Pakalolo Remains Open During Phillips Field Construction

Approach Phillips Field from Peger Road

Aloha! As you most likely know by now road construction has begun on Phillips Field and will go on until the end of summer. Road construction is never fun for the driver/consumer however it is usually necessary.  Just so it’s clear ACCESS TO PAKALOLO SUPPLY COMPANY WILL REMAIN OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION.  The construction is taking place on the Illinois street side of the road starting at Pioneer road running up to just before Fox ave (the entrance to Pakalolo Supply Company).   This means that you cannot make it to our entrance from the Illinois entrance of Philips Field road.  HOWEVER, OUR STORE IS STILL ACCESSIBLE FROM THE PEGER ROAD SIDE OF PHILLIPS FIELD ROAD!  As you can see on the map below, you can still enter our parking lot at the normal entrance directly off Phillips field road as the construction does not block it.  ADDITIONALLY, WE HAVE ALSO OPENED THE NORMALLY CLOSED ROAD GATE ON THE BACKSIDE OF OUR PARKING LOT which allows you to enter from the opposite side of Fox ave from the direction of Hoodoo Brewing Company.  The entrance is pictured below and marked with a traffic cone.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your daily schedule.   We will continue to operate business at the highest possible level as Cannabis Store of the Year should and we’ll count on seeing the normal smiling faces that bless us everyday at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Thank you for your understanding



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Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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