Heading Into 2018


Aloha and a late Merry Christmas to you all! We hope yours was filled with love and joy and was as jolly as ol’ Saint Nick!  At Pakalolo Supply Company we will keep the spirit high and head straight into the new year with it.  We have passed winter solstice which means we are now gaining daylight which is always something to celebrate.  If you want to celebrate with cannabis this NYE we got you covered!


Dat New New

MoMo’s line is also consistently gracing our menu with their miniature baked goods including Cannachews, Butterscotch Brownies, Tea Tassies, Lemon Dreams, Crinkles and Chocolate Tortes.  YUMMY! If you live in Fairbanks and are wanting some edibles then head down to Pakalolo Supply Company!

We also have something very cool coming down the line very soon. We are pumped that some good friends of ours have just went into full gear with their new edible company Treat Yo’ Self.  They have been getting things in line for over a year and their hard work has paid off.  They will be supplying Pakalolo Supply Company with a brand new line of delicious edibles to bring some variety to the existing edible market.  Check back to the PakaBlog to find out just exactly what you will be getting to Treat Yo’ Self with…


Caramel Kona Coffee Kush

One of the prettiest and most complex strains is now back on our menu!  CKCK is a very pretty plant with perfect bud structure and a unique pallet of colors including light and dark greens, hints of purple and orange hairs throughout. Its flavor matches its aesthetics with a coffee base with hints of rich caramel and chocolate.  If you consider yourself a connoisseur this is the strain for you @ 17.27% THC20171021_135508

Mauna Kea

Our highest placing strain (2nd place overall, 2nd place hybrid) at the blind taste test Cannabis Classic, Mauna Kea is full of floral flavor that will leave you feeling like a day at the beach.  The aloha spirit hits you with full force in this powerful hybrid from the Big Island (FBI if you know dakine).  The terpene linalool leads the way in Mauna Kea, which is a shared terp with lavender, and we all know that lavender has awesome calming and chill effects when used in aromatherapy.  This strain is a classic here at Pakalolo and we can’t think of a better strain to lead us into 2018!


We also have 5 other Pakalolo Grown strains on the menu including one of our newest Ali’i Drive which is a powerful sativa with a very unique aroma and taste.  We are also still featuring full 4 strain lineup from “The Farm” tasty outdoor sun grown strain.  And as always we have a healthy stock of prerolls in a variety of strains! Thanks for stopping by the PakaBlog and we hope to see you in person down at the shop!

Hau’oli makhiki hou – Happy New Year from all of us at Pakalolo Supply Co.

Pakalolo Grown Clones Available today!

Aloha PakaBloggers!  We hope that your in between Holiday short work week finds you well as we digest our Christmas meals and get ready to slide into the 2018!  We have a special announcement that many of you have been patiently waiting for… CLONES!

With recent expansions in our cultivation, it has been a while since any clones weren’t put directly into production to bring beautiful buds to you in our store.  We finally have the mother plants caught up to our new capacity and the grow rooms full to the point that we have extra clones cut and available for YOU!  We have 3 strains available now, Northern Lights, Aloha CBD and Chernobyl.

Our clone babies have been grown with lots of love and aloha to get them ready for you. Each tray of clones is treated as if they are going directly into our cultivation area.  Our clones are ideal and “ready-to-grow” in organic soil setups.  They have received multiple preventative treatment foliar sprays and dunks of organic neem oil to prevent any pests and provide a waxy protective coating to the plant.  Clones are in small cups with a light mix of Happy Frog soil and perlite.  They have received foliar feedings of our homemade korean natural farming nutrients, organic probiotic compost teas and have been inoculated with mycorrhizae fungi on the roots.  Mycorrhizae fungi live on the plants roots and help the plant gather nutrients and water from soil. If you don’t grow in an organic soil setup, no worries, they are young and hearty with a strong root mass, ready for a transplant into basically any grow medium you choose.

Northern Lights is a classic.  It’s probably our favorite indica strain and it is a tried and true beauty.  It’s a fun plant to grow as it is fast growing, hearty and always delicious. The taste is both fruity, pungent and spicy and the high is happy, comfortable and very relaxing. Great for beginner growers, it’s a forgiving, tough and hearty strain.


Aloha CBD is a great strain for those looking for a balanced high with multiple cannabinoids.  We entered it into the Cannabis Classic – Indica division last spring and took 3rd Place.  We were very excited that our lower THC, high CBD and high terpene strain did so well with the judges in a blind taste test.  It really proved to us and the judges that THC numbers are not the defining characteristic of a quality strain.  When these judges had no idea if they were smoking a high THC strain or not it was given high marks in each category which included smell, taste, appearance and effect. (what else matters?) Aloha CBD is the perfect strain for you to grow if you are looking for high CBD content, balanced high and delicious flavors.

Aloha CBD

The 3rd strain that we have clones available for you is Chernobyl.  Our highest testing THC strain to date at Pakalolo Supply Co.  We have had this potent sativa strain test as high as 31.7% THC! The strain is funky, strong, earthy and sweet on the taste with effects that will leave you feeling radioactive.  It provides a strong cerebral sativa buzz that will have you feeling like you reached into your pocket for that extra shot of espresso in your morning coffee! Chernobyl is a classic boutique strain for the more experienced grower.  It can require a little extra care and attention and time under the lights, but if you’ve experienced the brain buzz from this one then you know that the light at the end of the grow tunnel is worth the extra tender loving care.


Tips from the Pakalolo Grow Squad:

  • Make sure to transplant clones within about 7-10 days as they will outgrow their small cups and quickly deplete the nutrients in the small amount of soil.  
  • Don’t over-water. A day or two in between watering is fine and helps the plant grow.
  • Give them plenty of light.  A windowsill is not enough.  Get them a grow light and watch them grow like a “weed!” 

Good luck and we hope each of these babies goes to a great loving home where they will be nurtured into healthy and thriving adult cannabis plants!

As always, thank you for taking the time to check out the happenings at Pakalolo Supply Co. We are always humbled by how many of you are reading our blog posts and frequent the shop whether that be for clones, concentrates, edibles, buds, or sometimes just to say hi. We appreciate you!  Have a great day and hope to see ya soon!


Pakalolo Supply Co.




INCOMING: Strain Drop SantaConDay

Its Saturday folks and have we got a strain drop and a fun day for you! This Strain Drop has some extra pizzazz for those participating in SantaCon, a downtown pub crawl in which you dress up as Santa or some other Christmas character.  We will get to that in a moment but first let me tell you which new delicious Pakalolo Grown strain will be gracing our menus with its presence tomorrow morning…


Maui Pineapple Chunk is a 50/50 hybrid that really packs a punch.  When you breed a 50/50 hybrid you want it to take the best of both the indica and sativa genetics.  I can confidently say that Maui Pineapple Chunk achieves that and more.  It is a very strong but balanced high that will make you wish you had purchased a little more.  Aside from the high, MPC has a beautiful bud structure with nugs that are full.  The aroma and flavor has both the sweet and tartness of a freshly sliced pineapple. We all know that pineapple is the best fruit.  That’s why we put fresh slices in our water jug everyday for our patrons. pleasure 😉


Pakalolo Palms for $25 and Cinex 1/8ths for $40

Just to sweeten up this Strain Drop Saturday a little bit we will also be featuring all Pakalolo Palms for only $25! We know people love the Palms and we want more people to be smoking them this Christmas.  Come in and grabs some tomorrow! Additionally the Alaska Leaf magazine featured Cinex as Strain of the Month this issue. Guess what?! We got it on our Weekly Specials for only $40 an 1/8th! Go to PakaloloSupplyCo.com to see the entire Weekly Specials menu.

Make Some Infused Christmas Cookies… from Hawaii!


We are excited to announce that we are officially lowering the price of our Edible Kits to $50.00… That is half of its original price!  Let me tell you something.  I personally bought one of these kits brought it home and made some Hula Cookies infused with 1/4 oz of trim that comes with it. You get 16 cookies and they were P-O-T-E-N-T.  That is why we always suggest starting low and going slow.  That is why we also strongly state that this is the best edible deal you can get in town.  That was before we lowered it to half price… Do you like edibles?  Do you like cooking?  Well come down and grab the one and only Incredible Edible Kit for only $50!

SANTACON (Santas Only)

You ever wanted to dress up like santa, with 100 other people who dressed up like santa, and see how much beer you can collectively drink by pub crawling?! Well if you have then SantaCon is for you!  To learn more about SantaCon read our previous PakaBlog post. The starting point is at Hoodoo Brewing Company and the next stop is at Lavelle’s Taphouse.  Since the one and only Pakalolo Supply Company is right along that path we will be featuring a sale designated strictly to those participating in SantaCon.  This menu will features Santa’s PakaCookies.  Santa’s PakaCookies 1g, Manini 2paks, Pua Preroll and Big Kahunas will be HALF OFF!  It will be limit 2 per Santa.  That way you can mix and match a joint with a gram, for example.

Pakalolo Christmas T-shirt

Some of you may have purchased our Christmas T-shirt last year.  It was such a smash hit and we all personally love it so we decided to bring it back!  They are a great deal at only $15.  You can buy one for yourself and one for your secret Santa at that awesome price! Here’s what they look like in case you haven’t seen it…


It’s going to be a holly jolly Christmas!  Saturday isn’t going to be half bad either!  We hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply company to check out Maui Pineapple Chunk or the $25 Palms.  If you are a Santa then you better stop by because you are getting half off of Santa’s PakaCookies! Mahalo for reading the Pakablog. Cheers!



Pakalolo Grown E-Blunts, SantaCon and More

ALOHA PakaBloggers! Apparently its Christmas time already but how the heck did that happen?! Luckily we are always prepared for the holidays at Pakalolo Supply Company. The fun starts right… NOW.

Einstein Labs x Pakalolo Grown = AMAZING


Previously we provided Einstein Labs with some of our Pakalolo Grown flower, Chernobyl and Pele Fire OG to be exact.  They then provided us with concentrates made from that flower in the form of the spiffy disposable Casino E * Blunts and cartridges.  You may or may not have had the chance to try one but they were great.  It was exciting to see how well the flavor and high of Chernobyl and Pele Fire OG carried over into concentrate form.  The process of which Einstein Labs uses to make the concentrates allows for the terpenes to be removed from the cannabis before the cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBG, etc., are extracted.  The extraction of the cannabinoids can destroy the terpenes causing it the finished product to have less flavor, which is why they are removed beforehand.   After distilling the THC down to a flavorless Pure oil, Einstein Labs is able to combine the previously extracted terpenes back into the finished product giving it intense and crisp flavor of the strain is was made from.  I know, I know you are probably like “WHICH STRAINS ALREADY?!”

This round we got back the powerful sativa dominant Headband coming in at  41.88% THC and 2.14% CBD. Its powerful, keeps your brain moving and it is pungently tasty of sweetness and diesel like it’s parent plants OG Kush and Sour Diesel.    The second strain is our award winning, Aloha CBD. We have been very excited just at thought of Aloha CBD being turned into an E * Blunt and that excitement was justified as the result is simply amazing.  Coming in at 26.06% THC and 23.12% CBD! If you love CBD and you love E * Blunts then Christmas has come early for you as it did for us.  Additionally, due to the process of pre-extracting the terpenes it tastes EXACTLY like Aloha CBD flower in it’s new concentrated form.  It. Is. Delicious.  And I am not exaggerating, it is EXACTLY the same flavor that you smell when pop an Aloha CBD Poptop.  As I always say you don’t have to take my word for it.  Just come on down and pick one up! However, you know how fast the E * Blunts usually go so we think these new ones are going to go extremely fast, especially with Christmas coming up.  I suggest moving quickly.

Good Titrations x Pakalolo Grown = ALSO AMAZING


If you have been in the last week or so then you have seen the new edition of vape pens from Good Titrations.  We supplied them some of our Pakalolo Grown strains as well, Mauna Kea WFOG and Kona Gold.  Different from Einstein Labs, Good Titrations does not change their concentrate into oils by diluting it as Einstein Labs does for the wick based vape pens.  They leave their concentrate in thick dab honey oil form which leaves it at a much higher THC percentage and the more classic hash oil type flavor.  Both the Mauna Kea and Kona Gold pens turned out amazing and are coming in at right around 80% THC!  Good Titrations also blessed us with some amazing shatter of our Chernobyl which is just at about 70% THC.


This Saturday is the SantaCon! SantaCon is a downtown pub crawl brought to you by Event Alaska and Downtown Association of Fairbanks.  The Facebook event can be found at this link. SantaCon involves dressing up as Santa Claus or your favorite Christmas themed character and meeting with many other enthusiastic and cheerful Santa’s and pub crawling through some of Fairbanks most popular establishments.   Two of the pubs you will be stopping at in a row, if you choose to join in on SantaCon, are Hoodoo Brewing (good friends of ours that are right down the road) at 2:00PM and Lavelle’s Taphouse (good friends of ours that are right down the road) at 3:00PM.  On your way from one to the other you will be passing by the friendly palm trees and smiling budtenders at Pakalolo Supply Company and we are going to have a VERY special sales menu with some VERY low prices specifically for those of you participating in the SantaCon in costume, just in case you need a cannabis break from all the beer.  Please share with those you know that will be participating and love cannabis as you do.  We hope to see you in all your Christmas gear on Saturday.  Check back here on Friday morning to find out exactly what that menu will include.

As always, thanks for stopping by and talking story with us! We hope to see you this weekend.  Also, we hope you are enjoying the little bit of tropical weather outside that we provided for you straight from the islands.  Grab a joint and a friend and get out in the heat wave! 😉

Aloha and Mahalo,

Da’ Pakalolo Supply Co. Ohana



INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday!

Aloha PakaBloggers! We hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  If you are out and about on this fine afternoon then don’t hesitate to stop by Pakalolo Supply Company because today we put the powerful and pungent Chernobyl back on the menu.  Looking better than ever and hitting over 25% total cannabinoids with 23% of it being THC, you will definitely be in for a mighty good time sparking up this strain.

Chernobyl @ 23.1% THC


It should also be noted that our Pakalolo Grown menu has never been better.  Currently we have 9 of our own strains on the flower menu the majority of which have over 20% total cannabinoids and that you cannot get at any other cannabis retail store in Alaska.  We have everything in the spectrum from the classic Northern Lights indica to our brand new powerful Ali’i Drive social sativa.  The Ali’i drive is also one of the most unique taste and smelling flowers I have personally every smoked.  It has the aroma of fresh herbs from the garden that have that natural spiciness.  If you haven’t tried it yet I strongly suggest you do!  Here’s the Pakalolo Grown menu…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In our last blog post we introduced The Farm, a new cultivator we are featuring on our menu that cultivates their cannabis during the summer in the Alaskan sunlight.  It is some strong and tasty stuff to add to your list of strain to try.  The Sunset Sherbert is currently on sale and it smells and tastes like rainbow sherbert ice cream without a doubt.  Our edible and concentrate menu is very full as well.  We are featuring new pakalolo grown strain specific vape pens from Good Titrations including Mauna Kea WFOG and Kona Gold!

Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog, well see you here!

Take a Trip to “The Farm”

Aloha and happy Thursday PakaBloggers! We wanted to take a minute to introduce a new impressive cultivator we are now featuring at Pakalolo Supply Company.  As you know we cultivate all of our flower using completely natural methods with absolutely no chemical or synthesized bottled nutrients.  We use no-till farming techniques with super soil and feed with fermented fruit and vegetable juices among other things to build up terpenes which really bring out the flavor among other effects.  That’s why when we see other cultivators pursuing more unique, challenging and, most of all, rewarding methods of growing cannabis we get excited.

Introducing The Farm, a company from the canna famous Matanuska Valley, that chose to use the most powerful and natural form of light as another way to intensify their terpene output in an outdoor grow.  Of course that light source is no other than that burning ball of gas in space that we call the sun.  Additionally, Alaskan sunshine is obviously unique due to the fact that in the summertime it doesn’t really go down.  To accommodate for this factor The Farm uses outdoor, light deprivation greenhouses which involves using blackout tarps to cover the plants for 12 hours a day while in the bloom phase. The other 12 hours of the day the plants are obviously taking in the Alaskan (Matanuska Valley) sun during the peak of the day when it offers its most powerful and full spectrum of light.   A lot of work goes into controlling the environment in an outdoor grow because… well because its out doors! The Farm used multiple techniques including CO2 immersion, temperature control and auto drip feeders as well as some plain ol’ determination to keep their plants happy.  The results are fantastic… and a great deal!

TV MENU  (16).png

If you have been wanting to try some outdoor, sun grown, Alaskan cannabis then we GOT. YOU. COVERED.  Looking for a heavy indica?  Then you want to try Super Glue which will have you Super Glued to your couch about 15 minutes after taking a hit.  If you are more of a sativa person then you are also in luck because we have the Cinex which was featured as the Strain of the Month in Alaska Leaf for November.  Colorful, frosty buds that are perfect for getting out and being active.  However it is more mellow than the Super Sour Diesel which will jump start your brain with a strong surge of sativa.  We also are featuring their Sunset Sherbet on our Weekly Specials menu which is a tasty hybrid.  We also have concentrates on our shelves from Good Titrations that were made from both Super Glue and Cinex that you can really taste those sun grown terpenes in.

We hope to see you at Pakalolo Supply Company today to take home a little piece of sunshine for these long winter nights.  Mahalo!

INCOMING: Strain Drop Shatterday!

Aloha PakaBloggers! We Hope you are making the best of this very warm weekend we are having. We have some new things on the menu today that should make it that much better! We are excited to welcome back…

Maui Mango Diesel


This strain was just a hit the last time we released it and we expect it to be nothing less this time as it hits 24.76% total cannabinoids with 22.87% of it being THC! Maui Mango Diesel is a sativa leaning hybrid that starts off with the sweet taste of tropical mango and finishes with the pungent diesel.  Come down to PSC today to get some Maui Mango Diesel!

Good Titrations x Pakalolo Grown = AWESOME!

We gave the good people of Good Titrations some of our delicious Pakalolo Grown Buds to make some special batches of concentrates and they are on the shelves today! We have Chernobyl shatter in both 0.5g for $50 and the full gram for $90.  We also have pre-filled Pakalolo Grown vape pens with Mauna Kea WFOG and Kona Gold!  We are very excited to see what you all think of these new products.  In fact we are very excited to try them out ourselves!

MoMo’s Bakery in Full Force


MoMo’s has restocked our edibles supply with every single one of their previously released edibles!  That is 7 different types including Pumpkin Kisses, Cannachews, Lemon Dreams, Chocolate Tortes, Butterscotch Brownies, Crinkles and the brand new seasonal special Tea Tassies!  Tea Tassies are miniature pecan pies and they are SCRUMPTIOUS.

We hope to see you down at Pakalolo Supply Company for one heck of a Strain Drop Shatterday.  With the addition of edibles that is simply unbeatable! Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog to say aloha!