Strain Drop Saturday with Pakalolo Grown Chernobyl

Aloha ohana! Just like that the weekend is upon us once again. You made it through another week of work or school or life!  That means it’s time to put in a good couple days fun and relaxation.  In between seasons there isn’t a lot to do in the great outdoors.  If you need something to add to your list of fun then stop by Pakalolo Supply Company for Strain Drop Saturday. Pakalolo Grown – ohana favorite – Chernobyl makes its return!


Chernobyl is back with a purpose. That purpose: to make you feel amazing with 24.7% cannabinoids.  This long lasting, energetic and cerebral sativa is exactly what we need as the days get colder and the nights get longer. Completely smothered in sparkling trichomes, Chernobyl offers a distinct and pungent muskiness with sweet undertones of lemon and lime. 

chernobylBest (2)

Total Cannabinoids: 24.7%

Total THC: 19.28%


Moana and Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster Premium Pua

Our 2 recent additions to the Pakalolo Grown lineup are now available in their best possible form. The highest quality buds are chosen at the time of harvest to be hand trimmed and specially cured entirely in glass jars for the ultimate Pakalolo Grown experience…


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Dark Roast CBD Coffee

In case you were unaware and were waiting for a replenishment, we just got in a new order of whole bean CBD coffee from Strava.  But this order isn’t just a restock because with it we got the all new Dark Roast version of Restore (120mg).  The aroma of full bodied roasted coffee beans permeates through the bag and it smells amazing, and the flavors in your cup are even better.  A warm cup of that CBD dark roast coffee with a Pakalolo Grown sativa preroll just might be the perfect combination for a great morning.



Weekly Specials


Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Specials. We have a wide range of products that are on sale every week including $10 prerolls, $12 grams, $40 1/8ths, $60 cartridges and more.  Just head over to and browse through our in-store menu.  Any item marked with a little rainbow 🌈 you will know has had its price slashed!

As always mahalo for taking the time to stop by the Pakablog and chat with us.  We hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend.  Remember to hang loose! hangLoose


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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