Mauna Kea Returns, New Concentrates and BIG Savings for Veterans

Aloha to all! We hope things are going well on your end.  It would seem that winter is officially here now that the temperature is remaining below freezing.  Now all we need is some snow! If you aren’t quite ready for the cold weather then stop by Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend to take in a little bit of that island vibe we love to provide to our amazing patrons.  It will be worth your while because we are dropping dat fire braddah as the one and only Mauna Kea White Fire OG returns to our menu.  Our flagship strain’s name references the once fearsome volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii and for good reason 😉 We also have a ton of delicious, high potency concentrates on our menu including shatter and crumble from Einstein Labs as well as one concentrate from an all new manufacturer we will be carrying known as Cold Creek Extracts! On top of the concentrates we also have a handful of new edibles including the new Full Spectrum CannaCaps (THC gel capsules) which were provided Cold Creek Extracts as well.

Before we get into the new products we wanted to to take a moment to send out


to anyone who has dedicated any portion of their life to the armed forces serving our wonderful country! It is they who make our every day lives possible by ensuring and protecting our way of life.  We owe it all to you and here at Pakalolo Supply Company we want to show our support by offering 20% off ALL regular priced products to ALL veterans ALL weekend long through Veterans Day on Monday.   Thank you so, so, so much!  Words are not enough but we truly appreciate the blood, sweat and tears sacrificed so that we may live the best lifes possible.


Now, let’s take a look at all the new products, shall we..?

Mauna Kea

Our award winning, flagship Hawaiian strain Mauna Kea is BACK in a new harvest as you can see from the picture below!  This strain is a delectable hybrid offering strong earthy and floral notes with a perfectly balanced high for any time of day.  One of the customer and employee favorites alike, Mauna Kea is one of those strains that just hits on all cylinders making it the one you can come back to over and over again.  It will be on the menu first thing Strain Drop Saturday.  If you are a part of the Pakalolo Ohana you can expect a friendly text message Saturday morning that will save you some money when picking up some Mauna Kea 😉



Einstein Labs Shatter and Crumble

We are happy to get some shatter and crumble back on the menu for our patrons to add to our growing list of concentrates.  As soon as we put the shatter out last time for our anniversary celebration it was gone in the blink of an eye.  Einstein’s product is. Just. That. Good.

Mystic Rose Shatter

This batch of shatter is an pretty light amber color with a nice level of transparency.


Total Cannabinoids: 81.54%

Total THC: 69%

Blue AK Crumble

A beautiful batch of crumble.  Bright yellow in color with easy to dab structure.


Total Cannabinoids: 84.9%

Total THC: 63.5%

Cold Creek Extracts

We are excited to introduce you to Cold Creek Extracts whose product we will now be carrying going forward. We visited their facility in Anchorage last week and we are very much looking forward to what they have coming down the pipe in the near future as well as getting to work with them more closely on their home turf when we open Pakalolo Oceanside.  In the meantime we brought back some of their amazing product to share with our awesome patrons in Fairbanks!

Mahalo Pull-N-Snap Shatter

Mahalo Pull-N-Snap Shatter was extracted from our very own Pakalolo Grown Caramel Kona Coffee Kush and Maui Pineapple Chunk!  Cold Creek made this shatter using a method called ethanol extraction.  This method has been gaining popularity on butane and CO2 as a solvent of choice for producers manufacturing high-quality cannabis extracts.  It is said to be both a very safe and efficient method of extraction. Ethanol extraction is different in the sense that it extracts more of the naturally-derived terpenes in the flower than your conventional methods giving it wonderful smooth flavor and unique color.


Total Cannabinoids: 83.9%

Total THC: 71.2%


Full Spectrum CannaCaps

Cold Creek also hooked us up with a edible version of their extract in gel capsule form called CannaCaps!  Each $35 bottle of contains 10 CannaCaps at 4.2 mg THC in each.  These are perfect for those who enjoy the edible high but don’t want to have to actually eat something to get there.  They are very easy to dose and all you have to do is wash em down with a glass of water like you were taking an herbal supplement.  Technically I guess it is an herbal supplement!


MoMo’s Bakery

We are restocked with MoMo’s tasty baked goods including the seasonal Pumpkin Kisses and Tea Tassies!  These delectable infused treats are some of our favorite on the market.  They only come around once a year so you better not wait too long because once they are gone you won’t seem them again until next October.  We also have restocked on the popular Carmelitos and Chocolitos.  YUMMY.





That’s about it for this weeks post.  We hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend to welcome back Mauna Kea into the fray, grab some concentrates or test out some of the new edibles (or all three). REMEMBER: All military veterans receive 20% off Saturday-Monday so please come take advantage of those savings.  We owe it to you. We will be here all weekend!  As always mahalo for stopping by to chat with us.  Until next time remember to hang loose.



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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