Pakalolo Wins Back to Back Cannabis Store of the Year!

Greetings to all!  I think it’s safe to say that it is officially summer.  The trees are green, birds are singing and the sun is shining (finally).  As you may already know The Cannabis Classic took place down in Anchorage last weekend.  Pakalolo Supply Company was once again the presenting sponsor and we were nominated for 4 different awards including Best Budtender (Harlie, Rafe), Best Media (PakaBlog), Best Marketing and the BIG KAHUNA of all awards, Cannabis Store of the Year. We headed down to A-town with a strong team consisting of the owners, managers, cultivators and some good ol’ fashioned confidence.  Throughout the weekend we took care of some BIG business (hint, hint), visited some friends in the industry, smoked some doobies and threw back a few cold ones to celebrate the past year.  The award show was a blast with great people, yummy food and an awesome concert performed by Alaskan Thunder Funk.   At the end of the event the awards were announced and we are very pleased to share with you that…

Pakalolo Supply Company was awarded:

2018 Alaska Cannabis Store of the Year





First things first, we owe this award in no small part to our amazing patrons.  We would not be accepting any awards if it wasn’t for the outstanding support we receive from the people of Fairbanks.  It is thanks to your business, reviews, word of mouth and of course, those many votes you took the time to put in, that we were able to stand up on that stage for the honors of Alaska Cannabis Store of the Year for the second year in a row!!!



We must also say it feels fantastic to see all our hard work paying off by being recognized for setting the bar in the cannabis industry once again. The work each individual at Pakalolo has put into this company to make it move as a well-oiled machine has resulted in the highest honors in this industry.  Pakalolo was also runner up in the categories of Best Marketing and Best Budtender (Harlie Nelson)!

Ultimately, we feel that the award we received, Alaska’s Best Cannabis Store, encapsulates all the other categories.  We have the utmost confidence in our team and honestly believe we have the perfect combination of the best budtenders, best marketing, the best buds and the best customers in Alaska and the award we brought home from the Cannabis Classic is a reflection of a team effort at Pakalolo Supply Co.  Between the retail store staff helping people make their selections, the packaging crew making sure every joint is just the right consistency and smoothness, the cultivation team growing some of the best buds that not just Alaska, but anyone, anywhere has ever seen, we couldn’t be more proud of what our team has accomplished since making the State of Alaska’s first legal sale back in October of 2016! Pat yourself on the back Pakalolo Ohana. We did it!

BIG Business

During our time up on stage at the award ceremony we also made an announcement. A rather BIG announcement.  We always have such a fun time down in Anchorage.  There is a lot to do, people and friends to see and cannabusiness to be done.  In other words it’s Alaska’s big city where big things happen.   Well we decided that we should be a part of that and make it even bigger, so without further adieu…

Pakalolo Supply Company, the 2 time Cannabis Store of the Year, is officially opening a location in Anchorage later this summer!

We are still in the early stages of putting this BIG news into motion and some papers still need to be pushed, so we can’t share all of details just yet. But we can tell you that it’s in a perfect location so we will be bringing all that Pakalolo ‘Love and Aloha’ directly to the people of Anchorage.  We simply cannot wait to be a part of that community while simultaneously welcoming the people of Anchorage into the Pakalolo Ohana. We are very excited for whats coming down the pipe and it will be here before you know it. We will of course keep you updated as we know more and solidify our plans.  In the mean time if you’re reading this in Anchorage we have product at 3 different stores down there for you.  Stop by Raspberry Roots, Enlighten Alaska or Great Northern Cannabis to pick up your favorite Pakalolo Grown flower.

Once again, HUGE MAHALOS for your support during the Cannabis Classic.  Fairbanks is home to the Best Cannabis Store in the state of Alaska once again, and it’s all because of you. If you are in the Pakalolo Ohana then you know we have a very special deal going on right now as a special thanks so we hope to see you at Pakalolo this week.  If you aren’t in the Ohana then you better join so you receive the insider texts and know about that very special deal. After all joining is completely free and then you get great benefits from being a part of our family. Just ask one of our budtenders for more info 😉 Check back at the PakaBlog later for our Strain Drop Saturday Post to see whats in store for you at Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend.  Until next time Friends, hang loose!




Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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