Einstein Labs’ Sugar Silk Wins Cannabis Cup at High Times Festival

Jam Jam’s Jerk Shack is at Pakalolo Today!

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope your weekend is off to an excellent start.  We are supposed to have a few beautiful days in a row.  While you are out and about enjoying these last nice days of the season don’t forget to stop by Pakalolo Supply Company.  Today Jam Jams Jerk Shack from Healy is out front serving the most delectable smoked meats this side of Canada.  Being that he lives in Healy and only operated in summer this is a last chance opportunity to try out some amazing food. The smokers lit up as we speak so stop by for dinner!

Cannabis Cup Winning Sugar Silk

While you are at it you can pick up some Cannabis Cup winning product!  Einstein Labs’ Sugar Silk took home 1st Place Hybrid Concentrate at the High Times Cannabis Cup last weekend.  We currently are carrying 4 different Sugar Silks all made from Pakalolo Grown Strains.  One of them is our Chernobyl and Alaskan Blueberry crossed making it a strong sativa with an excellent boost of CBD content.

EinsteinsCupTV MENU (42)

Sugar Silk is similar to Live resin which is made using a relatively new extraction process in the cannabis industry that retains 99% of the flowers terpene profile. According to our good friend Einstein, Sugar Silk was not made using the same process used to make live resin but the outcome/final product is almost identical due to the very high amount of natural terpenes drawn from our naturally cultivated flower during the extraction process.  If your a fan of concentrates you will love Sugar Silk.

Deli Doobies


If you haven’t heard yet we are now offering Deli Doobies!   In the display cases we have jars full of half gram prerolls, each jar representing one of our strains.  This will allow you to pick and choose from an assortment of joints to take home with you. The more you buy the cheaper it becomes.  A single Deli Doobie will cost you $10.  If you buy two you get them for $18.  The ultimate value is at the magic number 6.  As you know we have a product called the Sidekick Sixpack which is six half gram joints that fit snugly in a slim plastic case.  When you bring a Sidekick Sixpack case in from a previous purchase we will fill it with 6 Deli Doobies with strains of your choosing for the flat rate $40! Remember, you have to have your Sidekick Sixpack container with you for us to fill it! Come down to Pakalolo Supply Company tomorrow for the Doobie Deli experience 😉

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Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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