What’s the haps at Pakalolo 7/20?

Aloha everyone! According to the forecast we are about to have a nice mid-July heatwave with temperatures in the mid 80s all weekend.  As Alaskans we have a responsibility to take advantage of this type of weather.  Summer is fleeting in this great state as we all know so get out and float the river, cruise on the bike or go camping (Chitina is back open for dip netting)! Before you do it’s always a good idea to stock up your stash at Pakalolo Supply Company.

Pakalolo Grown Flower

We have flower for any activity or occasion.  Are you trying to get an early start to prepare for a fishing trip? Try our Alaskan Blueberry, a sativa with high CBD content and lower than average THC is perfect for getting things done in the morning.  The sativa gets your brain moving and the CBD can help to alleviate any stress you may have (mental or physical).


Need an afternoon boost after lunch to get back out on your bicycle and hit the trails?  Try our Shiva, the most pure invigorating sativa strain in Alaska, with the flavor of sweet lemon lime and a powerful high that leaves you feeling clear headed and energized like you just had a full night sleep!


Do you like just chillin’ in the sun on the deck/yard, throwin’ a frisbee or football around and having a BBQ?  Try one of our perfectly balanced hybrids that give you the best of both sativa and indica.  That way you get a little more of that “stoned” feeling without it making you want to completely curl up and hit the hay.  Both our signature Hawaiian strain Mauna Kea OG and the ever popular Headband are perfect for just that!


And of course if you want that strain to put you down for the night after a long day of fun activities we have the definition of indica in the mighty Northern Lights!


That is only 5 out of the 13 Pakalolo Grown strains we currently on our menu.  All of which come from our very own cultivation at Pakalolo Supply Company.

Are you looking for some concentrates this weekend?! Oh don’t worry, we have you covered there too!

Einstein Labs

Einstein Labs has the most innovative and exciting products in the state with a level of quality that can’t be beat.  We especially love when they take our Pakalolo Grown flower and make it into a concentrate containing the cannabinoids and preserving the terpenes from our flower in a clean, pure and concentrated form.  Perhaps that’s why they call their distillate The Pure…  Speaking of which on Saturday we will have two new Pakalolo Grown Pure distillate cartridges ready to be taken home and screwed straight onto a battery for your vaping pleasure!

Shiva – 78% Cannabinoids


Kona Gold – 80% Cannabinoids



If you are more of a fan of the fruit candy flavored pens we also have The Pure distillate cartridges in a sativa Watermelon @ 81.42% THC and a hybrid Raspberry @ 84.2% THC!

If you are looking for some concentrate to take some dabs with or put in your dab pen then your in luck! How bout some Maui Pineapple Chunk crumble ringing up 90% Cannabinoids and 80% THC! This is the cleanest best looking crumble we have ever seen, and it’s in limited supply so don’t miss out!

Maui Pineapple Chunk Crumble


Sugar Silk

If you haven’t already you also need to try Einstein Labs brand new concentrate called Sugar Silk that you can only get at Pakalolo Supply Company! Sugar Silk is a live resin product that is completely bursting with terpy delicious flavor.


We have Sugar Silk of 4 different Pakalolo Grown Strains:

  • Shiva @ 81.54% Total Cannabinoids (THCA: 40.45%, THC: 31.69%)
  • Mauna Kea @ 76.74% Total Cannabinoids
  • Caramel Kona Coffee Kush @ 83.14% Total Cannabinoids
  • Chernobyl/Alaskan Blueberry mix @ 78.59% Total Cannabinoids (CBDA: 19.72%, CBD: 1.92%)

If you love dabbing and vaping, especially for those tasty terpenes, you are going to love Sugar Silk.  The flavor is simply amazing.  If you aren’t a big dabber that’s fine because Sugar Silk is perfect for our new line of vaporizers,  Cloudpens! With their entire lineup of 4 different style of pens at fantastic prices there is sure to be one right for you. Come down to Pakalolo Supply Company and have one of our knowledgeable budtenders get you all set up!

Featured Cultivators

If you missed last weeks blog post or haven’t been by Pakalolo in the last week.  We got 4 brand new awesome strains on the menu.

Two strains from The Connoisseur:

Aurora Haze @ 20.9% THC | 1.85% Terpenes
Snow Capped Romance @ 20.5% THC | 1.62% Terpenes


and two strains from Permafrost Distributors:

Frosted Lemonade @ 14.31% THC | 1.48% Terpenes
Star Burst @ 12.4% THC | 9.7% CBD | 2.46% Terpenes

New CBD Products


We are now carrying a plethora of hemp derived CBD only (no THC) products including CBD hemp oil, coffee, energy/relaxation shots and relief lotion! We spoke about the coffee in detail in a previous Pakablog post that you can read here. The energy ecoshots are similar to 5 hour energy with a 25mg dose of CBD. The relaxation shots also have CBD but are great for winding down for the evening and getting a restful night sleep. We also are featuring Renew Hemp CBD oil tinctures that come in bottles ranging from 250mg to 1500mg! These bottles are filled with MCT (coconut) oil, naturally derived organic fruit flavoring, and CBD isolate. Each 1/2 dropper serving is packed with 25 MG of CBD and can be dropped in food, drinks or under your right under your tongue! For more details check out our store menu at www.pakalolosupplyco.com/storeMenu

iPad Menu _NEW_ (5).png

That’s it for today’s Pakablog post!  Mahalo for swinging by and chatting with us. Keep an eye out for another blog post in the next couple days that will detail our new online menu that will make online ordering for in-store pickup a breeze. Until next time, hang loose Alaska!




Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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