Droppin it like it’s hot while it’s cold outside!

Greetings and aloha to you! Mahalo for clicking your way to the PakaBlog. We have a big ol batch of FIYAH for ya to get you high you while the mercury is low! We have drops in the hale (Hawaiian for House) from our very own award winning cultivation side of Pakalolo Supply Company, a new cultivator just hitting the market that is sure to be making waves with their very first drop, Raspberry Roots, along with concentrates from the mad scientists at Einstein Labs, more yummy treats from Momo’s Bakery and introducing our very good friends…. Treat Yo Self!

….You know its a great drop when the sentences run on like that one did! 🙂

INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday

As we promised in last weeks blog post we are bringing out two Pakalolo Grown strains for Strain Drop Saturday this week.  I also let you know one of them is a new batch Maui Pineapple Chunk and “wow!” are you in for a treat. Its definitely the best lab test results for MPC we have ever had, but its also close to one of the best test results we have ever had, period.

Maui Pineapple Chunk

With lineage of the famous Maui Wowie this 50/50 hybrid delivers a well balanced and very powerful high with the sweet and tart flavors of fresh pineapple. Coming in @ 29% cannabinoids with over 27% of it being THC!

MPC freshly chopped and dried before the manicure trim and cure…


Northern Lights

The second strain droppin on Sat is one that we all know and love and holds a special place for those from Alaska since we get to see the spectacle of the beautiful lights of the north all winter. Northern Lights is the definition of indica with its heavy & euphoric high, this hall of famer offers pungent pine, spice and earth flavors with a sweet fruity finish. It was the very first strain ever sold and smoked legally in Alaska and it has been an Alaskan favorite ever since.



We will have both of these packaged up on the shelves and ready for you smoking pleasure this Strain Drop Saturday first thing when we open at 11am.  That is, if you don’t have some special way to get it earlier.  I don’t know…. like belonging to some sort of family (Ohana) that has connections like that.  If you were you would probably be able to come buy some, like right… NOW. Hint Hint…

Raspberry Roots

Raspberry Roots is a new cultivator from the big city of Anchorage. They grow using all-natural methods on a mission to cultivate high-terpene flower with rich aromas and flavor.   We have received a shipment from Raspberry Roots and we will be releasing these awesome strains throughout the weekend.  Lets take a look with descriptions from the cultivator, shall we?

Rouge Blue Cheese (Hybrid)


A combination of Blue Cheese and Pineapple Trainwreck, this strain hits hard at first before mellowing into a couch lock body high, yet still allows you to have cerebral conversations with friends. Tastes of earth and cheese abound. THC: 19.50%

Blueberry (H)


Crossing Afghani and Purple Thai, the sweet flavors of blueberries combine with relaxing effects to product long lasting euphoria. Properties may suppress pain and relieve stress. THC: 16.23%

Steampunk Diesel (Hybrid)


Trainwreck and Sour Diesel are crossed to produce this sativa dominant strain with a classic diesel taste, steaming in to hit you hard with euphoria, creativity, and happiness. THC: 19.82%

Casper’s Cousin (Hybrid)


Packed with striking red hairs, it is a cross between Blue Dream and Trainwreck. The sweet flavors of berry and lemon allow someone to relax with cerebral invigoration, awakening creativity and happiness. Some have found relief from anxiety, ADD/ ADHD, PTSD as well as arthritis and migraines. THC: 19.75%


Grease Monkey (Hybrid)


A combination of Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream, this strain will quickly become a favorite for its potential for a pain reducing body buzz and appetite stimulation. The sweet, earthy taste has some strong skunky aroma overtones. THC: 19.41%

Kimbo Kush (Indica)

Blackberry Kush and Starfighter were crossed to create a citrus, fruity flavor with an aroma of blackberry scones. The more you smoke, the more the indica will shine through, locking you into the couch. THC: 21.19%

They all look and smell great and on top of that they all tested very well.  We will be releasing a lot of new flower this weekend and throughout next week so don’t forget to check the menu at pakalolosupplyco.com/instoremenu.html!

Einstein Inbound


On top of all that tasty bud from our own cultivation and Raspberry Roots we have also received a new shipment from Einstein Labs! We got a new batch of E*Blunt kits and cartridges including a new Pakalolo Grown strain, Green Crack! This delicious new edition as well as a plethora of the original natural fruit flavored versions will be sure to elevate your day in a yummy, clean and discreet way. On top of that you will see the amazing candy edible, Leafchews, are back in the house! These are easy to dose and tasty Starburst-like fruit chews. YAY!




MoMo’s is Back

We have also just received a new shipment of MoMo’s Bakery treats with 4 of your favorites that we will be on the shelves wiki wiki! (Hawaiian for quick or fast)


You Should Treat Yo’ Self


That’s right.  Everyone should treat themselves every now and then. In fact we encourage you to Treat Yo’ Self everyday with our new amazing edibles partner’s amazing cannabis infused cereal bar edibles.  Edibles are products that the market is in desperate need of with the closing of the states largest production facility. Luckily we have Treat Yo Self coming to the rescue and supplying us with some new yummies for your eating pleasure.  Treat Yo’ Self will have product at Pakalolo Supply Company exclusively so keep an eye out as the guys are in the kitchen as you read this whipping up their very first batches.  We want to send a HUGE congratulations to our friends at Treat Yo’ Self on all the hard work they have put in while through it all, staying determined to bring a new innovative and delicious product to the fast growing industry of cannabis in AK.


Treat Yo’ Self was given the green light to go into production on Monday.  They are currently hard at work with a big package of trim supplied by none other than, you guessed it, us at Pakalolo Supply Company!  After these delicious treats are baked up and tested they will be on our shelf for your indulging pleasure! They look amazing don’t they!? (note: They also taste amazing!)


Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog.  We hope you are excited about the new products we have in store as well as our new partnerships with Treat Yo’ Self and Raspberry Roots.  Da future is bright.  Betta bring your shades 😉 We’ll see you at Pakalolo Supply Company. ALOHA!


Strain Drop! Aurora Blazin!

Aloha to all! We hope you are enduring these absolutely bonkers weather patterns we have been experiencing.  It started off with pouring rain while the temperature remained below freezing then evolved slowly into a heavy snowfall of about a foot and the weekend is expected to bring with it -35 degree temperatures… All within a single week! Only in Alaska.  Better get your outdoor activities in today because the cold snap starts tomorrow.  If you are looking for some good cannabis to go snowboarding or hiking with,  or perhaps just as preparation to hunker down for the cold snap , then we got some new strains on the menu for ya.

Aurora Blaze

Aurora Blaze, one of the newest cultivations in town.  However, if you go by experience its also is one of the oldest.  What I mean is that it has the same owner and head cultivator as Alaska Cannabis Cultivators, Brandon Roybal.   We have been working with Mr. Roybal from close the very, very beginning of the industries emergence and his consistency is top notch. Let’s see what he dropped off for us this time!

Critical Super Silver Haze

We see the return of a highly rated sativa-dominant hybrid in Critical Super Silver Haze.  A cross between Silver Haze and Critical Mass.  It has been on our menu before but not quite like this.  This package has large, dense and pretty buds. The picture below is a 1/8th consisting of two big ol’ nugs.  Total THC: 15.47%


Green Crack

Green Crack is also a strain you are most likely used to if you shop at Pakalolo Supply Company. We also cultivates this potent sativa which offers flavors of tangy pine and muskiness (the good kind) and is sure to give you an invigorating mental buzz.  Since ours is still in production we figured, why not? Total THC: 16.97%



The famous Trainwreck strain (originally from Oregon) with a Cali twist.  Breeders from the 707 supposedly harnessed the best, strong and longest lasting attributes by hunting down the right phenotypes.  This rare sativa dominant hybrid starts off with a euphoric mental buzz followed by a smooth body high.  Total THC: 18.97%


The Pakalolo Ohana Launches Successfully

Last weekend we started putting out the word that we were starting an Ohana, or family.  We want you to feel right at home when you come into Pakalolo Supply Company by giving you access to exclusive deals and off-menu products among a number of other benefits:


As you can see if you qualify for the 5 BELOW CLUB then you will have 5% off normally priced cannabis products at all times! The 5 BELOW CLUB is a way of showing those members of the Fairbanks community that we respect very much what they have accomplished or what they are currently accomplishing, whether it be serving our country or teaching the future generations.  On top of that you get 25% off on your birthday! I mean c’mon, everyone loves to be treated special on their birthday and that’s how we treat members of our family all the time 😉

Today we sent out the first Pakalolo Ohana exclusive deal through text message which you only received if you signed up for The Pakalolo Ohana and were kind enough to trust us with your mobile phone number.  As soon as you get the text with the deal you can come in and redeem it with your Pakalolo Ohana card.  If you haven’t became a member of the family yet then you are probably wondering what kind of deals I’m talking about… I’ll give you a hint:


among 2 other deals of the same caliber.  OK, maybe it was a big hint but we just don’t want you to miss out! All you need do get in on these deals is come through Pakalolo Supply Company and ask to join the Ohana.  It costs no money and you get a 10% discount on your purchase that day! They will hand you one of these short forms and after you fill it out you will get one of these nifty cards which you will print or sign your name (whichever you prefer) and that signifies that you are now apart of the family!


Strain Drop [Next?] Saturday

Unfortunately we will not be dropping one of our Pakalolo Grown strains on the menu this Saturday but we will definitely have two of our strongest strains back on the menu next Saturday.  Alright, alright I’ll give you one.  One of my personal favorites: Maui Pineapple Chunk.  Oh an one more thing…. if you are a part of The Pakalolo Ohana you may be seeing those strains a significant amount of time earlier than those who are not…

Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog, as always it is much appreciated. We hope to see you here this weekend to try the new strains and hopefully to become a part of The Pakalolo Ohana!



Introducing The Pakalolo Ohana

Aloha to all! We have some exciting news for you on this fine Friday  This weekend, as in tomorrow, we will be launching our brand new VIP club, which I’m sure you have guessed by now, is called The Pakalolo Ohana!  Ohana means family in Hawaiian and that is exactly what we want you to feel like when you visit our store, as a part of the Pakalolo family!  All you have to do to join The Pakalolo Ohana is ask your budtender if they don’t kindly mention it to you first.  Signing up for The Pakalolo Ohana will not cost you a single dime.  In fact it will save you money by giving you a number of benefits such as access to amazing deals and special products that aren’t even on the menu!   For The Pakalolo Ohana we wanted to do something a little different than the standard point system you are used to.  Instead we want our VIP membership to benefit you every single time you walk into our store..  In all honestly, we just wanted to offer something better…



Basking in the Benefits

As you can see above you will receive more than one benefit for signing up for The Pakalolo Ohana. First off you get a 10% discount on your first purchase after signing up. That’s hard to turn down!  You will also get 10% off of apparel and accessories on a daily basis. On your birthday you get 25% off ALL normally priced cannabis products! If you like celebrating your birthday by getting nice and stoned then this membership should be right up your alley.  Additionally if you qualify for the 5 BELOW CLUB by being over the age of 60, a United States Veteran or a UAF student or faculty member, then you will get 5% OFF regularly priced cannabis products at all times!  We want to show our appreciation to our elders, those who have served our country and that are educating themselves or others.  We strongly believe that cannabis can be beneficial to people from each of those groups.  But that’s not all!  The best part of being in The Pakalolo Ohana is that we will be offering exclusive deals to those that are members.  HUGE discounts or products that aren’t even on the regular menu.  For example, limited release strains, special E*Blunt cartridges, $10 grams, etc., all that you can only capitalize on IF you are holding one of these cards…


Pretty cool, huh? All you have to do is fill out that short sheet the next time you come in with your name, email and mobile phone number.  That way we will be able to send you  texts notifying you of the latest exclusive Pakalolo Ohana deal or off-menu product.  Those that are NOT members will not even be aware of these deals.  That gives those that ARE members the true feeling of being a VIP, or in this case, a member of our ohana! We plan on having 1-2 exclusive and AWESOME deals a week going out to members of The Pakalolo Ohana.  Additionally your email will be added to the Pakablog mailing list so you are notified anytime we make a blog post which are usually about upcoming products, sales and events as well as educational pieces about our our business and the industry as it grows and evolves.  Its a great way to stay in the loop on everything Pakalolo and the cannabis industry.

DON’T FORGET! As a special sign up bonus you will get 10% off your first purchase after becoming a member! Tomorrow, Saturday 1/12, will be the first day to sign up so you better swing by and feel the love and aloha of being part of our ohana! We have plenty of awesome products including a ton of new concentrates from Good Titrations to spend that 10% discount signing bonus on.  Plus you will get to carry around one of these bad ass cards with your name on it!


Thanks for stopping by the Pakablog as always.  We can’t wait for you to become part of The Pakalolo Ohana. We’ll see you tomorrow!


INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday!

Aloha Friends! Happy New Year to all and we hope you had an amazing Holiday season filled with love, aloha and of course Pakalolo!  We hope you were decorating your trees while simultaneously burning some Pakalolo Grown trees and toasting Pua Prerolls to a happy new year.  Today is strain drop Saturday and we have one of our original flagship strains returning in Northern Lights.  If you like indica strains, then you can bet you will enjoy the heck out of Northern Lights:


The definition of indica with its heavy, euphoric high this hall of famer offers pungent pine, spice and earth flavors with a sweet finish.


New Flower from Aurora Blaze

In addition to the northern lights we also just picked up 4 new strains from Aurora Blaze and they are all on the menu today! They all are unique, pretty strains with quite a bit of flavor.  Frozen Tangerines is bright and frosty and has the smell of sweet citrus coming in at 16.5% THC.  Blue Gorilla, a cross between Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue has a variety of colors in its buds including dark greens and purples and has 16.92% THC.  The strongest of the batch is the Cotton Candy coming in at a solid 19.4% THC.  The last of the bunch is a rarity as it is a high CBD strain which we are always excited to be able to offer in our store to those who find benefits in and enjoy Cannabidiol.  We are definitely not short on variety on this NFL Wild Card Saturday so come pick from our new selection of buds before you settle in to watch the games!

Blue Gorilla
Frozen Tangerines

More Einstein Labs x Pakalolo Grown E*Blunts!

It is pretty much one of the coolest things ever to have one of your favorite strains turned into concentrate with all the cannabinoids and terpenes that make that strain unique.   You then have the convenience of having that strain with you at ALL times.  I mean, c’mon! What more can a guy or girl ask for? Our newest Pakalolo Grown E*Blunt is the one of our most unique and plain ol’ awesome strains in Alaskan Blueberry.  A sativa with a close to 1:1 ratio of CBD :THC which is maintained during the manufacturing process and so is the flavor.  It tastes delicious, exactly like the strain and the high is identical. The sativa feeling and CBD cannabinoids make it a great smoke during the day.

We currently have 4 more of our strains in E*Blunt form as well: Northern Lights, PakaCookies, Aloha CBD and Headband.  With that type of selection we like to think we have every single one of our you PakaBloggers covered in E*Blunts! They are all fantastic so we hope you try them ALL out 😉

Coming Soon…

Our long time patrons probably know about a a special strain called Shiva.  Shiva is a rare pure sativa and takes a much longer time to cultivate than the average cannabis plant.  Therefore it hasn’t been around in a loooong time.  It is full of rare cannabinoids like CBG and THCv.  If your a fan of Shiva, or sativas, or rare cannabinoids, we have a special concentrate product we worked on with our friends at Good Titrations that will be on the shelves early next week

Until Next Time

We hope to see you down here to try out the new strains and E*Blunts.  We always love to hear what you think of our product to ensure we keep you happy! Have a wonderful weekend and well see you next time on the PakaBlog. Mahalo!