A Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop Saturday

Aloha Pakabloggers! We have product to the ceiling for your memorial day weekend.  We believe we have anything that your cannaheart could possibly desire including new strains, concentrates, yummy edibles and killer specials.  It might be a good idea to stop by Pakalolo Supply Co on your way out of town!

Pakalolo Grown Strain Drops

This weekend we see one of our original strains  make its return in Headband.  This batch is especially terpy and in result is very tasty! We will also see the powerful sativa Chernobyl gracing our menus Saturday morning.  An awesome strain not only due to its potency, but its unique bud structure, coloring and presence of a rare cannabinoid.


Headband has the sweet and earthy aroma of pine with the pungent flavor of diesel at the end. Beautiful buds visually with rich green color with dark orange hairs.  It has a lineage of legendary strains OG Kush crossed with Sour Diesel.  It has been said when you smoke it you feel pressure or a tightness around the outside of your head which is where it got the name Headband.  There is only one way to find out if you get that feeling… 😉


Total Cannabinoids: 23.30%

Total THC: 19.93%


Chernobyl’s name and associated reference matches the strain’s profile perfectly.  It is a pungent and powerful strain that starts of with the flavor of citrus and finishes with natural spiciness that will put you into the sativa stratosphere. Chernobyl also tests over 1% of the rare cannabinoid THCv.  If you haven’t heard about the effects of THCv you can read more here. One really neat thing is that THCv is known to suppress the munchies! Welcome back Chernobyl!

chernobylBest (2).jpg

Total Cannabinoids: 22.87%

Total THC: 17.97%

Pakalolo Premium Pua BIG KAHUNA

We released Premium Pua for those who are in the mood for the absolute best, top of the line connoisseur buds of the batch.   We want it be the product hat that when you purchase it you are comfortable in knowing you are acquiring the very best version of that strain and some of the very best cannabis on the market.  There is no doubt about it when these colas are hand chosen at the time of harvest for hand trimming and individual curing in beautiful glass jars with wooden lids (that you get to take home by the way).  Our patrons have taken quite the liking to it so we decided to turn it up a notch with a larger version of the product…

Premium Pua – Big Kahuna Edition – 8 Grams of HI Grade AK Craft Cannabis






The Premium Pua Big Kahuna as the label says is our 8 gram version of the product! We have added 2 more strains to our 4 gram Premium Pua glass jar line up as well.   This week we have both our rare and powerful sativa Shiva as well as Green Crack ready for purchasing pleasure. When you see those perfect looking Pakalolo Grown buds in those nice looking glass jars it is hard to turn away!


We are always happy to have a brand new strain from Raspberry Roots.  This week we have Chocolate Chunk, which fits right in with the rest of our Chunk flower family!

Chocolate Chunk

This strain is a pure Indica that will leave you melting into your couch.  Dark green and orange in color with the subtle aroma of chocolate followed by pungent pine notes.


Total Cannabinoids: 21.97%

Total THC: 18.79%

Kimbo Kush

Kimbo is a returning Raspberry Roots favorite. A cross between Blackberry Kush and Starfighter to create a citrus, fruity flavor with an aroma of blackberry scones. The more you smoke, the more the indica will shine through!


Total Cannabinoids: 18.27%

Total THC: 15.47%


Special Edition Sidekick Sixpacks with The Farm


We have started to roll out our Special Edition Sixpacks in collaboration with The Farm and their flower which is grown outdoors under the all natural Alaska sunlight.  We will have their entire line up in Sidekick Sixpack form with that fresh looking sticker you see above slapped on them:

Cinex (Sativa) @ 18.26 ON SALE for only $40

Sunset Sherbert (hybrid) @ 17.94% ON SALE for only $40

Super Glue (Indica) @ 22.38% for $55

Super Sour Diesel (Sativa) @ 22% for $55


Einstein Labs


Einstein recently dropped off one of the biggest deliveries we have ever seen of their top of the line products.  We have new glass top cartridges in both Skittlez and Fruity Pebbles.  For the first time we also have Einstein’s Pure Distillate in cartridge form instead of the dabbing applicator in Watermelon. We have two new hybrid shatters as well in Ultimate Purple and Tangerine Power.  Last but not least some crumble made from the original indica Blueberry.  If you are a fan of concentrates its a good time to stop by Pakalolo Supply Company!

Weekly Sales Specials

Our sales menu seems to get longer with better prices every week. It doesn’t even fit on one menu page! Check them out below or head over to our website by clicking here to see the menu in its entirety. Mahalo for swinging by the PakaBlog.  We hope to see you at Pakalolo this weekend!

TV MENU  (39).png


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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