Strain Drop Saturday: Return of Some Old Faves!

Alohas PakaBloggers and Ohana! How are we doing this week?! Friday brings along with it good feelings because it is almost the weekend, which in turn brings along everyone’s favorite day at Pakalolo Supply Company, Strain Drop Saturday! This week we have some returning featured favorites from our friends at Frontier Grow Labs and The Farm! Frontier Grow Labs has had 2 of their yummy strains featured on our menu in the past and they both gained quite the following.  Did someone say SourDough…? The tasty sativa dominant hybrid has the taste of fresh limes and a cerebral, energetic and euphoric high. We have also had strains from The Farm on our menu throughout the winter including Cinex and Sunset Sherbet, as well as concentrates made from their yummy sungrown strains, all of which is grown outdoors using that Alaska sunlight in covered plastic hoophouses in the Matanuska Valley.  They are putting out some very tasty stuff.

Frontier Grow Labs’ Sour Dough


Our featured strain on Saturday will be the one and only SourDough from Frontier Grow Labs.  SourDough is a bright green and frosty sativa dominant hybrid that starts off on the active side then gradually balances out into the perfect high.  Its aroma starts off with sour citrus notes and ends with a sweet finish similar to cookie dough.  It smokes smoothly and taste deliciously natural.  If you have missed it since it was last on the menu or if you are looking for some yummy sativa for your Saturday, SourDough from Frontier Grow Labs is an excellent selection.

Total Cannabinoids: 19.36%

Total THC: 16.24%

The Farm


A cannabusiness from the cannafamous Matanuska Valley, that chose to use the most powerful and natural form of light as way to cultivate at the industrial level as well as intensify their terpene output.  Grown outdoors making the most of the strong and vibrant Alaskan sun of the Matanuska Valley these tasty strains have been a Pakalolo favorite in the past and we are excited to get them back on the menu for you to enjoy…again!


With beautiful purple frosty tips and a delcious heady aroma of citrus with an earthy and natural finish this strain is heavy on the terpenes and has an energetic high great for getting out and being active.


Total Cannabinoids: 22.38%

Total THC: 18.26%


Sunset Sherbert

An incredibly tasty indica leaning hybrid that’s flavor and aroma without a doubt closely resemble sherbet with candy like berry and citrus notes with an over all funk to it.


Total Cannabinoids: 21.81%

Total THC: 17.94%


That’s it for the new flower on Strain Drop Saturday but we have plenty of new products on the menu that have dropped over the previous week, including 3 new Pakalolo Grown Strains that dropped last Saturday: Maui Pineapple chunk, Maui Mango Diesel and Chernobyl.  We also have Maui Pineapple Chunk, Chernobyl and Alaskan Blueberry in our brand new Premium Pua – 4 Gram of HI Grade AK Craft Cannabis.

Another exciting new addition is the amazing CO2 concentrate cartridges and dab oil from Top Hat Concentrates in Alaska’s capital city of Juneau. They made strain specific cartridges from strains grown by Pakalolo fan favorites, The Farm, Green Life Supply and Top Hat Cannabis.  If you are looking for edibles then we got you covered with delicious treats from 3 different yummy companies: Treat Yo’ Self cereal bars, Einstein Labs Leaf Chews and Lady Gray’s Gourmet Edibles.  Don’t forget we also have 3 different strains of clones for those interested in doing some cultivation themselves: Chernobyl, Headband and Green Crack.  Hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend.  Mahalo for stopping by the Pakablog. Shoots!








Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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