Strain Drop Saturday and the Introduction of Ohana Referral Cards!

Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster Returns

Aloha! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and happened to make it by Pakalolo last weekend for Strain Drop Saturday or stopped by sometime this week to try out the hard hitting Darkside OG as well as the new high cannabinoid batch of Dark Star @ 26.4% THC.  To learn more about both of these potent indicas click here to read our recent Pakablog post about them.  Releasing new strains out into the wild is always exciting so we are looking forward to Strain Drop Saturday as one of our newest Pakalolo Grown strains, Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster makes its return!

This batch of RWHB is a different phenotype than the first time we released it and we have chose it as the one we will continue to grow going forward.  We believe that this phenotype overall has a better bud structure and a more dialed in aroma and taste.  For those of you that don’t know, different phenotypes of the same strain are similar to different kids from the same parents. Each seed has the same genetic blueprint it pulls from but certain attributes and features are more dominant/recessive from one seed to the next based on a number of factors.  When we first start a new strain from seed we begin a “pheno hunt” to find the best version of the strain by starting multiple seeds and keeping them separated.  As they grow we observe and compare them to each other.  We watch for things like speed of growth, height, strengths, weaknesses, resin content, terpene profile etc.  Of course at the end we compare, test and consume the final product to find the best bud structure, aroma, taste and potency.  That being said we believe we have found the best phenotype of RHWB and it will be dropping on Saturday!

Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster

In case you missed it last time RHWB is a cross of the well known Kona Gold and Maui Wowie this sativa starts off with the aroma of exotic tropical fruits with powerful and pungent earthy notes to finish.



Total THC: 14.9% Total Cannabinoids: 17.8



Raspberry roots makes its return to the menu with 2 new strains from their cultivation….

Sunset Sherbert

An indica leaning hybrid with complex aroma and awesome colors, Sunset Sherbert has notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and an overall candy-like smell.


Total Cannabinoids: 25.26%

Total THC: 20.88%


Trainwreck is a mind-bending hybrid with potent sativa effects that hit like a freight train, or so they say.  It starts off with a strong earthiness and finishes with notes of lemon and pine.


Total Cannabinoids: 20.79%

Total THC: 17.42%

Great Northern’s Chocolate and Vanilla Cannaroons



Great Northern Cannabis is proud to bring you Stoned Age Dark Chocolate Coconut Cannaroons | Mammoth-sized dark chocolate and vanilla coconut macaroons | Raw/Paleo/Vegan, made with certified organic ingredients right here in Alaska | 5 mg THC per macaroon, 2 macaroons per package, 10 mg THC total package.

10mg 2-pack for $16

Pakalolo Ohana Referral Cards


This week we are introducing a cool new way for members of our Pakalolo Ohana, to build up points and win rewards.  The Pakalolo Ohana (family in Hawaiian) is our exclusive VIP membership program which is absolutely FREE.  All we need is your name, email and cell number.  Upon signing up you are given a membership card and immediately start receiving benefits with 10% off your first purchase as a member of the Ohana! Other benefits include receiving text and email notifications that give you access to exclusive sales with huge savings as well as 25% off on your birthday, just to name a few. View the full list of benefits below.


This weekend we are introducing the Pakalolo Ohana Referral card.  These cards will allow members to refer friends and family to join the Pakalolo Ohana.  On the back of the card are two fields to put the name of the referrer and their Ohana ID number.  Here is the cool part:  Each person you refer results in a point added to your account.  On the back of the card there is a table that gives you a tiered point/reward system to follow:

1 Point = $1 Pua Preroll (0.5g)

3 Points = $3 for Pakalolo Grown 3.5g and a Pakalolo T-shirt

5 Points = $5 for Premium Pua 4g and a Pakalolo T-shirt

10 Points = $10 for a 4 person Pakalolo Cultivation Grand Tour, Premium Pua Big Kahuna 8g and a Pakalolo T-shirt

You read correctly…  If you get 10 points you can go on a grand tour of the one and only Pakalolo Supply Company cultivation to see first hand how we cultivate the best flower in the state! However, you can cash these points in however you please.  For example if you build up 5 points you could either cash in for the 5-point reward for a Premium Pua 4g and a T-shirt for only $5 or you could get a combination of two 1-point rewards and a single 3-point reward resulting in 2 pua prerolls, a Pakalolo Grown 3.5g and a T-shirt also for a mere $5.


If you are already a part of the Pakalolo Ohana and are interested in referring friends and family just ask one of our budtenders for a stack of referral cards and spread the word!  If you aren’t a member of The Pakalolo Ohana you better get on it!  Remember its completely free and you receive great benefits which are definitely worth the 2 min it takes to sign up.

Thanks for stopping by the Pakablog to chat with us.  We hope to see you in store this weekend to try out the new and improved version of Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster and pick up some referral cards to start stacking up points to cash in for some awesome rewards! Hang Loose ohana.



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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