Hungry Robot at Pakalolo on Thursday!

Pizzas, Pineapples and Sales

That’s right Ohana, The Hungry Robot will be posted up at Pakalolo Supply Company serving wood fired pizzas Thursday afternoon.  If you are a pizza fan then Hungry Robot is a MUST.  They are breaking out their brand new mobile oven and ploppin’ it right out front of our building and will be serving pies from 2pm-8pm in this amazing Fairbanks sun we have been getting (which mean those pies will be comin’ out quick)!

As an Aloha to anyone who stops by you can add fresh cut pineapple to any pizza you want on Pakalolo.  Just say “Make it Hawaiian!”.  To make it the the best day possible, EVERY Maui Pineapple Chunk flower product will be 25% off! That includes  Maui Pineapple Chunk pop-tops, prerolls and Pakalolo Palms.  On top of that we will knock Einstein Labs amazing Maui Pineapple Chunk Crumble down to $45!  Its gonna be a Pineapple kind of day 😉



New Top Hat CO2 Cartridges


As an amazing side note we have just put out brand new CO2 cartridges from the award winning Top Hat Concentrates! All manufactured from Pakalolo Grown strains we have Maui Mango Diesel @ 64.8% cannabinoids with 49% THC, Indica Punch @ 70% total cannabinoids with 57.8% THC and Sativa Punch @ 61.9% total cannabinoids with 48.% THC.


The Punch cartridges are delicious mixed batches of multiple Pakalolo Grown indica or sativa strains.  The Maui Mango Diesel flavor and effects are spot on to the flavor of the flower and wowee it is amazing.  That means the Pakalolo Punch cartridges will be a perfect mixture of some of our best strains… YUMMY!

We hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Come grab some pineapple pizza in the sun and save some money on your Pakalolo! Mahalo.



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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