Shiva Drop Shivaday

Aloha PakaBloggers! We hope you are enduring the slow start to the summer.  We just need that sun to come out and play for about a week straight to give us a jump start to get those plants and trees budding! We won’t let it slow us down anyway because the weekend is here and with the weekend comes Strain Drop Saturday! As you may have noticed from the title of the article this Strain Drop Saturday is somewhat special. Especially if you are a fan of Sativas because we have the queen of all Sativas in the form of the one and only… SHIVA.  We also have some brand new Pakalolo Grown C02 cartridges from Top Hat Concentrates. One of which is two of our best strains combined into one cartridge with all their scrumptious cannabinoids.  This week we have quite the amazing list of Weekly Sales Specials as a thank you for your support during Cannabis Classic voting.  Let’s get to the nitty-gritty, shall we..?

SHIVA Sativa is BACK

Shiva is a rare sativa strain that has been grown in our own cultivation facility since we first opened.  It is a sensitive plant requiring flowering for 14 weeks, which is almost twice as long most hybrid strains. Sativa strains are rare in part due to the time required to bloom as well as there tendency to stretch and get very tall.  It is for that reason people used faster finishing genetics to create hybrid strains that have shorter bloom phases and smaller, more manageable plants but maintain some of the effects of a Sativa.  The high from sativa strains is said to be energizing, cerebral and well suited for daytime use.  This is a true statement but it really really RINGS true with SHIVA.  While most strains advertised as Sativas still have some indica in their genetics, SHIVA is PURE Sativa.


The high from Shiva is invigorating.  It is almost like a cup of coffee that jump starts your brain while simultaneously giving you a powerful but very clean high,  Shiva will promote deep conversation, enhance creativity and can also give you a warm happy sense of well being making it ideal for social situations.  It is light green and light orange in color with the aroma and taste of citrus with a not of sweetness followed by a diesel like quality and a tad bit of skunkiness. We are very thrilled to be able to bring something unique into our store and curious to see what each and everyone of you think about it!  This strain rings up nearly 30% Total Cannabinoids. 22% of which being THC an over 1% of the extremely rare cannabinoid THCV.  THCV has some very unique effects including appetite suppression (anti munchies weed!) and a low risk of THC related anxiety due to the way the two cannabinoids interact. The sheer rarity, as well as its amazing quality, is the reason we are willing to keep putting in the time and effort to bring it to our storefront regardless of the challenges associated with cultivating this rare and exotic strain.

Top Hat Concentrates x Pakalolo Grown

Top Hat concentrates is the only concentrate manufacturer using CO2, a method that does not use solvents such as butane.   We teamed up with Top Hat to bring you some awesome Pakalolo Grown CO2 cartridges and dab oils.

Caramel Kona Coffee Kush

One of our most popular hybrids with a complex flavor profile!


THC: 52.14%

CBG: 5.11%


Aloha CBD x Maui Pineapple Chunk

Two of our most popular strains have been combined into one cartridge to bring you both high THC and high CBD for the 1-2 PUNCH!



Weekly Specials are Stacked!

This week we wanted to put a little extra kick in our Weekly Sale Specials as a HUGE thank you for supporting us with your business and votes during the Cannabis Classic voting period.  We’ll find out the results in Anchorage on May 19th!

We have expanded the Weekly Specials to include a bigger group of concentrates including one of each type. Check it out!

TV MENU  (36).png

In fact, at this moment we have more concentrates from more suppliers (4) then we have ever had on our menu! We have new glass top cartridges from Einstein Labs,  C02 oil from Top Hat, new glass top cartridges from Good Titrations (in delicious Hawaiian themed flavors!) and the hot press rosin from Lady Gray.   We also are well stocked up on edibles and you already know our flower menu is poppin! We hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Co. this weekend to take advantage of these awesome sales and try out our new product,  especially Sativa.  Since it takes so long to cultivate you want to get it while it’s hot!  Mahalo for stopping by the Pakablog.

A HUI HOU (until next time)



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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