 gift cards to our store.  PakaCash is a perfect gift for someone who enjoys the whole experience of coming into the store themselves, talking with budtenders, checking out the different strains, etc. It would also work quite well for that friend who hasn’t been into a cannabis shop yet but keeps mentioning how they want to (we all have one of those friends). 

Just Around the Corner…

Time has been flying by and with it approaches the opening of our brand new Anchorage location Pakalolo Oceanside!  You can now see glowing neon green Pakalolo sign above our new address at 735 W 4th avenue in downtown Anchorage right next to the Pioneer Bar.  A new pretty green awning has been put up with bright LEDs underneath lighting up the entrance (and our fancy new window wrap).  There is still a little work to do on the exterior but it’s already a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

The inside is just about ready as well with new laminate wood flooring, custom wooden/glass cabinets and new TVs mounted for menus. After a few more things are taken care of on the boring regulatory side we will be ready to open our doors to the city of Anchorage! Stay tuned because we will have a solid grand opening date very soon.

Einstein Labs Take Over

This weekend we got a ton of new product from our favorite manufacturer including cartridges, crumble, Leafchews and more! So much they are basically taking over our menu! It will all be ready to go on the shelves first thing Saturday morning. Let’s take a quick look:

Glass top Cartridges (0.5g)

Fuity Pebbles @ 85% THC

Sour Diesel @ 84% THC

Watermelon @ 82% THC

Strawberry Lemonade @ 61% THC

Skittlez @ 53% THC

Tangie @ 49% THC

Wooden Tip Glass Top Cartridges (0.5g)

Peach @ 52% THC

Raspberry @ 50% THC

Cantaloupe @ 48% THC

E-Blunt Slims (0.33g and 1g)

Peach @ 52% THC

Raspberry @ 50% THC

E-Blunt Stogie (2g)

Raspberry @ 50% THC


AK Blackberry Crumble @ 75% THC

Fruity Pebbles Pure @ 85% THC

That’s it for this weeks post.  As always mahalo for swinging by to chat with us.  We hope to see you all down at Pakalolo Supply company sometime this weekend. Until next time remember to hang loose ohana!