Strain Drop Saturday 4/28 GT x CnC x PSC


Aloha PakaBloggers! We hope you have had a fantastic 420 week and if you are like us, you haven’t stopped celebrating, because let’s be real, it’s pretty rare to celebrate 420 at 4:20.  4:28 is just getting a late start on the party. 😉

We have some continued deals going on including Aloha Prerolls for $5, Raspberry Roots Critical Sensi grams for $10 and Ali’i Drive Big Kahuna joints for $15 among many others. We also have some really cool new additions to the menu on the way!

Calm N Collective has created a monster…


We have a new strain hitting the shelves and smell jars tomorrow from our good friends at Calm n Collective called FrankenFruit. It is a delicious hybrid with 21% Total Cannabinoids with right around 20 of those yummy cannabinoids happen to be THC.  It’s got chunky nuggets full of flavor making it both monstrous and delicious!


GOOD TITRATIONS x Calm N Collective x Pakalolo Supply Co.


The titrating lab gurus over at Good Titrations have us stock piled full of new concentrates for you to keep this 420 train rolling.

You may have seen their newest distillate cartridge hit our shelves earlier this week, called Oahu Orange.  We tasked our friends at Good Titrations with making us a concentrate pen from the Calm N Collective strains that can be found exclusively at Pakalolo Supply Co. that contains both THC and CBD and that tastes delicious.  Well they knocked it out of the park and came back with not one tasty flavor, but 3! The Oahu Orange was the first to drop earlier this week and we have 2 more coming tomorrow that were all extracted from two familiar strains here at Pakalolo, Calm n Collective’s MTF and Euphoria CBD! Good Titrations then added natural terpenes into the cartridges to make them taste like Orange (think Tangerine Dream strain terps), Hapuna Beach Blueberry (think classic funky Blueberry indica from back in the day) and the most exciting of all the Mahalo (MTF) CBD, which has the funky skunky natural flavors of Matanuska Thunderf#$% contained inside a glass top cartridge. You are not going to want to miss this 3 company collaboration between Calm N Collective, Good Titrations and finally Pakalolo Supply Co. bringing it to you!

Mahalo MTF CBD and Hapuna Beach Blueberry both feature cannabinoids ringing in right around 70% THC and 18% CBD.  We are really excited for the new flavors and this combination of cannabinoids leaves you with a high that can’t be matched by THC alone!

They also dropped off some more exciting items to keep us lifted and your wallet thick on into May!

Super Glue Shatter .5g’s for $35!

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) distillate cartridges at 89%THC and nearly 94% total cannabinoids landing on the menu at a cool $55. Say what???? I can hear you thinking it…. “Distillate cartridges at $55! No Way?!” Yes way my friends, Yes way!


MOMO’S Mo’ Bettah! 


Mama Momo baked us up another batch of yummy treats for everyone to enjoy!  We have a fresh delicious batch of the ever popular Lemon Dreams and CannaChews in the house.

Lemon Dreams are lemon snickerdoodles with a white chocolate drizzle and Cannachews are a chewy granola bar with brown sugar and oats! Both are scrumptious and if you haven’t tried a tube of 5 of these 5mg THC treats, the time is now, get em while they are fresh!


Pakalolo Supply Co owners and managers will be spotted out on the town this Saturday night supporting a worthy cause for our community by donating and reserving a table at the Mayor’s Charity Ball hosted by the United Way of the Tanana Valley.  We are excited for a wonderful night honoring each of the mayors who make our community a wonderful place and to be a part of the fundraising efforts of the United Way.  Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Kassel, City of Fairbanks Mayor Matherly and City of North Pole Mayor Ward present the inaugural Mayor’s Charity Ball to benefit the United Way of the Tanana Valley.

Don’t forget we are in the home stretch of Cannabis Classic voting so please take a second to go vote each day for Pakalolo Supply Co. to bring home Retail Store of the Year and Best branding honors for the second year in a row! Two of our outstanding Budtenders HarlieJane420 (Harlie Nelson) and Radical Rafe (Rafe Hembree) are both nominated for Budtender of the Year as well.  Let’s help them bring home the hardware! Click on over to  now! 🙂 Mahalo for your Kokua!


As always, mahalo for stoppin by the PakaBlog to talk story with us!  See you on Strain Drop Saturday 4/28.

4:28 only 8 minutes late!

A Hui Hou (until we meet again)


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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