Pakalolo Anniversary Celebration: Big Sale starts Friday and a Rare Strain Drop Saturday

Aloha and salutations! The end of October and Halloween marks the official start of winter in Fairbanks. Any day now the snow will fly and stick around for the long haul instead of quickly melting upon touch down. However the end of October, specifically October 28th, is a very significant date for us at Pakalolo Supply Company.  The date marks two exciting and successful years since we opened our doors for cannabis retail to the town of Fairbanks.  In fact, that day two years ago we made the first ever legal cannabis sale in the state of Alaska.  As a result 10/28 is not only a celebration for Pakalolo Supply Company, but for the cannabis industry/community and the state as a whole as it is a date that will be recorded in Alaska’s history forever.  10/28 will now always represent a huge step in the right direction for the ultimate goal of normalizing the consumption of cannabis.  It is a date worth celebrating to say the least…

And we will do just that with a big ol’ sale starting Friday and going through Sunday, Strain Drop Saturday with our rarest strain and all new product from Einstein Labs!  The sale will serve as a special thanks you to the cannabis community that has made this all possible by being vocal, voting, voting again and continued support for our business and others like it for the last two years. Let’s take a look at what we have planned for the Pakalolo Anniversary Celebration!

Pakalolo Anniversary Sale


Everyone seemed to really love and appreciate the Pakalolo Grown Mix ‘n Match deal we had during the PFD Sale so were bringing it back for another go. The Mix ‘n Match deal allows you to pick a variety of Pakalolo Grown strains in 1g or 3.5g portions at a discounted price.  For example, buy four 3.5g units for $150 and you are saving $90 off the regular price!  Since we were bringing half of the PFD sale back into action we figured we might as well bring back the other half in the form of 25% off ALL prerolls!  But wait, that’s not all…


We just got in a huge order from Einstein Labs, all of which will be on the menu first thing Friday morning (some at a discounted price) to kick off the Anniversary Celebration.  Many of you have been waiting to restock on the fruit flavored E-blunts.  Well wait no longer because we will have Raspberry, Cantaloupe and Grape cartridges at the discounted price of $50 down from $60 all weekend long.  These cartridges have new nifty wooden tips! If you are looking for the slim cartridges specifically we will also have those in Raspberry flavor in both the 0.5g and 0.33g sizes.  If you are looking for the stronger distillate cartridges we will have Gelato @ 79% THC, Strawnana @ 79% THC  and Bubblegum @ 67% THC. We will also have The Pure in glass syringes for dabbing in Gelato and Grapefruit Haze. We have also received a ton of new Sugar Silk/Sap including AK Blackberry, Bubbas Breath, True OG, Opium, Blue Kush, Mercy Fruit and Cherry Vanilla Cookies all of which will be ONLY $45 per 0.5g down from the usual $55.  All the Pakalolo Grown strain specific Sugar silk will be down to $50 from $55 as well. Oh an don’t worry, we have completely replenished our stock of the beloved Leafchews in every flavor!


Strain Drop Saturday with Shiva


Shiva is a rare sativa strain that has been grown in our own cultivation facility since we first opened.  It is a sensitive plant requiring flowering for 14 weeks, which is almost twice as long most hybrid strains. Sativa strains are rare in part due to the time required to bloom as well as there tendency to stretch and get very tall.  It is for that reason people used faster finishing genetics to create hybrid strains that have shorter bloom phases and smaller, more manageable plants but maintain some of the effects of a Sativa.  The high from sativa strains is said to be energizing, cerebral and well suited for daytime use.  This is a true statement but it really really RINGS true with SHIVA.  While most strains advertised as Sativas still have some indica in their genetics, SHIVA is PURE Sativa.


The high from Shiva is invigorating.  It is almost like a cup of coffee that jump starts your brain while simultaneously giving you a powerful but very clean high,  Shiva will promote deep conversation, enhance creativity and can also give you a warm happy sense of well being making it ideal for social situations.  It is light green and light orange in color with the aroma and taste of citrus with a not of sweetness followed by a diesel like quality and a tad bit of skunkiness. We are very thrilled to be able to bring something unique into our store and curious to see what each and everyone of you think about it!  This strain rings up over 27% Total Cannabinoids. 21% of which is THC an over 1% of the extremely rare cannabinoid THCV.  THCV has some very unique effects including appetite suppression (anti munchies weed!) and a low risk of THC related anxiety due to the way the two cannabinoids interact. The sheer rarity, as well as its amazing quality, is the reason we are willing to keep putting in the time and effort to bring it to our storefront regardless of the challenges associated with cultivating this rare and exotic strain.

Mahalo as always for stopping by to chat with us. We would love nothing more for you all to come celebrate our two year anniversary with us down at Pakalolo Supply Company over the weekend.   We have new products to try and awesome savings to take advantage of.  Head over to to scope out whats new. We would enjoy seeing our amazing patrons and watching them leave satisfied with smiling faces.  Until then remember to hang loose ohana!



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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