Celebrating Solstice, Upgraded Menus and the Last Chance to Vote on the Reader’s Choice Awards

We hope you had a wonderful Solstice weekend.  Solstice is a holiday that is somewhat unique to our town in the sense that we truly enjoy and take pride in celebrating the longest days of the year. That is partly due to the fact that while living in Fairbanks we also have experienced the other, more unpleasant side of the solstice spectrum in December when we have less than 4 hours of daylight.  That’s why when the time comes the people of our small town know how to take full advantage of the 24 hours of sunshine!  In general, it’s also a fascinating phenomenon that people from all over the world come to experience and we definitely throw quite the party for those who choose to do so. Solstice week leads us nearly directly into the 4th of July festivities and we’ll take this time to give you an early heads up that we’ll be closed on the 4th to celebrate America’s Birthday with our ohana’s, but we’ll be having some awesome sales on the 3rd to get you ready to rock your 4th of July!

This year it started with Fairbanks’ new addition of Third Thursday Downtown which happened to fall on June 21st this month.  Third Thursday is a street fair on the third Thursday of every month that closes off about 2 blocks of downtown Fairbanks with vendors, food trucks and activities.  Pakalolo Supply Company made its first appearance at last weeks event. We had a nice spot right in front of Lavelle’s Taphouse with cannabis accessories, apparel, educational information as well as CBD coffee and CBD energy shots.  We had a blast getting some face time with those who may not take the trip to the local cannabis shops on a regular basis as well as seeing some of our regulars out enjoying the sunshine.  That same night every year is the legendary Goldpanners Midnight Sun game where our local baseball team plays 9 innings (or more) under the midnight sun continuing the game past midnight with no artificial lights.  Then we have the Midnight Sun Run on the closest Saturday to June 21st followed by the full version of the street fair downtown on Sunday.  In reality, it is the biggest holiday in Fairbanks! Get out there and enjoy it because Solstice also unfortunately marks the day we start losing daylight ever so slowly…


Daily News-Miner Reader’s Choice Awards



With July 1st just days away, this is last chance to let your voice be heard in the Daily News-miner Readers’ Choice Awards.  This year marks the first time the cannabis industry was included as a category in these annual awards and serves as another huge step towards normalizing the cannabis industry. As Fairbanks first cannabis cultivator and retailer, we would love nothing more than to receive the first Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Cannabis Retailer in Fairbanks voted for by you, the amazing people of our awesome hometown! We believe we have really set ourselves apart from the crowd with our all-natural cultivation,  product design, branding, The Pakalolo Ohana and more. If you agree then please show some love for the Pakalolo Ohana and get some votes in for Pakalolo Supply Company before July 1st! Cannabis Retailer is #37 on the poll. As always we appreciate your outstanding support for our business.  We are returning the favor by bringing you the best hometown cannabis shop that you could have ever hoped for in Pakalolo Supply Company.  As always we owe you an island sized…


Store Menu Now on the Website

For those of you that have been in our store recently you probably noticed the new Table of Contents at the beginning of our iPad menus that allows you to touch or click the links directly to the specific products you want to see:

iPad Menu (1).png

This version of the menu is now available on our website (pakalolosupplyco.com) under Menus > Store Menu.  You can jump to any section of the menu by clicking the related links.  Once you visit one of the links there may be more than one page such as in the prerolls.  To turn to the next page just use the arrows at the bottom of the menu or just by clicking the mouse.  On each page there is also a link in the top left hand corner to return to the table of contents at any time.

iPad Menu (2).png

This means at anytime you are only two clicks away from any section of the menu instead of having to scroll through multiple pages to get to where you want to be.  These features make it easier to quickly browse the products as our menu continues to grow.  We will be continuing to make upgrades to the menu and we’ll keep you updated as we move forward.  Try it out by visiting www.pakalolosupplyco.com/storeMenu and let us know what you think!  Once you visit don’t forget to check out the new Weekly Specials on the first 3 pages.  We have some good ones!  😉





The arrival of Strava Craft Coffee – Peace & Wellness CBD Coffee and new clones for the greenthumbs!

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope your enjoying your week so far and are preparing to spend your weekend doing something enjoyable.   Though the forest fire smoke has rolled into town somewhat its supposed to continue to clear out over the weekend so don’t let it slow you down! If you really don’t feel like being outside in the smoke. We have basically everything you need to get started on your home garden: 3 new strains of clones, some Strava Craft Coffee infused with CBD to get ya moving and some great deals on good ganja to get you thinking creatively on how to put together the best possible cultivation you can!

3 More Strains for Your Garden

As promised on Tuesday,  we will be releasing another line up of clones Saturday morning.  This time we have 3 Pakalolo Grown strain different from the last batch. That means if you have been on top of picking up clones you could potentially have a garden of 6 different Pakalolo Grown strains! Not to shabby if i do say so myself.  Let’s see which ones we got for you this weekend:


Northern Lights – The definition of indica with its heavy, euphoric high this hall of famer offers pungent pine, spice and earth flavors with a sweet finish.



Aloha CBD – This indica has a sweet tropical fruit aroma and flavor reminiscent of the Islands, with a balanced CBD/THC ratio that leaves you hangin’ loose.



Green Crack – This sativa offers flavors of tangy citrus fruit while delivering a sharp energy and focus from the strong mental buzz it provides.

Remember they go very quick so get them while they’re hot! 


Strava Craft Coffee – Peace & Wellness CBD Craft Coffee



We are very pleased to announce the return of hemp derived CBD products to Pakalolo Supply Co. starting with a very exciting addition to the menu….

CBD infused Coffee by Strava Craft Coffee!

We are releasing our first (with more on the way) CBD products this Saturday morning.   Speaking of morning, we believe that cannabinoids, specifically CBD, is one of the best  ways to start your day.  We thought long and hard of something that would easily implement CBD into your everyday life and couldn’t find an easier way to incorporate some CBD than in your morning cup of coffee!  Most people in this world today drink some sort of caffeine to get their day moving, and we know how Fairbankans love their coffee! CBD infused coffee is the perfect way to include CBD in your everyday life without adding any extra steps. If you aren’t a huge fan of caffeine, we even have a decaf version.  Here’s a description of the Peace and Wellness CBD Coffee in the company’s own words:


“Peace & Wellness” is an exträordinary line of specialty coffees, small batch roasted in Denver, Colorado, and precision infused with healthyOrganic Hemp Oil.  Hemp Oil provides balance to the coffee’s natural caffeine and, for many people, alleviates the caffeine jitters. But it does much more than that…

Hemp Oil contains naturally occurring phyto-cannabinoids, including CBD. Sträva uses the finest, full-spectrum hemp oil sourced from respected growers in Europe and Colorado. This oil is naturally rich in phyto-cannabinoids, including CBD, as well as constituents such as amino acids, vitamins B1, B2 and D, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, minerals zinc, calcium and magnesium. Hemp Oil and CBD are non-psychoactive and do not produce a “high.”

“Peace & Wellness” * brews up, like all Sträva coffees, into a flavorful, balanced, full-bodied cup. It will help you start your day with a smile; feel alert, focused, calm and jitter-free. And it’s the perfect way to enjoy a little extra CBD in your daily wellness routine.

Wake up to “Peace & Wellness.” Wake up to the natural benefits of Hemp Oil and CBD. With Sträva, you get an incredible coffee experience paired with the highest quality, full-spectrum CBD infusion on the market.

This is, quite possibly, the healthiest coffee you will ever drink.

Let’s take a look at the different types of 12 oz bags of beans you can purchase at Pakalolo Supply Company (in order of the least CBD to the most):


Dipping your toe in the water of the CBD pool…



Decaffeinated for after dinner to relax and unwind or for those who do not consume caffeine.



With 120mg of CBD you are sure to notice its effects!



If you love CBD then this is the bag of Coffee for you!


Weekly Sales Specials

As always we are rocking some amazing sales down at Pakalolo Supply Company.  We have over 40 items with the prices slashed including $10 prerolls, $55 cartridge, $12-$15 grams, $90 Rosin (1g) and much, much more!

www.PakaloloSupplyCompany.com/storeMenu for the list of Weekly Specials in its entirety….


As always, we appreciate you stopping by the Pakablog to chat with us.  We hope to see your smiling faces in here this weekend. Hang Loose!


Clones Today and More on Saturday!

Aloha and happy humpday! If you missed out the clones this past weekend you are in luck. This morning we have a fresh batch of clones out on the floor. We have 3 different strains for you to choose from:

Chernobyl – This long-lasting, energetic and cerebral sativa offers a pungent and musky aroma and flavor with citrus undertones.



chernobylBest (2)



Headband – This powerful Hybrid of Sour Diesel crossed with OG Kush offers earthy flavors of lemon and pine with a relaxing high that some feel gives the sensation of wearing a headband.




Kona Gold – One of the most sought after Hawaiian strains, this cerebral and focused sativa offers sweet tropical notes with a sharp finish.



As usual we have a limited selection so if you want some cannabis clones head over to Pakalolo Supply Company as quickly as possible.  If you don’t make it, or perhaps you are not interested in these strains, we will be putting out another batch on Saturday of 3 different strains: Northern Lights, Aloha CBD and Green Crack! #PakaloloGrown

Daily News-miner Reader’s Choice Awards


Don’t forget the cannabis industry is included as one of the categories in this years Reader’s Choice Awards! Pakalolo Supply Company is nominated in category #37.  Yes, it is indeed a very long list of categories but you can skip directly to the cannabis industry at #37 if you don’t feel like voting on every single one.  As always we sincerely appreciate your support.  The people of Alaska have already chosen Fairbanks as the cannabis capital of our great state and Pakalolo Supply Company as the Cannabis Classic Store of the Year for the second consecutive year.  What do you say we keep it going?! Help us bring home the Daily News-miner Reader Choice Best Cannabis Retailer by voting RIGHT HERE.  We would not be in the position we are in without the amazing patrons that come into our store and rep the Pakalolo Ohana on a regular basis.  Once again we owe you a huge island sized…


To show our thanks we have amazing sales going on right now with $10 prerolls and $12 grams and $55 vape cartridges! Click here to view all the Weekly Sales Specials. If you are a member of Pakalolo Ohana then you are getting some even better off menu deals.  If you aren’t a member of the Pakalolo Ohana and are unsure of what I’m talking about then you better ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders about joining the Pakalolo Ohana.  You won’t regret it! 😉


PakaBlog: Daily News-Miner People’s Choice Awards + Clones are Back!

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope you are soaking up those rays in between the awesome flash thunder storms we have been having.  The amount of lightning we have been seeing is pretty amazing! This weekend we see the eagerly awaited return of cannabis clones to our shelves of 3 different Pakalolo Grown strains.  We know many of you are very excited and can’t wait to get your hands on some new little babies.  First we would like to talk about the Fairbanks Daily-News Miner People’s Choice Awards.  The voting has begun for the News Miner’s annual awards and for the first time ever they are including cannabis retail locations as a category in the nominations for the People’s Choice Awards.  If you get the newspaper at home then you most likely saw the full page spread below which doubles as a ballot for you to vote for the best of the best of your favorite hometown businesses in Fairbanks!



If you don’t get the paper there is no need to worry because you can also vote online at www.surveymonkey.com/r/VNXP9HQ.  There are many categories but you don’t have to vote for everything and the cannabis retail category is #37.  Here is what the People’s Choice Awards are all about in the words of the Daily News-miner:

“It’s so much fun to go into a store or restaurant in Fairbanks and North Pole and see the Readers Choice certificates on the wall and know those are endorsements from actual customers. Voting is now underway for the 2018 Readers Choice awards.

Turn in the ballot found in the Daily News-Miner printed paper or log on to the 2018 survey to choose the best of the best in Fairbanks in a wide array of categories: dining, entertainment, shopping, sporting events, personal and medical services, education and many more.

Fairbanks and North Pole have such a large and diverse collection of businesses and it’s wonderful to scan the lists and see an old favorite or find out about a new business. We tried to make the choices in each category as comprehensive as possible but in case we missed one, please feel free to write a business in. Deadline is July 1.

These Readers Choice Awards aren’t possible without you, the readers. Thank you for participating!”

The best part is that these awards are 100 percent given out by the people’s votes.  It’s a win/win situation as you either get to represent your favorite business in each category or you will discover completely new ones you haven’t had the chance to experience yet.  We are very excited to be nominated as one of the Best Cannabis Stores in Fairbanks, coming fresh off of our second straight victory for Cannabis Classic Alaska Cannabis Store of the Year and we are once again humbly asking for the full support of each one of our amazing ohana to get out and vote for the Pakalolo Supply Company.  We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you, the giant Pakalolo Ohana.  With your help we hope to continue to raise the bar and bring new and exciting weed things to Fairbanks! You can vote right now by clicking HERE!

As always we owe you a giant….



Attack of the Clones

We know many of you have been patiently waiting for the next batch of clones to appear on the custom built light shelf on our back wall.  Clones take a ton of time and extreme care to nurture until they are healthy, grown and ready for you.  You may noticed this by the empty shelf the past week.  Forunately, this weekend the wait is OVER!  We have 3 different strains of Pakalolo Grown clones available starting Saturday:


Menu Additions:

Other than clones are menu is well stocked including a full drop of Leafchews as well as new flavored cartridges from Einstein Labs including Strawberry Lemonade, Appleberry, Grape Ape and Tangie.  We have a new edible from Treat Yo’ Self in the Golden S’more Squares.

All of our Lady Gray Gourmet Edibles have their prices slashed so if you have been wanting to try them out now is your chance to get them at a discounted price.

The Pakalolo Grown portion of the menu is completely stacked with 12 strains and 10 different Palms!

Don’t forget to check out our over 40 Weekly Sales Specials at www.pakalolosupplyco.com/storemenu!

Thanks for stopping by the Pakablog and we’ll see you at Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend. Mahalo!






Pakalolo Remains Open During Phillips Field Construction

Approach Phillips Field from Peger Road

Aloha! As you most likely know by now road construction has begun on Phillips Field and will go on until the end of summer. Road construction is never fun for the driver/consumer however it is usually necessary.  Just so it’s clear ACCESS TO PAKALOLO SUPPLY COMPANY WILL REMAIN OPEN DURING CONSTRUCTION.  The construction is taking place on the Illinois street side of the road starting at Pioneer road running up to just before Fox ave (the entrance to Pakalolo Supply Company).   This means that you cannot make it to our entrance from the Illinois entrance of Philips Field road.  HOWEVER, OUR STORE IS STILL ACCESSIBLE FROM THE PEGER ROAD SIDE OF PHILLIPS FIELD ROAD!  As you can see on the map below, you can still enter our parking lot at the normal entrance directly off Phillips field road as the construction does not block it.  ADDITIONALLY, WE HAVE ALSO OPENED THE NORMALLY CLOSED ROAD GATE ON THE BACKSIDE OF OUR PARKING LOT which allows you to enter from the opposite side of Fox ave from the direction of Hoodoo Brewing Company.  The entrance is pictured below and marked with a traffic cone.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your daily schedule.   We will continue to operate business at the highest possible level as Cannabis Store of the Year should and we’ll count on seeing the normal smiling faces that bless us everyday at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Thank you for your understanding



Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Sales Specials at www.pakalolosupplyco.com/storemenu!  We have over 30 items currently on sale.  Don’t miss out!


Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop Saturday

Aloha everyone! We hope your weekend is off to a good start.  Get out there and take advantage of the benefits of being outdoors whether it be exercise, BBQing delicious foods or just laying around and soaking up some vitamin D.  We are dropping two Pakalolo Grown strains this fine Saturday: one of our strongest hybrids and one our most energetic sativas.  Whether you are relaxing on the deck or having fun in the sun one of these strains will be the perfect fit!

Before we jump into that we wanted to share with you that we will be extending our hours for these long summer days! Starting Sunday we will be implementing these hours:

Sunday: 10am-6pm

Monday-Saturday: 10am-9pm

That means we will be open an hour later Sunday through Thursday than we were previously.  Now if you work until later in the evening or you are leaving Hoodoo after a cold one at closing we will still be open to help you out with your cannabis needs and desires! Now let’s talk about what we are dropping this week at Pakalolo Supply Company.

Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop

As I mentioned, this week we have two of our most powerful strains tested, packaged and ready to roll out for Strain Drop Saturday.  Have you ever been to Ali’i Drive in Hawaii..?


Ali’i Drive is the name of the strip-like road seen above running a portion of the west coast of the Big Island in Hawaii where all the shops, restaurants, bars, etc. reside. We believe this strain represents the essence of Ali’i Drive with it’s social driven sativa attributes.  Ali’i Drive is offspring of the famous Hawaiian strain Kona Gold and packs quite the uplifting punch making it perfect for social activities. It has a unique flavor of pungent and peppery spice you get from a fresh garden herb all held together by some classic skunkiness and sweetness at the end.


Total Cannabinoids: 19.15%

Total THC: 16.31%



Maui Pineapple Chunk is probably our most popular strain.  When it hits our shelves its pretty much in a constant stream into the Pakalolo stamped brown paper bag and out the door.  There is good reason for it.  This strain is a potent indica-leaning hybrid that makes it feel like you are floating as your stress melts away with the sweet and sour taste of freshly sliced tropical pineapple and a solid skunkiness at the end.


Total Cannabinoids: 22.27%

Total THC: 18.44%

Weekly Sales Specials

In case you didn’t know by now we have over 30 menu items on sale this week!  We are still showing our island sized MAHALOS for helping us win Cannabis Store of the Year for the second time in a row!  We are happy to accept and proudly display an award that shows that we are supported by the people of Fairbanks and Alaska as a whole.  Now take advantage of these awesome sales!

TV MENU  (40).png
Click Here to View Our Entire Menu


Cloud Pen Drop

Starting this weekend we will have Cloud Pen’s entire lineup of high quality vaporizers! With 4 different types one of them is bound to fit your style and needs. They all have unique features and come with a number of accessories and a cool box/carrying case.  Check them out in more detail with pictures below!

Cloud Pen OG

The world’s first wax pen to be featured in the marijuana industry built by patients feedback. Cloud took all the issues and information that was endured and conceptualized and sourced the ultimate design. This system of feedback is where the OG 1.0 Kit strives. Equipped with extensive battery life, a long pull duration, Click-in atomizer technology for efficient daily use, making the Cloud Pen OG 1.0 Kit an original leading vaporizer set in a new up and coming industry.

Top 3 Cloud Pen OG Kit Unique Features

  1. Two 350 mAh batteries – Drag time of 20 seconds
  2. Low battery led indicator: light will turn red when 10% battery life left.
  3. Click-in atomizer technology: Securing your atomizer,
    that only removes with a push on the side.

Everything included in purchase:

2 Cloud Pen OGs (350 mAh Batteries/Mouthpieces)
Single Ceramic Rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer
Custom C-Tensils
Mouth Guards
1 Micro USB Cord Charger
1 Authenticity Card/User Manual
Year Limited Warranty



One of the most excellent wax vape pens in the industry that built a foundation by customer feedback (2nd Generation). Equipped with extended extensive battery life (Upgraded from 1.0 battery), a longer pull duration, click-in wax and herbal atomizer technology for efficient daily use, is making the Cloud Pen 2.0 an excellent choice for an on the go vape pen for waxes and concentrates.


Top 3 Cloud Pen 2.0 Unique Features

  1. 650 mAh Battery – Drag time of 20 seconds – White led light color
  2. Multiple Atomizers & Carrying Case
  3. Click-in atomizer technology: Securing your atomizer, that only removes with a push on the side.

Everything included in purchase:

1 Cloud Pen 2.0 (650 mAh Battery/Mouthpiece)
Dual Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer
Single Ceramic-rod Titanium Hand-wrapped Coil Atomizer
Custom Cloud Pen C-Tensil
Custom Cloud Pen Silicone Jar
1 Custom Cloud Pen Carrier
Mouth Guards
1 Micro USB Cord Charger
1 Authenticity Card/User Manual
Year Limited Warranty


Cloud Pen 3.0

  • The world’s first wax pen to be featured in the marijuana industry built by patients feedback (3nd Generation). We took all the issues and information that we endured and conceptualized and sourced the ultimate design. This system of feedback is where the 3.0 strives. Upgraded to more extensive battery life, longer pull duration, Atlas Atomizer for more significant hits, and an herbal atomizer, making the Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer for wax and dry herb designed to enhance the vaping experience that is original to the vape pen industry.
    Top 3 Cloud Pen 3.0 Unique Features

    1. 650 mAh Battery – Drag time of 25 seconds – Gold led light color
    2. Carrying Case equipped with Wax Atomizers, Herbal Atomizer, & Supplies
    3. Click-in atomizer technology: Securing your atomizer, that only removes with a push on the side.

    Everything included in purchase:

    1 Cloud Pen 3.0 (650 mAh Battery/Mouthpiece)
    Dual ceramic-rod titanium hand-wrapped coil wax atomizer
    Medi A2.0T herbal/dry herb atomizer
    Cloud Atlas 2.0 Glass Dome Atomizer

    Custom Cloud Pen C-Tensils
    Custom Cloud Pen Silicone Jar
    1 Custom Cloud Pen Carrier
    Mouth Guards
    1 Micro USB Cord Charger
    1 Authenticity Card/User Manual
    Year Limited Warranty




Cloud Pen Paragon

The world’s first wax vape pen to feature a built-in No Goo Jar and an air control valve for adjusting air flow, this makes Paragon one of the finest and unique vaporizer pens, enhancing your wax and dry herb vaping experience*. The Paragon vaporizer for wax and dry herb are designed to boast features that are original to the vape pen industry.

Top 3 Cloud Pen Paragon Unique Features

  1. Magnetic Mouthpiece & Built-in No Goo Silicone Jar.
    Efficiently loading & storing any material and saved discreetly at the bottom of the Paragon Vaporizer.
  2. Air control valve allows you to adjust airflow from a calm hit high airflow hit to a more powerful low airflow hit.
  3. 1100 mAh battery that only takes 3 hours to charge and gives you up to 8 vaping hours. You can select between three different temperatures. (Red) Low, (Yellow) Medium, (Green) High.

 Everything included in purchase:

1 Cloud Pen Paragon (1100 mAh battery)
Dual Ti-wrapped Quartz Coil Atomizer w/ Dab Tool
Ceramic Bucket Coil Atomizer
Year Limited Warranty
1 USB-Charger



We are excited to see what you all think of this new lineup. We have a ton of concentrates on sale right now including all the shatter made from The Farm’s very flavorful outdoor cultivated flower at $35 a half gram.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for stopping by the PakaBlog.  We hope you stop by this weekend and see what we’re working with. We believe you will be pleased ;). Have a great weekend, mahalo and shakas all day.


Pakalolo Supply Co.