Phillips Field Reopen Sale on Monday September 10th!

Phillips Field Road Reopening Sale

Aloha! We are finally getting some sunshine and more is forecast for the foreseeable future.  It’s time to get outside and breath in some of that last chance summertime air before the snow flies. With the approach of winter comes the end of all the road construction including Phillips Field road which will be opening back up this Monday September 10th! We are excited about the improvements to the road but we are SO excited to have Pakalolo Supply Company accessible from the east side of town once again.   To celebrate the reopening of the road we will be having a good ol’ fashioned sale that you are sure to appreciate.  On Monday all Pakalolo Grown Sidekick Sixpacks will be on sale for $30! That includes strains like Chernobyl, Green Crack, Aloha CBD and many more.  After you purchase one of these sale Sixpacks you will have a case to hold onto to take advantage of our mix and match Deli Doobie refills! The refills only cost $40 with the option to choose multiple strains. We will also have Dark Star Pua prerolls for only $5 with a limit of 1 per customer due to limited supply.  So come on in on Monday and get some cheap prerolls and if you are coming from the east side you can approach Phillips field from Illinois with confidence knowing that the road will once again be open 🙂


$30 this Monday for Opening of Phillips Field!


$5 Prerolls of Dark Star this Monday


Clone Sale Starting Today!

Starting today and going until they are gone all clones are only $10! Come get them while they are hot.  Winter is coming quickly and there is nothing like brightening your day with a home garden during those short days during the winter.


Mahalo for stopping by the Pakablog.  We hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Company! Hang loose.



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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