Strain Drop! Aurora Blazin!

Aloha to all! We hope you are enduring these absolutely bonkers weather patterns we have been experiencing.  It started off with pouring rain while the temperature remained below freezing then evolved slowly into a heavy snowfall of about a foot and the weekend is expected to bring with it -35 degree temperatures… All within a single week! Only in Alaska.  Better get your outdoor activities in today because the cold snap starts tomorrow.  If you are looking for some good cannabis to go snowboarding or hiking with,  or perhaps just as preparation to hunker down for the cold snap , then we got some new strains on the menu for ya.

Aurora Blaze

Aurora Blaze, one of the newest cultivations in town.  However, if you go by experience its also is one of the oldest.  What I mean is that it has the same owner and head cultivator as Alaska Cannabis Cultivators, Brandon Roybal.   We have been working with Mr. Roybal from close the very, very beginning of the industries emergence and his consistency is top notch. Let’s see what he dropped off for us this time!

Critical Super Silver Haze

We see the return of a highly rated sativa-dominant hybrid in Critical Super Silver Haze.  A cross between Silver Haze and Critical Mass.  It has been on our menu before but not quite like this.  This package has large, dense and pretty buds. The picture below is a 1/8th consisting of two big ol’ nugs.  Total THC: 15.47%


Green Crack

Green Crack is also a strain you are most likely used to if you shop at Pakalolo Supply Company. We also cultivates this potent sativa which offers flavors of tangy pine and muskiness (the good kind) and is sure to give you an invigorating mental buzz.  Since ours is still in production we figured, why not? Total THC: 16.97%



The famous Trainwreck strain (originally from Oregon) with a Cali twist.  Breeders from the 707 supposedly harnessed the best, strong and longest lasting attributes by hunting down the right phenotypes.  This rare sativa dominant hybrid starts off with a euphoric mental buzz followed by a smooth body high.  Total THC: 18.97%


The Pakalolo Ohana Launches Successfully

Last weekend we started putting out the word that we were starting an Ohana, or family.  We want you to feel right at home when you come into Pakalolo Supply Company by giving you access to exclusive deals and off-menu products among a number of other benefits:


As you can see if you qualify for the 5 BELOW CLUB then you will have 5% off normally priced cannabis products at all times! The 5 BELOW CLUB is a way of showing those members of the Fairbanks community that we respect very much what they have accomplished or what they are currently accomplishing, whether it be serving our country or teaching the future generations.  On top of that you get 25% off on your birthday! I mean c’mon, everyone loves to be treated special on their birthday and that’s how we treat members of our family all the time 😉

Today we sent out the first Pakalolo Ohana exclusive deal through text message which you only received if you signed up for The Pakalolo Ohana and were kind enough to trust us with your mobile phone number.  As soon as you get the text with the deal you can come in and redeem it with your Pakalolo Ohana card.  If you haven’t became a member of the family yet then you are probably wondering what kind of deals I’m talking about… I’ll give you a hint:


among 2 other deals of the same caliber.  OK, maybe it was a big hint but we just don’t want you to miss out! All you need do get in on these deals is come through Pakalolo Supply Company and ask to join the Ohana.  It costs no money and you get a 10% discount on your purchase that day! They will hand you one of these short forms and after you fill it out you will get one of these nifty cards which you will print or sign your name (whichever you prefer) and that signifies that you are now apart of the family!


Strain Drop [Next?] Saturday

Unfortunately we will not be dropping one of our Pakalolo Grown strains on the menu this Saturday but we will definitely have two of our strongest strains back on the menu next Saturday.  Alright, alright I’ll give you one.  One of my personal favorites: Maui Pineapple Chunk.  Oh an one more thing…. if you are a part of The Pakalolo Ohana you may be seeing those strains a significant amount of time earlier than those who are not…

Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog, as always it is much appreciated. We hope to see you here this weekend to try the new strains and hopefully to become a part of The Pakalolo Ohana!



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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