Celebrating Solstice, Upgraded Menus and the Last Chance to Vote on the Reader’s Choice Awards

We hope you had a wonderful Solstice weekend.  Solstice is a holiday that is somewhat unique to our town in the sense that we truly enjoy and take pride in celebrating the longest days of the year. That is partly due to the fact that while living in Fairbanks we also have experienced the other, more unpleasant side of the solstice spectrum in December when we have less than 4 hours of daylight.  That’s why when the time comes the people of our small town know how to take full advantage of the 24 hours of sunshine!  In general, it’s also a fascinating phenomenon that people from all over the world come to experience and we definitely throw quite the party for those who choose to do so. Solstice week leads us nearly directly into the 4th of July festivities and we’ll take this time to give you an early heads up that we’ll be closed on the 4th to celebrate America’s Birthday with our ohana’s, but we’ll be having some awesome sales on the 3rd to get you ready to rock your 4th of July!

This year it started with Fairbanks’ new addition of Third Thursday Downtown which happened to fall on June 21st this month.  Third Thursday is a street fair on the third Thursday of every month that closes off about 2 blocks of downtown Fairbanks with vendors, food trucks and activities.  Pakalolo Supply Company made its first appearance at last weeks event. We had a nice spot right in front of Lavelle’s Taphouse with cannabis accessories, apparel, educational information as well as CBD coffee and CBD energy shots.  We had a blast getting some face time with those who may not take the trip to the local cannabis shops on a regular basis as well as seeing some of our regulars out enjoying the sunshine.  That same night every year is the legendary Goldpanners Midnight Sun game where our local baseball team plays 9 innings (or more) under the midnight sun continuing the game past midnight with no artificial lights.  Then we have the Midnight Sun Run on the closest Saturday to June 21st followed by the full version of the street fair downtown on Sunday.  In reality, it is the biggest holiday in Fairbanks! Get out there and enjoy it because Solstice also unfortunately marks the day we start losing daylight ever so slowly…


Daily News-Miner Reader’s Choice Awards



With July 1st just days away, this is last chance to let your voice be heard in the Daily News-miner Readers’ Choice Awards.  This year marks the first time the cannabis industry was included as a category in these annual awards and serves as another huge step towards normalizing the cannabis industry. As Fairbanks first cannabis cultivator and retailer, we would love nothing more than to receive the first Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Cannabis Retailer in Fairbanks voted for by you, the amazing people of our awesome hometown! We believe we have really set ourselves apart from the crowd with our all-natural cultivation,  product design, branding, The Pakalolo Ohana and more. If you agree then please show some love for the Pakalolo Ohana and get some votes in for Pakalolo Supply Company before July 1st! Cannabis Retailer is #37 on the poll. As always we appreciate your outstanding support for our business.  We are returning the favor by bringing you the best hometown cannabis shop that you could have ever hoped for in Pakalolo Supply Company.  As always we owe you an island sized…


Store Menu Now on the Website

For those of you that have been in our store recently you probably noticed the new Table of Contents at the beginning of our iPad menus that allows you to touch or click the links directly to the specific products you want to see:

iPad Menu (1).png

This version of the menu is now available on our website (pakalolosupplyco.com) under Menus > Store Menu.  You can jump to any section of the menu by clicking the related links.  Once you visit one of the links there may be more than one page such as in the prerolls.  To turn to the next page just use the arrows at the bottom of the menu or just by clicking the mouse.  On each page there is also a link in the top left hand corner to return to the table of contents at any time.

iPad Menu (2).png

This means at anytime you are only two clicks away from any section of the menu instead of having to scroll through multiple pages to get to where you want to be.  These features make it easier to quickly browse the products as our menu continues to grow.  We will be continuing to make upgrades to the menu and we’ll keep you updated as we move forward.  Try it out by visiting www.pakalolosupplyco.com/storeMenu and let us know what you think!  Once you visit don’t forget to check out the new Weekly Specials on the first 3 pages.  We have some good ones!  😉





Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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