Treat Yo’ Self Arrives Friday

Aloha Pakabloggers! We hope you have had a good start to your week.  If not hopefully this news will brighten your day! We have been regularly updating you with the status of our friends recently licensed edible company, Treat Yo’ Self,  and when it will be available at Pakalolo Supply Company. Well we have the best possible update for you today because that moment is almost upon us as they are packaging their first batch of successfully tested product as we speak! They hit all their marks on their first attempt as far as making their butter, testing and baking the treats themselves.  Now they are about to strike the market like lightning

As you can see above they are packin’, sealin’ and slappin’ on their awesome new labeling for 1 out of their 3 treats: Fruit Hoop Dreams.  That means that we will have all 3 of their never tasted before cannabis infused cereal bars on our shelves, and only our shelves, this Friday February 9th right when we open.  We are very excited for a number of reasons.  First off we are incredibly happy for our friends at Treat Yo’ Self and the result of all their hard work paying off.  It is an enormous amount of work breaking through the ice into the cannabis industry, especially as a manufacturing business.  We are also happy that we get to help them launch their company by featuring all of their products exclusively at Pakalolo Supply Company, where our patrons can’t seem to get enough edibles.  It feels like the moment we got em they are gone just. like. that. 🙂  That leads me to our final reason for excitement and that is that this industry needs more edibles in general as their are only a few businesses currently offering them which means Treat Yo’ Self will be making a SPLASH.  It’s gonna be one heck of a Friday! Let’s learn about the tasty treats they will be offering:


Some of your favorite cereals mixed with just the right amount of gooey marshmallow for a delicious cannabis infused spin on a classic treat! Each package contains one delicious 20mg treat (scored into 4 pieces) for your devouring pleasure @ 1 for $20 or 2 for $36

Cinnamon Toast Munch


Fruit Hoop Dreams


Cocoa Chronic Krispies


I am getting a serious craving for one of these marshmallow smothered cereal bars just writing about it!  I personally cannot wait to try one.  We hope you are equally anxious to try them because we know you will be satisfied once you Treat Yo’ Self by sinking your teeth into one of these 3 gooey, cannabis infused treats that leaves you floating like the clouds. That being said we would love to see you here at Pakalolo Supply Company first thing on Friday morning to test them out.  We open at 11am so if you have work come by on your lunch to turn your good day a great one.  Mahalo for stopping by the Pakablog.  Don’t forget to check back later this week.  We’ll see you next time.



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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