Strain Drop Saturday with The Connoisseur’s Blue Dream

Aloha Fairbanks! It’s going to be a good weekend. We have reached the end of August and hopefully with September comes some sunshine that we have all been patiently waiting for.  It’s years like these we deserve an Indian summer with some comforting weather before winter hits.  September 1st also marks the completion date for the Phillips Field road construction which is something that most of Fairbanks is probably eager for at this point.  We know we are since Pakalolo Supply Company will once again be accessible from Illinois street on the east side of town (that will shave ten minutes off my morning commute).  However, that mean’s today, Friday August 31st, is the last day to take advantage of our Detour Discount of $1 Headband Prerolls! Our Headband has been extra tasty last few batches and has a powerful but balanced high at almost 20% THC.


Drop It Like It’s Hot

sub logo logo gold_png-01

We started working with The Connoisseur Superlative Craft Cultivation almost 2 months ago and their flower has been a huge hit due to the level of quality they produce.  The sativa leaning hybrid Snow Capped Romance quickly became a customer and employee favorite alike. This time around they are bringing the ever famous Blue Dream to the table.

Blue Dream

“Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria.”


Total Cannabinoids: 19.75%

Total THC: 16.42%

Come see what you think of Blue Dream and as I mentioned our patrons have taken a big liking to The Connoisseur so we also have restocked up on Snow Capped Romance and Aurora Haze.

Snow Capped Romance

Name after one of 36 Crazy fists hit songs and a very fitting name for this strain which is completely covered in frosty trichomes.  In other words, the buds are SNOW CAPPED and after smoking it you might just fall in love! This sativa leaning hybrid starts off with a strong sweet aroma followed by a pungent paint like smell (in a good way of course). Don’t take my word for it just look at these buds!


Total THC: 20.5%

Total Terpenes: 1.62%

Aurora Haze **ON SALE for $16|1g and $49|3.5g**

This indica leaning hybrid  offers and pungent earthy aroma and taste with notes of pine.  With pretty, perfect bowl size buds with neat and tight bud structure this strain is perfect for packing the pipe or bong and chillin out! YUMMY!


Total THC: 20.99%

Total Terpenes: 1.85%


Einstein Labs Reloaded


Einstein Labs brought by a couple new glass top cartridges for the week in Mango at 77.8% THC and Cherry Pie at 78.7% THC.  We also have the Cherry Pie in the plunger syringe for dabbing or filling up your own pen.  For those of you perhaps wanting to try out cartridges but didn’t want to quite commit we have Appleberry 0.33g cartridges for only $30 which is only $42 with a battery.  We also replenished our supply of Leafchews in all the flavors! Try out the new Einstein Labs products exclusively at Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks, AK.



We hope to see you this this weekend for Strain Drop Saturday.  If you are hoping for one last $1 Headband preroll come on by today! As you can see above we got some bran new T-shirts in this week that are pretty slick.  We also just updated our Weekly Specials that includes quite a few cartridges and concentrates which you can view at  As always big mahalos for swinging by to chat with us at the Pakablog. Hang Loose!





Detour Discount Continues!

Aloha everyone!  We are getting very close to the end of the Phillips Field road construction.  With the completion date set for September 1st we are less than a week away! That being said the construction crew will be putting their finishing touches on the project which includes paving Phillips Field for two days (Sunday 8/26 and Monday 8/27).  As usual Pakalolo Supply Company WILL REMAIN OPEN and the Detour Discount WILL CONTINUE WITH $1 HEADBAND PREROLLS! If you haven’t taken advantage of this AMAZING deal we suggest you stop by today to change that 😉 Our Headband is a very tasty strain offering pungent notes of pine, diesel and citrus with a strong but balanced high.




Weekly Specials

We also have about 30 other items currently on sale at Pakalolo supply Company if you are looking for something to add to your purchase.  One of the new customer favorites Snow Cappped Romance from The Connoisseur (20% THC) is $16|1g and $49|3.5g.  The all powerful Dark Star from Calm N Collective is only $14|1g and $45|3.5g.  If you are looking for a little more value we got you covered with both Abula and Frank N Fruit from CnC at $12|1g and $40|3.5g.  Not looking for flower?  We have 3 different cartridges from Einstein Labs on sale this week including Aloha CBD,  Ali’i Drive and Apple Berry for $60.  If you haven’t tried the Cannabis Cup winning Sugar Silk from Einstein yet then today is a good day to do so since we have Caramel Kona Coffee Kush Sugar Silk at $45|0.5g  You will only find Einstein Labs at Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks! Head to to view all the Weekly Specials.


The Doobie Deli Selection is Growing!

Have you had a chance to check out our Doobie Deli? It’s a fresh take on the deli experience but it also saves you BIG bucks!  Now currently offering 8 different Pakalolo Grown Strains that you can mix and match to fill up a 2pack, 4pack or 6pack of your very favorites.  As you can see below filling a Sidekick Sixpack from the Doobie Deli is where the real value is! To capitalize on that $20 value you must bring in a Sidekick Sixpack case from a previous purchase so that we can fill it up for ya’  🙂

adDeliDoobiesiPad Menu _NEW_ (12).png

We hope to see your smiling faces at Pakalolo Supply Company to get in on the Detour Discount, Weekly Specials and the Doobie Deli.  All of which are offering great savings!  Mahalo for swinging by the Pakablog to chat with us.  Hang Loose friends!


Pakalolo Offers Detour Discount until Phillips Field Opens!

Starting August 22nd road construction will begin outside of the currently closed section of Phillips Field as far up as Olnes Road.  Pakalolo Supply Company WILL REMAIN OPEN! They will be notifying us with a schedule of exact dates and times. In the meantime it’s safe to say there will most likely be a detour through Nome Drive to Fox Ave. The good news is, that will take you past our Fox Ave friends down at Hoodoo Brewing Company and through our parking lot gate to reach Pakalolo Supply Company.  Seems like a perfect opportunity to pair your locally grown craft cannabis with a locally brewed craft beer.  We will remain open during the construction!  In fact to make up for the inconvenience we will have a ‘Detour Discount’ making our Headband prerolls (0.5g) only a mere $1 as a BIG MAHALO for your continued patronage through the long construction season! (limit 1 per customer per day) Though the construction is much needed it can be frustrating to our customers and hindering to the success of a locally owned private business like our own.  One thing is for sure, we will be happy when it’s complete! Until then, you will be saving big with the Detour Discount for $1 Headband prerolls!  This discount will be running as long as the detour is in place.  That means you can purchase a single $1 Headband preroll each day until the detour is gone. We hope to see you in at Pakalolo Supply Company this week to take advantage of the Detour Discount prerolls!!  Mahalo.


Check Back to the Pakablog for Updates on the Construction Schedule and Verified Detour Route

Einstein Labs’ Sugar Silk Wins Cannabis Cup at High Times Festival

Jam Jam’s Jerk Shack is at Pakalolo Today!

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope your weekend is off to an excellent start.  We are supposed to have a few beautiful days in a row.  While you are out and about enjoying these last nice days of the season don’t forget to stop by Pakalolo Supply Company.  Today Jam Jams Jerk Shack from Healy is out front serving the most delectable smoked meats this side of Canada.  Being that he lives in Healy and only operated in summer this is a last chance opportunity to try out some amazing food. The smokers lit up as we speak so stop by for dinner!

Cannabis Cup Winning Sugar Silk

While you are at it you can pick up some Cannabis Cup winning product!  Einstein Labs’ Sugar Silk took home 1st Place Hybrid Concentrate at the High Times Cannabis Cup last weekend.  We currently are carrying 4 different Sugar Silks all made from Pakalolo Grown Strains.  One of them is our Chernobyl and Alaskan Blueberry crossed making it a strong sativa with an excellent boost of CBD content.

EinsteinsCupTV MENU (42)

Sugar Silk is similar to Live resin which is made using a relatively new extraction process in the cannabis industry that retains 99% of the flowers terpene profile. According to our good friend Einstein, Sugar Silk was not made using the same process used to make live resin but the outcome/final product is almost identical due to the very high amount of natural terpenes drawn from our naturally cultivated flower during the extraction process.  If your a fan of concentrates you will love Sugar Silk.

Deli Doobies


If you haven’t heard yet we are now offering Deli Doobies!   In the display cases we have jars full of half gram prerolls, each jar representing one of our strains.  This will allow you to pick and choose from an assortment of joints to take home with you. The more you buy the cheaper it becomes.  A single Deli Doobie will cost you $10.  If you buy two you get them for $18.  The ultimate value is at the magic number 6.  As you know we have a product called the Sidekick Sixpack which is six half gram joints that fit snugly in a slim plastic case.  When you bring a Sidekick Sixpack case in from a previous purchase we will fill it with 6 Deli Doobies with strains of your choosing for the flat rate $40! Remember, you have to have your Sidekick Sixpack container with you for us to fill it! Come down to Pakalolo Supply Company tomorrow for the Doobie Deli experience 😉

iPad Menu _NEW_ (11).png



Introducing Pakalolo Online Ordering!

5% Off with Promo Code ALOHA5 When You Order Online

Alohas and salutations! We are excited to announce a brand new menu on our website at! This clean new addition to our website allows not only for another way to browse our extensive menu but also a very cool way for you to order the cannabis online and pick up in store at Pakalolo Supply Company!


The menu itself is very intuitive and incredibly easy and fun to use.  As you can see in the picture above, the link to Order Online is right under Menus where our Weedmaps menu used to be.  Unlike Weedmaps you DO NOT have to submit a picture of your ID to make an order.  We thought that was a silly feature since we check your ID in store twice, which is plenty enough verification that you are 21 or older.  Let’s take a closer look on how to use and navigate this menu and some of its cool features.



This menu makes finding the product you want incredible easy.  It’s basically the Amazon of cannabis menus.  As you can see at the top of the above image there is a search bar if you know the name of the product you are looking for.  When putting something in like “Alaskan Blueberry” it will display every product with those words in it. Below the search bar you see there are menu categories: Specials, Flower, Sativa, Hybrid, etc.  As you can see above I clicked ‘Hybrid’ which highlighted it green and it brought me right to the heading of that section where you will find all the hybrids.  In any of the sections you can see our Weekly Specials highlighted in green and with the word “Featured.”  These featured items are the same Weekly Specials that you are used to seeing on our in store menu usually marked by rainbows.  If you want to further specify your search by test results, weight, etc you can click the filter button next to the search field.

Making an Order


Once you found a product you want to order for pick up just click the thumbnail.  That will bring you to the screen above giving you some information such as price, strain type and a short description. Here you can select the weight and quantity that you would like.  The buy now button will take you straight to the check out or you can add to cart to keep on shopping.


The shopping cart is just like any online store.  Here you can change your weight and quantities and see your total cost.  On the right hand side you can see there is a field to ENTER PROMO.  That’s where the 5% off comes in by giving you a promo right now!  If you enter ‘ALOHA5 in the promo field you will get 5% off your entire order! (Excluding Weekly Special Featured items that are already on sale).



After you enter the promo and you are all set, click “Place Order.”   If you have special request to give to our budtenders such as a specific pick up time you can enter that in the ‘Special Instructions’ field. If it’s your first order you will fill out the section that says “Check out as a guest.” All you need is a your first and last name, phone number and email.  Your number/email will be used for updates on your orders status and your receipt. Afterwards you can choose to save your info which will make an account for quicker checkout process the next time you order. You are also welcome to check out as a guest everytime.  You can also cancel your order at anytime if something comes up or you decide you don’t want it.  After you check out you will receive text updates on the status of your order.  Orders will be ready for pick up in no more than 30 min from the time you place your order.  Once you receive a text that your order is ready, all that’s left to do is swing by Pakalolo Supply Company and pick it up! Head over to and remember to enter promo code ‘ALOHA5’ for 5% off your order!  Mahalo and see you soon 🙂


Strain Drop Saturday: Pakalolo Grown Moana and Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster!

Aloha! The title says it all. We have two BRAND NEW Pakalolo Grown strains hitting the shelves first thing this morning!  We are SUPA excited because they are both beautiful, unique strains with amazing aromas and flavors to match.  As soon as you pop open a pop-top of either strain the terpenes punch you right in the nose with strong complex profiles. Compliments of course to our all-natural grow methods and our amazing cultivation team that carries them out in a constantly evolving process.  We can’t wait to hear what our patrons think of these new strains which we will learn more about in just a moment…

Deli Doobies

First we want to announce our all new Deli Style Doobies which we will be rolling out tomorrow as well! What are Deli Doobies you ask?  Well I’m sure you have heard of or been to shops that sell their flower deli style in which you pick a strain from an assortment of jars and they weigh it out in front of you.  We decided to capture that appeal in a slightly different way with prerolls while simultaneously giving you cannabis at an amazing value.  Instead of jars full of flower we will have jars full of half gram prerolls, each jar representing one of our strains.  This will allow you to pick and choose from an assortment of joints to take home with you. The more you buy the cheaper it becomes.  A single Deli Doobie will cost you $10.  If you buy two you get them for $18.  The ultimate value is at the magic number 6.  As you know we have a product called the Sidekick Sixpack which is six half gram joints that fit snugly in a slim plastic case.  When you bring a Sidekick Sixpack case in from a previous purchase we will fill it with 6 Deli Doobies with strains of your choosing for the flat rate $40! Remember, you have to have your Sidekick Sixpack container with you for us to fill it! Come down to Pakalolo Supply Company tomorrow for the Doobie Deli experience 😉



Pakalolo Grown Moana

We are SO-SO-SOOOOOO pumped to have two new strains coming out of our cultivation this weekend.  It is always awesome to see hard work and determination paying off.  Especially when you get to smoke it and get high! Moana has neon green and orange colored buds that give off the strong aroma of lemon and grapefruit similar to pledge with an overall, strong funk.



Total THC: 14.22%


Pakalolo Grown Royal Hawaiian Wave Blaster

Besides it kick ass name this strain has a lot to offer.  A cross of the well known Kona Gold and Maui Wowie this sativa starts off with the aroma of rare tropical fruit with powerful earthy notes to finish it off.  This plant has rock solid dense buds covered in trichomes with rich green leaves with dark orange hairs.


Total THC: 16.14%

Don’t miss out on our two brand new strains.  We want to know what you think ASAP!

Einstein Labs with the Goods

As you may already know Pakalolo Supply Company carries Einstein Labs exclusively in Fairbanks.  That’s important to know because they are very talented at what they do, such as bringing us delicious and powerful new products that we get to share with our patrons!  We are completely restocked with the ever popular LEAFCHEWS in numerous flavors as well as a handful of new cartridges including Passion Fruit E-Blunt Slims and Mauna Kea Glass Tops.

iPad Menu _NEW_ (9)iPad Menu _NEW_ (10)

Swing by Pakalolo Supply Company for Strain Drop Saturday.  You wont regret it with two brand new strains to try out and the first Doobie Deli!   Heck, you can make an awesome day out of it and head down to Hoodoo Brewing Company before or after and have a beer in the sun in their amazing beer garden.  As always we appreciate you swinging by to chat with us at the Pakablog.  Until next time… Hang loose!



Calm N Collective Meet N Greet and specials!

Aloha! Howzit? We have a fun weekend planned at Pakalolo Supply Company to cap off your week!  We will be having a visit from one of our favorite personalities and one of the best cultivators in the state in Ron Bass, owner of Calm N Collective located in Houston, Alaska and this time he brought the Calm N Collective crew.  They will be hanging out at the CannaCare event on Davis Road for a portion of the day and then heading to Pakalolo.  He will be in store at Pakalolo Saturday from 5pm-7pm for a meet and greet.  He is a really fun, intelligent, excited and loud guy that loves to talk about cannabis.  If you like talking weed then you are guaranteed to have a good time talking to Ron.  As a tribute to the visit from our friend, all Calm N Collective flower and prerolls are 25% off for the entire weekend starting Friday!

cncAdTV MENU (41)

We currently have 4 different strains of flower on our menu from Calm N Collective. Mr. Bass will be bringing along with him a fresh batch of the infamous strain that originated in the Matanuska Valley of Alaska.  The Legendary MTF or Matanuska Thunder F***! We’ll be packaging it in the back tomorrow and should have it ready by mid afternoon.  Watch our instagram page @pakalolosupply907 for the exact drop time!

Don’t forget prerolls are on sale too.  We have Buckeye Purple,  1-N-dun and Euphoria CBD from Calm N Collective exclusively in prerolls.  All of it is 25% off!

Concentrates for Days

If you think of yourself as a concentrate connoisseur Pakalolo is the place to be.  We are currently carrying some of the best concentrates in the state at amazing price points! Additionally Pakalolo is the only cannabis retail store in Fairbanks that you can purchase Einstein Labs concentrates which are some of the VERY best on the market. View our full menu at

iPad Menu _NEW_ (7).png

iPad Menu _NEW_ (8).png

That’s about it for this weeks blog post!  As always we appreciate you swinging through and chatting with us at the Pakablog.  We will see you this weekend to take advantage of our sales during Calm N Collective Weekend and talk with Big Ron. Hang Loose ohana!