INCOMING: Strain Drop Shatterday!

Aloha PakaBloggers! We Hope you are making the best of this very warm weekend we are having. We have some new things on the menu today that should make it that much better! We are excited to welcome back…

Maui Mango Diesel


This strain was just a hit the last time we released it and we expect it to be nothing less this time as it hits 24.76% total cannabinoids with 22.87% of it being THC! Maui Mango Diesel is a sativa leaning hybrid that starts off with the sweet taste of tropical mango and finishes with the pungent diesel.  Come down to PSC today to get some Maui Mango Diesel!

Good Titrations x Pakalolo Grown = AWESOME!

We gave the good people of Good Titrations some of our delicious Pakalolo Grown Buds to make some special batches of concentrates and they are on the shelves today! We have Chernobyl shatter in both 0.5g for $50 and the full gram for $90.  We also have pre-filled Pakalolo Grown vape pens with Mauna Kea WFOG and Kona Gold!  We are very excited to see what you all think of these new products.  In fact we are very excited to try them out ourselves!

MoMo’s Bakery in Full Force


MoMo’s has restocked our edibles supply with every single one of their previously released edibles!  That is 7 different types including Pumpkin Kisses, Cannachews, Lemon Dreams, Chocolate Tortes, Butterscotch Brownies, Crinkles and the brand new seasonal special Tea Tassies!  Tea Tassies are miniature pecan pies and they are SCRUMPTIOUS.

We hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply Company for one heck of a Strain Drop Shatterday.  With the addition of edibles that is simply unbeatable! Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog to say aloha!




Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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