INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday!

Aloha Friends! Happy New Year to all and we hope you had an amazing Holiday season filled with love, aloha and of course Pakalolo!  We hope you were decorating your trees while simultaneously burning some Pakalolo Grown trees and toasting Pua Prerolls to a happy new year.  Today is strain drop Saturday and we have one of our original flagship strains returning in Northern Lights.  If you like indica strains, then you can bet you will enjoy the heck out of Northern Lights:


The definition of indica with its heavy, euphoric high this hall of famer offers pungent pine, spice and earth flavors with a sweet finish.


New Flower from Aurora Blaze

In addition to the northern lights we also just picked up 4 new strains from Aurora Blaze and they are all on the menu today! They all are unique, pretty strains with quite a bit of flavor.  Frozen Tangerines is bright and frosty and has the smell of sweet citrus coming in at 16.5% THC.  Blue Gorilla, a cross between Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue has a variety of colors in its buds including dark greens and purples and has 16.92% THC.  The strongest of the batch is the Cotton Candy coming in at a solid 19.4% THC.  The last of the bunch is a rarity as it is a high CBD strain which we are always excited to be able to offer in our store to those who find benefits in and enjoy Cannabidiol.  We are definitely not short on variety on this NFL Wild Card Saturday so come pick from our new selection of buds before you settle in to watch the games!

Blue Gorilla
Frozen Tangerines

More Einstein Labs x Pakalolo Grown E*Blunts!

It is pretty much one of the coolest things ever to have one of your favorite strains turned into concentrate with all the cannabinoids and terpenes that make that strain unique.   You then have the convenience of having that strain with you at ALL times.  I mean, c’mon! What more can a guy or girl ask for? Our newest Pakalolo Grown E*Blunt is the one of our most unique and plain ol’ awesome strains in Alaskan Blueberry.  A sativa with a close to 1:1 ratio of CBD :THC which is maintained during the manufacturing process and so is the flavor.  It tastes delicious, exactly like the strain and the high is identical. The sativa feeling and CBD cannabinoids make it a great smoke during the day.

We currently have 4 more of our strains in E*Blunt form as well: Northern Lights, PakaCookies, Aloha CBD and Headband.  With that type of selection we like to think we have every single one of our you PakaBloggers covered in E*Blunts! They are all fantastic so we hope you try them ALL out 😉

Coming Soon…

Our long time patrons probably know about a a special strain called Shiva.  Shiva is a rare pure sativa and takes a much longer time to cultivate than the average cannabis plant.  Therefore it hasn’t been around in a loooong time.  It is full of rare cannabinoids like CBG and THCv.  If your a fan of Shiva, or sativas, or rare cannabinoids, we have a special concentrate product we worked on with our friends at Good Titrations that will be on the shelves early next week

Until Next Time

We hope to see you down here to try out the new strains and E*Blunts.  We always love to hear what you think of our product to ensure we keep you happy! Have a wonderful weekend and well see you next time on the PakaBlog. Mahalo!





Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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