Strain Drop Saturday: Dark Star and Darkside OG

Aloha! This somewhat dreary fall weekend we have a couple rays of light for you down at Pakalolo Supply Company. We are dropping two strains on Saturday and contrary to their names they will undoubtedly brighten your day once you light them up.   It just not a Saturday without a strain drop! We have also lowered the normal price of all of our prerolls. I will fill you in on the details after info on the new strains. Without further Adieu …

Darkside OG

Are you a fan of those heavy, hard-hitting indicas that have you just melting into your couch…? Well if you are Darkside OG is a MUST.  On those restless nights spark up Darkside OG and take in the skunky aroma and flavor of lemon and berries and feel the uplifted mood before you slide into a comfortable relaxation that will have you drifting off into a dream filled slumber. 


Total THC: 18.74%

Dark Star

Dark Star’s true indica effects are as spacey as its name suggests: a deep, relaxed sensation throughout the body accompanied by a heavy cerebral calm. Though celestial in its effects, the strain is an homage to the Grateful Dead’s song Dark Star.


Total THC: 26.4%


20% Off Online Orders for a Limited Time!

If you haven’t used our menu for online ordering now is your chance @!  This clean new addition to our website allows not only for another way to browse our extensive menu but also a very cool way for you to order the cannabis online and pick up in store at Pakalolo Supply Company!  At the top of the menu you will see a promo for 20% off which you can click to apply to your order or you can use the promo code ALOHA20 at check out.  If you are interested in more info on how to order online head over to this older Pakablog post by clicking HERE!


Swing by this weekend for Strain Drop Saturday and as a bonus you will find that we have lowered the regular price of all prerolls!  That means the normal price for Big Kahunas (1.25g) are no more than $20, Pua Prerolls (0.85g) are now no more than $16 and Sidekick Sixpacks (3g) are no more that $49!  Remember all of our prerolls are high quality flower.  No trim is used whatsoever.  Mahalo for stopping by the Pakablog and we hope to see you at Pakaolo Supply Company this weekend for some great savings!

Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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