Kick Off Christmas Sale Starting Friday!

Aloha and Happy Thanksgiving! Pakalolo will be closed Thursday for the holiday but we will be right back open for a new and improved version of Black Friday.  We like to keep it positive at Pakalolo so we are having a Kick Off Christmas Sale that starts Friday and will run through the entire weekend! With the deals we have rocking tomorrow it will be easy to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way early by giving the gift of green 😉

Now THAT is a sale…

Pakalolo Grown Mix ‘N Match

Just to sum up what you see in the image above we are bringing back the Pakalolo Grown Mix ‘N Match deal!. The Mix ‘n Match deal allows you to pick a variety of Pakalolo Grown strains in 1g or 3.5g portions. It makes it easy to stock up for yourself the holiday season, try a Pakalolo Grown strain you haven’t tried yet or grab some early gifts for your loved ones.

25% Off ALL Prerolls

You will also be getting 25% off ALL prerolls! That included Maninis, Pua Prerolls, Big Kahunas, Palms, Sixpacks and Deli Doobies.  Prerolls make excellent stocking stuffers or fun gifts for your friends. 

Premium Pua

All of our Premium Pua HI Grade AK Craft Cannabis glass jars will also be getting their prices slashed for the Kick Off Christmas Sale.  The 4 gram jars will be $60 while the 8 gram Big Kahunas will only be $100! Premium Pua is the perfect gift for the friend or family member that is a cannabis connoisseur.  Our highest quality buds chosen at the time of harvest to be hand trimmed and specially cured in individual glass jars for the ultimate Pakalolo Grown experience! 

Cold Creek Pull-N-Snap Shatter

Mahalo Pull-N-Snap Shatter will be $35 for a half gram and only a mere $60 for the whole gram! This shatter was extracted from our very own Pakalolo Grown Caramel Kona Coffee Kush and Maui Pineapple Chunk  Cold Creek made this shatter using a method called ethanol extraction.  This method has been gaining popularity compared to butane and CO2 as a solvent of choice for producers manufacturing high-quality cannabis extracts.  It is said to be both a very safe and efficient method of extraction. Ethanol extraction is different in the sense that it extracts more of the naturally-derived terpenes in the flower than your conventional methods giving it wonderful smooth flavor and unique color.

Don’t forget 25% off all apparel and accessories as well, so stop by Friday to Kick Off Christmas with us! As always Mahalo for stopping by to chat with us and we all hope you have the best possible Turkey Day you can possibly have.  That means smoking so much weed and eating so much food you should be so full you can only roll back and forth in one place on the couch! But remember to always hang loose 😉


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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