Strain Drop Saturday and Einstein Labs’ Sugar Silk

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope you had an amazing time celebrating America’s birthday.  It was a beautiful day with those high temps we love to see in July in Alaska.  It also feels like we have had 3 weekends in the time of a week! But hey, we’re not complaining.  We know many are going to keep the 4th of July festivities rolling through this weekend.  Including those heading out to Harding Lake for Soundwaves Music Festival, in which Pakalolo Supply Company is the presenting stage sponsor!  Here is the description of the event which can be found at their website at

“Soundwaves Music Festival is a community recreational event unlike any other. This amazing on the water experience is driven by a combination of natural factors: the long standing spirit of Harding Lake, the beauty of our Alaskan summers, and the physical interaction between the sound, your boat, and the water.”

Basically, Soundwaves is a big awesome floating concert in Harding Lake with a stage facing the lake so that everyone enjoying the tunes are on a boat or in the water or on some type of float.  It’s a unique way to enjoy a concert and when the music carries on into the late evening and under the late night summer sun, it becomes a uniquely Alaskan experience to be out enjoying the lake, the sun and the live music all at once!

Pakalolo Supply Co. staff members have attended Soundwaves each year and have watched as the event has grown bigger and better in each of the past two summers.  We are very excited to be a part of this years event in the form of a sponsorship of the stage for these awesome musicians to rock the lake!

Regardless of what you are doing this weekend you are going to need some HI Grade AK Craft Cannabis or similar products to do things right.  As you most likely know Pakalolo has always got you covered, especially on Strain Drop Saturday!

Strain Drop: Mauna Kea


Mauna Kea is our beloved flagship strain that truly represents the Pakalolo Supply Company. Our highest placing strain at last years blind taste test Cannabis Classic (2nd place overall, 2nd place hybrid).  Mauna Kea is full of floral flavor that is absolutely perfect for a day at the beach, or in this case, a day at Harding Lake listening to live music.  The aloha spirit hits you with full force in this perfectly balanced hybrid with authentic genetics from the Big Island.  The terpene linalool leads the way in Mauna Kea, which is a shared terpene with lavender, and as you may know lavender has well documented calming and chill effects.  This strain is a classic here at Pakalolo and we can’t think of a better strain for a beautiful summer day in Alaska.

Einstein Labs’ Sugar Silk

Its always a pleasure when Einstein Labs drops off some product, especially when its BRAND SPANKIN new.  They always have just the most interesting products that are very easy to get excited about.  This time around that new interesting product is a concentrate called Sugar Silk, which as a final product is very similar to live resin.  Live resin is made using a relatively new extraction process in the cannabis industry that retains 99% of the flowers terpene profile. According to our good friend Einstein, Sugar Silk was not made using the same process used to make live resin but the outcome/final product is almost identical due to the very high amount of natural terpenes drawn from our naturally cultivated flower during the extraction process.


We have Sugar Silk of 4 different Pakalolo Grown Strains:

  • Shiva @ 81.54% Total Cannabinoids (THCA: 40.45%, THC: 31.69%)
  • Mauna Kea @ 76.74% Total Cannabinoids
  • Caramel Kona Coffee Kush @ 83.14% Total Cannabinoids (
  • Chernobyl Mix @ 78.59% Total Cannabinoids (CBDA: 19.72%, CBD: 1.92%)

If you love dabbing and vaping for those tasty terpenes you are going to love Sugar Silk.  The flavor is simply amazing.  If you aren’t a big dabber that’s fine because Sugar Silk is perfect for our new line of vaporizers,  Cloudpens! With their entire lineup of 4 different style of pens with fantastic prices there is sure to be one right for you. If you want to learn more about Cloudpens read this Pakablog post where we outline every model.

We also have the entire line up of Leafchews restocked including Grape, Cookies and Cream, Strawberries and Cream, Orange Creamsicle, Pineapple and Mixed Fruit.  We have two flavors of the all powerful Pure distillate cartridges in Watermelon and Raspberry.  And for those of you waiting on the original 1gram slim cartridges we have a limited amount of Blue Raspberry.  That’s what I call a mother load!

Menu Update

As I mentioned last week, we are constantly trying to make shopping at Pakalolo Supply Company a better experience.  As more and more products become available a big part of that experience is searching for and finding what you really want.  That is why we love having our own customized menu made from scratch because we can make all the adjustments we want and discover new ways to make it more efficient for our patrons.  Starting Saturday we will have some cool updates live.  From now on there will be section splash pages for the prerolls, cartridges, concentrates and edibles.  What is a splash page you ask? Let me show you!

After clicking the Prerolls section at this main table of contents…

iPad Menu (1)

You will be taken to its splash page…

iPad Menu _NEW_

Here you can choose the exact type of preroll you are looking for.  Perhaps you are looking for a little more bang for your buck in the Big Kahunas.  Click Big Kahunas and that will take you here…

iPad Menu _NEW_ (3).png


On the Big Kahunas page you are given a little information about what the Big Kahuna is on the left, what its good for and you are shown every strain available in the Big Kahuna.  At the top left corner of the page you can see there are quick links to both the main Table of Contents as well as the Prerolled splash page.

This will make it much easier to find the exact preroll you would like instead of searching through 4 pages of every preroll we have only to be let down when we don’t have a Big Kahuna in the particular strain you were looking for.  We made the same updates to the cartridges, concentrates and edible sections of our menu.  We look forward to you giving it a spin and hearing your feedback!

That’s it for today’s blog post and as always we appreciate you stopping by to say HIGH. Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Specials at and we’ll see you at Pakalolo Supply Company!





Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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