Pakalolo is Keeping it Calm N Collective

Aloha to you all on this fine Friday afternoon! We hope your week is trodding along splendidly! If you are looking to keep that good feeling going through the weekend… Well we think we got just what you need to accomplish such a goal.  We have the best edibles selection in the state with the addition of Treat Yo’ Self Edibles and a new cannabis coconut oil spray called Bare Spray that you can put on absolutely ANYTHING.  Last but not least, we have brand new high quality flower from a cultivation in the Matanuska Valley (*hint, hint*) called Calm N Collective that we are very excited about, and more importantly, that you have not experienced yet here at Pakalolo Supply Co.  Let’s do some learnin’…

Calm N Collective found exclusively at PSC!


Calm N Collective is a cultivation from the Matanuska-Susitna area in a very small town called Houston, Alaska.  If you have driven the beautiful Parks Highway to Anchorage then you have driven through Houston (you might have blinked and missed it). The Matanuska Valley has been famous for many many years as a place where fantastic weed grows like well, weed!

Calm N Collective prides themselves on only cultivating high-grade specific strains whether they are chosen for their uniqueness/backstory (*nudge, nudge*), quality in aroma and taste or just the type of high the strain provides.  We appreciate the hunt for awesome and exciting new strains to bring to the people of Alaska so we are always pumped to feature Cultivators that are doing that on our menu at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Let’s look at what Calm N Collective has set us up with…


Total Cannabinoids: 20.51%

Total THC: 17.25%

A sativa dominant hybrid that offers high flavor content of fruit and diesel with a stoney cerebral high.



Total Cannabinoids: 22.16%

Total THC: 18.27%

Ringo is an indica dominant hybrid that offers high THC content and a powerful high with sweet lemon and pine flavors.


Silver Buckeye

Total Cannabinoids: 16.41%

Total THC: 13.66%

Silver Buckeye is an indica dominant hybrid which produced really pretty purple and pink buds with sweet floral aroma and taste and a relaxing high.


Gorilla Glue

Total Cannabinoids: 16.32%

Total THC: 13.9%

Gorilla Glue #4 is a powerful hybrid with heavy euphoria that leaves you glued to the couch with frosty buds that offer pungent earthy and pine flavors. These buds are chunky and gorgeous and the high will surprise you if you were expecting something mild based on the lab results.


As I mentioned earlier Calm N Collective prides themselves on unique high quality strains.  Being that they are located in the Matanuska Valley a while back they went on a hunt after the most legendary strain to ever be associated with Alaska which is none other than Matanuska Thunder F***! They have made an awesome short documentary on Youtube (That you should watch immediately!) documenting the hunt, which by our standards and the standards of the generation of growers before us that worked so hard to keep the strain around, was a fantastic success to bring MTF back to life.  It is coming to Fairbanks soon so buckle up, you see it our menu and you can be the judge for yourself….  😉 Watch the documentary below! As big Ron from CnC would say.   ALL LOVE!!!


Bare Spray


We have a brand new product on our shelves that is very versatile.   It is called Bare Spray and it is a C02-extracted, solvent-free cannabis oil that has a coconut oil base.  It comes in a cool little spray bottle and contains 50mg of THC.  Each spray is equivalent to 1mg of THC.  What do you do with this product you ask? The product is advertised and the in box instructions describe as an intimate product for women.  We’ve heard good things from the ladies of Anchorage and now you can find it in Fairbanks here at Pakalolo Supply Co.  The actual best part of Bare Spray is that you can basically do whatever you want, since it is made of of MCT (liquid) Coconut oil and CO2 cannabis oil!  It can be used as a topical just like any coconut oil except with the awesome benefit of having cannabinoids.  If you are cooking up a dinner from some friends and want to give the meal an extra kick then put some Bare Spray in it.  It could be as simple as putting a few sprays in your bowl of cereal in the morning.  That is the awesome thing about Bare Spray.  You can do whatever you want with it because it is so versatile. The uses for cannabis coconut oil are endless, including adding it to your morning coffee or herbal tea, stirring it into your smoothie, drizzling it over pasta, adding to sauces, salads, and dressings, putting it in soups or stews, preparing meat dishes or frying bananas, fish or even scrambled eggs. Basically, anything that you would normally use cooking oil for in your cooking can be switched out for cannabis-infused coconut oil.  Come down to Pakalolo and try it out today!

Treat Yo’ Self Edibles

We have the newest edibiles in Alaska in Treat Yo’ Self Edibles incredibly delicious cereal bars.  We still have our special going on which is two 20mg  THC cereal bars for only $36! If your an edible fan that likes sweets then you will absolutely love Treat Yo’ Self Edibles.


That’s about it for our Friday Pakablog post.  We hope you enjoyed it and are excited about the new products. Remember we also have a healthy selection of concentrates ranging from Einsteins E*Blunts to Good Titrations shatter and wax.  We hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend.

Visit for our whole menu.

Aloha & Mahalo ohana!


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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