Strain Drop Saturday 4/28 GT x CnC x PSC


Aloha PakaBloggers! We hope you have had a fantastic 420 week and if you are like us, you haven’t stopped celebrating, because let’s be real, it’s pretty rare to celebrate 420 at 4:20.  4:28 is just getting a late start on the party. 😉

We have some continued deals going on including Aloha Prerolls for $5, Raspberry Roots Critical Sensi grams for $10 and Ali’i Drive Big Kahuna joints for $15 among many others. We also have some really cool new additions to the menu on the way!

Calm N Collective has created a monster…


We have a new strain hitting the shelves and smell jars tomorrow from our good friends at Calm n Collective called FrankenFruit. It is a delicious hybrid with 21% Total Cannabinoids with right around 20 of those yummy cannabinoids happen to be THC.  It’s got chunky nuggets full of flavor making it both monstrous and delicious!


GOOD TITRATIONS x Calm N Collective x Pakalolo Supply Co.


The titrating lab gurus over at Good Titrations have us stock piled full of new concentrates for you to keep this 420 train rolling.

You may have seen their newest distillate cartridge hit our shelves earlier this week, called Oahu Orange.  We tasked our friends at Good Titrations with making us a concentrate pen from the Calm N Collective strains that can be found exclusively at Pakalolo Supply Co. that contains both THC and CBD and that tastes delicious.  Well they knocked it out of the park and came back with not one tasty flavor, but 3! The Oahu Orange was the first to drop earlier this week and we have 2 more coming tomorrow that were all extracted from two familiar strains here at Pakalolo, Calm n Collective’s MTF and Euphoria CBD! Good Titrations then added natural terpenes into the cartridges to make them taste like Orange (think Tangerine Dream strain terps), Hapuna Beach Blueberry (think classic funky Blueberry indica from back in the day) and the most exciting of all the Mahalo (MTF) CBD, which has the funky skunky natural flavors of Matanuska Thunderf#$% contained inside a glass top cartridge. You are not going to want to miss this 3 company collaboration between Calm N Collective, Good Titrations and finally Pakalolo Supply Co. bringing it to you!

Mahalo MTF CBD and Hapuna Beach Blueberry both feature cannabinoids ringing in right around 70% THC and 18% CBD.  We are really excited for the new flavors and this combination of cannabinoids leaves you with a high that can’t be matched by THC alone!

They also dropped off some more exciting items to keep us lifted and your wallet thick on into May!

Super Glue Shatter .5g’s for $35!

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) distillate cartridges at 89%THC and nearly 94% total cannabinoids landing on the menu at a cool $55. Say what???? I can hear you thinking it…. “Distillate cartridges at $55! No Way?!” Yes way my friends, Yes way!


MOMO’S Mo’ Bettah! 


Mama Momo baked us up another batch of yummy treats for everyone to enjoy!  We have a fresh delicious batch of the ever popular Lemon Dreams and CannaChews in the house.

Lemon Dreams are lemon snickerdoodles with a white chocolate drizzle and Cannachews are a chewy granola bar with brown sugar and oats! Both are scrumptious and if you haven’t tried a tube of 5 of these 5mg THC treats, the time is now, get em while they are fresh!


Pakalolo Supply Co owners and managers will be spotted out on the town this Saturday night supporting a worthy cause for our community by donating and reserving a table at the Mayor’s Charity Ball hosted by the United Way of the Tanana Valley.  We are excited for a wonderful night honoring each of the mayors who make our community a wonderful place and to be a part of the fundraising efforts of the United Way.  Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Kassel, City of Fairbanks Mayor Matherly and City of North Pole Mayor Ward present the inaugural Mayor’s Charity Ball to benefit the United Way of the Tanana Valley.

Don’t forget we are in the home stretch of Cannabis Classic voting so please take a second to go vote each day for Pakalolo Supply Co. to bring home Retail Store of the Year and Best branding honors for the second year in a row! Two of our outstanding Budtenders HarlieJane420 (Harlie Nelson) and Radical Rafe (Rafe Hembree) are both nominated for Budtender of the Year as well.  Let’s help them bring home the hardware! Click on over to  now! 🙂 Mahalo for your Kokua!


As always, mahalo for stoppin by the PakaBlog to talk story with us!  See you on Strain Drop Saturday 4/28.

4:28 only 8 minutes late!

A Hui Hou (until we meet again)


Celebrate 420 at Pakalolo Supply Company with Big Sales and Hard Eats

Aloha and Happy 420! It’s a pretty sweet deal when 4/20 lands on a Friday, am I right?  You can really get into the spirit and celebrate holidays right when they are right at the end of a work week.  However, before you dive in you have to make sure you got all the necessary supplies to make sure that you can live up to that Friday night 420 hype.  Lucky for you Pakalolo Supply Company has everything you need with special holiday prices to make this 4/20 one to remember!

  • All Pakalolo Grown 1 gram are $15 or $16
  • $5 Aloha CBD Prerolls
  • $10 grams from The Farm
  • $16 Treat Yo’ Self Edibles
  • $20 Pakalolo Palms
  • $35 Gorilla Glue – 3.5g
  • $35 Shatter
  • Much More…


TV MENU  (35).png

If you think that’s cool then you will be even happier when you pull in the parking lot and see Hard Eats food truck is sitting in our parking lot making delectable Hawaiian Gourmet.  I just had their take on Loco Moco, a breakfast classic from the Islands.  All I can say is I’m going back for more!  They are also serving amazing Hawaiian themed tacos.  Who doesn’t love tacos!? Check out the menu below.






Pakalolo Supply Company Proudly Presents 4th Annual Cannabis Classic!

That’s right kanes and wahines it is just about that time again for the one and only Alaska Cannabis Classic!  Once again we are the presenting sponsor for the event which will be held at the Fiesta Room in downtown Anchorage on May 19 this summer.  We are very delighted to be the cornerstone in an event that brings the most influential pieces of the blooming cannabis industry in Alaska together to make connections, engage in a friendly competition and of course have some good ol’ fashioned fun! This year’s event has been somewhat modified from last years to focus on the contests and industry awards.  As always there will be food and drinks, entertainment, and the event will culminate with the Award Show crowning the state’s top growers, processors, people, and businesses in a number of different categories. There will be no trade show this time around but you still have the opportunity to join in on the fun by coming to the catered award show by purchasing tickets at which is currently featuring and early bird special. Its going to be a blast and we wouldn’t be going if it weren’t for our amazing patrons so please come join us!  Let’s look at the event in a little more detail:


Food + Drink + Networking

Saturday, May 19 | 6:30pm to 7pm | Fiesta Room

Enjoy local food and drink from our sponsors as you mix and mingle with some of the most influential people in the local cannabis scene. It’s often said “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Networking events like the Cannabis Classic are huge opportunities to grow your network by an order of magnitude. Take advantage of it and enjoy yourself while you are at it!

4th Annual Cannabis Classic Awards Show

Saturday, May 19 | 7pm to 8pm | Fiesta Room

Every industry has a definitive annual event that recognizes its leaders – and that’s what the Cannabis Classic is for the Alaska cannabis industry.

This year’s Cannabis Classic events are made possible thanks to the support of many sponsors and partners such as Pakalolo Supply Company.

In addition to Best Cannabis Strain and Cannabis Store of the Year, the Cannabis Classic will give championship honors in 12 categories. The winners of the cannabis competition are determined by 26 highly qualified judges. And the winners of the industry awards such as Best Retail Store are voted on by the public.


Vote for your favorite business in the industry award categories by clicking here 

And, tickets to the Cannabis Classic Award Show, click here.

Cannabis Competition

At the heart of the Cannabis Classic is obviously the cannabis competition in which businesses in the industry and growers from around the state enter flower and concentrate for blind judging. Potential judges are first given a qualifying exam to test their knowledge of cannabis that they must get an 80% or higher before receiving their judging kits.  The judging kits contain a gram of each strain and half gram of each concentrate entered into the contest.  Following a set of judging guidelines/rules the judges have 3 weeks to sample and blind judge each entry ensuring a thorough evaluation with results that both participants and viewers can be confident in.  By blind I mean the judges are given NO information about the entries such as the strain name, test results or who grew/manufactured it.  All they are given are numbers associated with each entry to be used as identification.  Pakalolo Supply Company will be entering 4 different strains into the competition!

These are the categories:

Best Flower:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid
  • Highest THC Content
  • Highest CBD Content

Best Concentrate


Voting for Industry Awards

 Last year we brought home the metal in no small part thanks to you, our amazing patrons.  We are still incredibly grateful and we are asking you to show you support again because voting is taking place now! We have been nominated in 4 different categories and we are going to try and bring back an armful of awards back to the Golden Heart city, the capital of cannabis, where they belong.  PLEASE DON’T FORGET you can vote once a day online at, once a day in our store and once a day on social media.  That is 3 times a day! Let’s take a look at the nominations:

The Cannabis Store of the Year  *NOMINATED*

The shop that sets the standard for other retail shops in Alaska. Consider the following aspects when voting for your favorite retail store: store atmosphere, selection of products available, consistency of products, staff knowledge, customer service, overall vibe & design, and community involvement/participation with community events.

Last year we brought home Cannabis Store of the Year award.  This year we are once again nominated and would love nothing more than to win this one back to back.  We think of this as the gold medal of the industry awards.  We are gonna need your help to bring it home so please give us a hand by putting your vote in once a day!

Best Marketing *NOMINATED*

Consider the following aspects when voting for the company with the best marketing: logo design, aesthetic appeal of marketing materials, social media presence, website design/user friendliness and mobile friendly.
We put a great deal of time and effort into bringing our customers the highest quality of branding in the state through our website, the Pakablog, the Pakalolo Ohana and innovative and appealing product design (Palms, Premium Pua, Sidekick Sixpack, Manini 2packs, The Pakalolo Incredible Edible Kit, etc.) with the best logos and graphics possible.  We truly hope you enjoy it.  If you do, show us some love by voting for Pakalolo under Best Marketing.


The winner of Best Budtender should exemplify all of the following qualities: laser focused on customer service, be knowledgeable about all products, offer suggestions when asked, has a clear passion for cannabis, and is helpful and friendly to all.
This year we have two budtenders who have been nominated for this award because they demonstrate all the attributes of a great budtender.  Budtenders have a very important job as they serve as the face of a cannabis retail store. Our 2 nominated budtenders, Harlie Nelson and Rafe Hembree, take that role very seriously and handle it with confidence and finesse.  If you love these guys as much as we do vote for them every day!


It is once again an honor to have our fun little Pakablog nominated as the best cannabis media outlet in Alaska.  We love writing it every week and it is great to know that some of you truly enjoy reading it just as much.  If you are a Pakablogger, lets show Alaska where the PakaPlace to be is…  Vote for PakaBlog under Best Media!

Our Expectations for the Cannabis Classic

Last year The Cannabis Classic was simply an amazing time.  We have very high hopes that this year will be even better since the industry and the businesses that make it up are upon a much more solid foundation.  Cannabis businesses around the state have started to hit their stride with their cultivation, retail stores, products and overall branding.  Basically, the people of Alaska have turned this into a real industry! The event has also been consolidated into one big day which will allow participants to focus and go all out.  We can’t wait because we have come a long way since making the first legal sale in October 28th of 2018 as has the rest of the industry.  It is exciting to get together with all of those who are equally dedicated to cannabis to share what we have learned and accomplished while simultaneously celebrating it all with big smiles on everyone’s faces.  This is what its all about and we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate and sponsor such a tremendous statewide event that serves the entire industry.  Pakalolo Supply Company VP Keenan Hollister sums it up well:

“The Cannabis Classic has been working hard over the last few years to establish themselves as the premier cannabis event for industry professionals and consumers alike. We have attended as both guests and sponsors in the past, and are looking forward to showcasing the hard work of our team along with celebrating the Alaskan cannabis industry as a whole from the companies producing it to the customers consuming it at the 2018 Cannabis Classic,” said Keenan Hollister, Vice President of Pakalolo Supply Co.

As mentioned, we would love for as many consumers as possible, especially our Pakalolo Ohana, to be a part of the celebration.  Without the Alaskan cannabis consumer none of this would be anywhere close to possible so the celebration is as much about you as it is about the businesses in the industry.  Please join us down in Anchorage on May 19th at the Fiesta Room for one heck of a time.  As mentioned earlier tickets are already available, so jump on it and join us at the Cannabis Classic.  Don’t forget to vote everyday at and help us bring home some awards!

Much love and Aloha, mahalo.




Concentrate: Made from…CnC and PSC!

Greetings Pakabloggers! We hope your week is going by smoothly without any hiccups.  Its funny how it takes about 6 months of winter to accumulate the huge amount of snow that was dropped upon us this year but it only takes a few weeks of sunshine in April to make it all disappear. As always it’s a pleasure to take some time to update you on everything Pakalolo.  We don’t have a new strain to drop for flower this Saturday but if you like concentrates, you are in luck! We have the amazing finished result of two of Calm N Collective’s best strains being manufactured into the only C02 extracted concentrate on the market by Top Hat Concentrates.  We also have some of our very best Pakalolo Grown Strains turned made into some amazing shatter and crumble by our pals over at Einstein Labs.  All of it is outstanding and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Calm N Collective

We introduced Calm N Collective flower a little over a month ago by having a meet and greet with owner Ron Bass in our store.  It was a huge success.  It seemed Fairbanks took an immediate liking to his cannabis grown down in the Matanuska Valley.  People were already excited in part due to one legendary strain, MTF, that originated in the Matanuska Valley.  MTF, or Matanuska Thunder F***, is a strain that strikes a chord with anyone who has been smoking weed in Alaska for an in the last 40 years.  It also strikes a chord with new smokers because of the hype surrounding the storied strain from those who have smoked it before them. We had the pleasure of witnessing some Father and Daughter bonding take place in the store over purchasing a joint of some of the really good old school funky stuff as stated by one of our awesome customers while introducing his mid twenties daughter to MTF for the first time. 😉 We are glad it has been so well received and that Calm n Collective has brought it into the Alaska Recreational cannabis market!


However,  MTF is not the only strain that Calm N Collective has to offer.  We have an entire page on our menu dedicated to their wonderful variety of strains.  One of the other most impressive strains they cultivate is the Blueberry Muffins.  Simply just a beautiful strain with rich colors of purple, orange and green with an aroma and flavor that make the name the most accurate and descriptive of any we offer. It is amazing how closely its terpene profile resembles fresh baked blueberry muffins.  It is just an all around really fun strain with a calm relaxing high. Perfect for a “stoney Sunday”
Strains like these kind of boggle your mind with their awesomeness.  How can the flowers of this plant smell and taste exactly like blueberry muffins?!  We know the answer to the question lies in terpenes, yet it is still a marvel to behold when you pop the top.


Top Hat Concentrates

Top Hat Concentrates specialize in CO2 extraction to make solventless, tasty concentrates.  In fact they are Alaska’s first CO2 extraction company.  Their process is safe and eco-friendly while preserving the most important elements of cannabis: cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in some of the highest quality concentrates you can buy.  They did us the honor of extracting all those mentioned important elements out of Calm N Collectives MTF and Blueberry Muffins into some marvelous C02 concentrates.  They are locked and loaded in their nice glass top vape cartridges and will be on the shelf for your purchasing pleasure first thing Saturday!

Einstein Labs x Pakalolo Grown

New to the menu is some extremely pretty shatter and crumble from Einstein Labs.  The best part about it?  It’s made from some of our very best Pakalolo Grown Strains!  If you love Maui Pineapple Chunk and Ali’i Drive like we do then you absolutely have to try them in the concentrate form.  The shatter is a bright golden color and highly translucent./.. oh yeah and it taste like MAUI PINEAPPLE CHUNK and ALI’I DRIVE.  The Ali’i Drive crumble is also something to behold.  Many people enjoy crumble because it is much easier to manipulate and apply to things.  Wanna put a little extra sativa kick in your joint? sprinkle some Ali’i Drive Crumble in it and you will not be disappointed. It is really cool to see our Pakalolo Grown Strains transformed to the absolute best concentrates on the market by the Cannabis Classic Award Winning wizards at Einstein Labs, and it’s even better that we get to share the love and aloha of these flavors and the hard work and collaboration of two companies with the awesome people of Fairbanks.


Taking a look a the rest of the menu…

We aren’t dropping a new strain today in buds mainly because we don’t have room. 🙂 We currently have the most amazing lineup with 10 Pakalolo Grown Strains including Chernobyl, Alaskan Blueberry and Maui Mango Diesel.  We also happen to have all 3 of those strains in the form of Premium Pua Jars our newest craft cannabis product which is 4 grams hand chosen at the time of harvest then hand trimmed and cured in their own individual glass pack with a wooden lid.  A limited amount of the jars are brought to our display cases from their airtight box so you can pick the one that looks best to you (HINT: They are all amazing).
We have 7 strains from Calm N Collective as mentioned above including MTF, Blueberry Muffins and Gorilla Glue.

The fan favorite Sour Dough from Frontier Grow Labs is back in full force with grams, 1/8s and 1/4s.

The extremely popular, Pakalolo Palms have made a grand return with Ali’i Drive, Caramel Kona Coffee Kush and PakaCookies.

We currently have the most concentrates that we have ever had at one time including those mentioned above as well as 5 flavors of E-Blunts with one brand new flavor: Skittlez (hint hint, it tastes like candy).  4 different varieties of shatter from Good Titrations including Sunset Sherbet grown by our friends at The Farm as well as two flavors of their signature cannabis oil including  Morning Glory @ 81.66% THC.

The Pakalolo edible Lineup is looking stellar like our concentrates at the moment with edibles from 4 different companies including Treat Yo’ Self Cereal Bars,  Einstein Labs’ Leafchews and Lady Gray’s Gourmet Edibles.  If you love cannabis we have you covered in any form ;).  We appreciate you stopping through the Pakablog and we hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply Co. this weekend.  Mahalo and hang loose!










Strain Drop Saturday: Pakalolo Grown and Calm N Collective

Aloha and welcome to the Pakablog!  We hope you are having an excellent week because we are about to top it off with a wonderful weekend of strain releases.  We are excited to welcome back one of our original flagship Pakalolo Grown strains back into the fold and we will be introducing 2 new strains from Calm N Collective that we have not had on the menu yet.  We strive to bring you new strains on the regular because the genetics and variety of cannabis is what makes it so special.  Though each strain is for the most part just a different combinations of the same cannabinoids and terpenes it makes for a completely different experience each time.  I like to think of it as a different route to get to the same destination.  The journey is when all the fun takes place. That’s why when people of all walks of life come into Pakalolo Supply Company our budtenders do their very best to help pick the best route for each personal preference.  That’s where having a variety of unique strains comes into play giving each customer a set of strains to choose from that will best fit their vibe.  Let’s look at what we got for ya this weekend.

Pakalolo Grown

Green Crack


While the name may seem intense, GC is the perfect companion for afternoon activities like cross country skiing or other active springtime happenings here in Fairbanks. Few strains compare to Green Crack’s sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. With a tangy, fruity flavor redolent of citrus and pine, Green Crack is the perfect daytime flower.

Total Cannabinoids: 22.84%

Total THC: 19.06%

Calm N Collective



Total Cannabinoids: 17.64%

Total THC: 14.95%

This indica leaning hybrid is perfect for relaxing in the evening sunshine after a hard days work. Hints of purple in the buds show off the indica and afghan roots of this custom strain, bred by the crew at CnC.  Known to help you shut er down. 😉


Euphoria CBD


Euphoria’s genetic background thoroughly infuses this strain with a sweet and particularly fruity scent that continues on into the taste for quite a pleasant smoke. Being that it is 20 percent Sativa and 80 percent Indica, there is more of a euphoric mood that does not encourage sleepiness.

Total Cannabinoids: 17.36%

Total THC: 4.99%

Total CBD: 9.99%


That’s it for today’s post! As always we have plenty of other products not mentioned above.  We have TEN Pakalolo Grown Strains on the menu currently.  Green Crack will make it 11, thats right 11 PAKALOLO GROWN STRAINS tomorrow during Strain Drop Saturday! Our newest product Premium Pua is flying off the shelves which is 4 grams of hand chosen and trimmed HI Grade AK Craft Cannabis that comes in an awesome glass jar with a wooden lid.  Palms are now back on the menu in Caramel Kona Coffee Kush and PakaCookies.  The new C02 dab pens from Top Hat Concentrates are extremely delicious and solvent free.   We also have plenty of Clones!  We got you covered on just about everything.  We’ll see you at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Mahalo!