The Return of the Legendary MTF & Meet N Greet with Calm N Collective

Aloha Pakabloggers! Last week we introduced a new cultivator on our menu, Calm N Collective. They added 4 great new strains to our menu including the well known Gorilla Glue #4, and boy is it pretty.  Additionally in last weeks post we hinted toward this Saturday and the fact we have an unprecedented strain drop in the form of the legendary Matanuska Thunder F***!

The Hunt for MTF

MTF is an infamous strain originating sometime in the 70s in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska.   At a time when cannabis was not nearly as potent as it is now, MTF became well known throughout Alaska for being an extremely powerful strain with an intense high with a frostiness on its buds no one had ever seen before.  Its said be aqua-green in color and vibrant orange hairs.  One could almost say its origin and peoples’ tales from smoking it back in the day transform it from a legendary strain into a myth due in part to its extreme rarity.  Though it is hard to find MTF bud there are simply too many stories and encounters for it to be a myth.

Calm N Collective, located in the Matanuska Valley in the very small town of Houston, Alaska, made it a mission of theirs to hunt down the mythical strain and bring it back into the realm of reality and into the hands of the people of Alaska where it belongs.  Owner Ron Bass was featured in a headline article on the cover of the ADN (Anchorage Daily News formerly Alaska Dispatch News) about his strain hunt for the legendary MTF.  Through the article he was able to attract the attention of more of the old growers that had any knowledge of the strain.  Ron is quite the character and loves nothing more than burning joints and talking story about weed.  He was the perfect guy to meet with the growers and protectors of the legendary MTF. They made an awesome short documentary video that is now on Youtube documenting their strain hunt of those who preserved the genetics over the last 20+ years. You can see the video below.  If that isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for the MTF you will have the opportunity to come to talk to the Owner of Calm N Collective, Ron Bass, in store on Saturday! He will be in our retail store all day hanging with the budtenders, answering any questions you have about MTF or Calm N Collective in general. Just Chillin’. Of course, MTF will be featured for Strain Drop Saturday as well so you can actually come pick some up and give it a burn for yourself!



Matanuska Thunder F***

Total Cannabinoids: 22.77%

Total THC: 19.57%

An extremely pungent strain with light notes of citrus and a skunky funk that could only come from the legendary MTF. The aqua green bud and orange hair are present! Come see if the bud lives up to the legend at Pakalolo Supply Company on Strain Drop Saturday.  Ron Bass, owner of Calm N Collective will be in store all day!

Lady Gray Brings the Rosin

ladyGrayLogo.jpgThis week we are introducing Lady Gray Gourmet Medibles.  The edibles are coming soon but this week we have two different strains of hot pressed Rosin they have supplied us with. Rosin is made with absolutely no solvent.  The process is relatively simple as it is done by simply applying high heat and a lot of pressure to cannabis flower which almost instantly squeezes resin from the bud.  The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. Rosin is known to preserve the flavor of the bud more than most concentrates and is completely solventless and clean.  It is sticky and gooey and great to dab! We have two strains, Moonshine Ghost Train Haze and Skywalker OG.




That’s It for this post! We hope you take the time to stop by and speak with Ron Bass.  Quite the story he has to tell about his hunt for MTF and the culture behind it. Afterwards you can actually smoke some MTF which you can purchase here. Both strains of Rosin look like outstanding concentrates with absolutely no third-party solvents involved.  We still have our Treat Yo’ Self edibles special going on two 20mg treats for $36. Come down and see us at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Mahalo!


2017-08-12 11.47.06


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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