Pakalolo Grown E-Blunts, SantaCon and More

ALOHA PakaBloggers! Apparently its Christmas time already but how the heck did that happen?! Luckily we are always prepared for the holidays at Pakalolo Supply Company. The fun starts right… NOW.

Einstein Labs x Pakalolo Grown = AMAZING


Previously we provided Einstein Labs with some of our Pakalolo Grown flower, Chernobyl and Pele Fire OG to be exact.  They then provided us with concentrates made from that flower in the form of the spiffy disposable Casino E * Blunts and cartridges.  You may or may not have had the chance to try one but they were great.  It was exciting to see how well the flavor and high of Chernobyl and Pele Fire OG carried over into concentrate form.  The process of which Einstein Labs uses to make the concentrates allows for the terpenes to be removed from the cannabis before the cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBG, etc., are extracted.  The extraction of the cannabinoids can destroy the terpenes causing it the finished product to have less flavor, which is why they are removed beforehand.   After distilling the THC down to a flavorless Pure oil, Einstein Labs is able to combine the previously extracted terpenes back into the finished product giving it intense and crisp flavor of the strain is was made from.  I know, I know you are probably like “WHICH STRAINS ALREADY?!”

This round we got back the powerful sativa dominant Headband coming in at  41.88% THC and 2.14% CBD. Its powerful, keeps your brain moving and it is pungently tasty of sweetness and diesel like it’s parent plants OG Kush and Sour Diesel.    The second strain is our award winning, Aloha CBD. We have been very excited just at thought of Aloha CBD being turned into an E * Blunt and that excitement was justified as the result is simply amazing.  Coming in at 26.06% THC and 23.12% CBD! If you love CBD and you love E * Blunts then Christmas has come early for you as it did for us.  Additionally, due to the process of pre-extracting the terpenes it tastes EXACTLY like Aloha CBD flower in it’s new concentrated form.  It. Is. Delicious.  And I am not exaggerating, it is EXACTLY the same flavor that you smell when pop an Aloha CBD Poptop.  As I always say you don’t have to take my word for it.  Just come on down and pick one up! However, you know how fast the E * Blunts usually go so we think these new ones are going to go extremely fast, especially with Christmas coming up.  I suggest moving quickly.

Good Titrations x Pakalolo Grown = ALSO AMAZING


If you have been in the last week or so then you have seen the new edition of vape pens from Good Titrations.  We supplied them some of our Pakalolo Grown strains as well, Mauna Kea WFOG and Kona Gold.  Different from Einstein Labs, Good Titrations does not change their concentrate into oils by diluting it as Einstein Labs does for the wick based vape pens.  They leave their concentrate in thick dab honey oil form which leaves it at a much higher THC percentage and the more classic hash oil type flavor.  Both the Mauna Kea and Kona Gold pens turned out amazing and are coming in at right around 80% THC!  Good Titrations also blessed us with some amazing shatter of our Chernobyl which is just at about 70% THC.


This Saturday is the SantaCon! SantaCon is a downtown pub crawl brought to you by Event Alaska and Downtown Association of Fairbanks.  The Facebook event can be found at this link. SantaCon involves dressing up as Santa Claus or your favorite Christmas themed character and meeting with many other enthusiastic and cheerful Santa’s and pub crawling through some of Fairbanks most popular establishments.   Two of the pubs you will be stopping at in a row, if you choose to join in on SantaCon, are Hoodoo Brewing (good friends of ours that are right down the road) at 2:00PM and Lavelle’s Taphouse (good friends of ours that are right down the road) at 3:00PM.  On your way from one to the other you will be passing by the friendly palm trees and smiling budtenders at Pakalolo Supply Company and we are going to have a VERY special sales menu with some VERY low prices specifically for those of you participating in the SantaCon in costume, just in case you need a cannabis break from all the beer.  Please share with those you know that will be participating and love cannabis as you do.  We hope to see you in all your Christmas gear on Saturday.  Check back here on Friday morning to find out exactly what that menu will include.

As always, thanks for stopping by and talking story with us! We hope to see you this weekend.  Also, we hope you are enjoying the little bit of tropical weather outside that we provided for you straight from the islands.  Grab a joint and a friend and get out in the heat wave! 😉

Aloha and Mahalo,

Da’ Pakalolo Supply Co. Ohana




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