Take a Trip to “The Farm”

Aloha and happy Thursday PakaBloggers! We wanted to take a minute to introduce a new impressive cultivator we are now featuring at Pakalolo Supply Company.  As you know we cultivate all of our flower using completely natural methods with absolutely no chemical or synthesized bottled nutrients.  We use no-till farming techniques with super soil and feed with fermented fruit and vegetable juices among other things to build up terpenes which really bring out the flavor among other effects.  That’s why when we see other cultivators pursuing more unique, challenging and, most of all, rewarding methods of growing cannabis we get excited.

Introducing The Farm, a company from the canna famous Matanuska Valley, that chose to use the most powerful and natural form of light as another way to intensify their terpene output in an outdoor grow.  Of course that light source is no other than that burning ball of gas in space that we call the sun.  Additionally, Alaskan sunshine is obviously unique due to the fact that in the summertime it doesn’t really go down.  To accommodate for this factor The Farm uses outdoor, light deprivation greenhouses which involves using blackout tarps to cover the plants for 12 hours a day while in the bloom phase. The other 12 hours of the day the plants are obviously taking in the Alaskan (Matanuska Valley) sun during the peak of the day when it offers its most powerful and full spectrum of light.   A lot of work goes into controlling the environment in an outdoor grow because… well because its out doors! The Farm used multiple techniques including CO2 immersion, temperature control and auto drip feeders as well as some plain ol’ determination to keep their plants happy.  The results are fantastic… and a great deal!

TV MENU  (16).png

If you have been wanting to try some outdoor, sun grown, Alaskan cannabis then we GOT. YOU. COVERED.  Looking for a heavy indica?  Then you want to try Super Glue which will have you Super Glued to your couch about 15 minutes after taking a hit.  If you are more of a sativa person then you are also in luck because we have the Cinex which was featured as the Strain of the Month in Alaska Leaf for November.  Colorful, frosty buds that are perfect for getting out and being active.  However it is more mellow than the Super Sour Diesel which will jump start your brain with a strong surge of sativa.  We also are featuring their Sunset Sherbet on our Weekly Specials menu which is a tasty hybrid.  We also have concentrates on our shelves from Good Titrations that were made from both Super Glue and Cinex that you can really taste those sun grown terpenes in.

We hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Company today to take home a little piece of sunshine for these long winter nights.  Mahalo!


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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