INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday

Happy Friday Pakabloggers! We hope you all are settling into the winter season without any hiccups.   The very best holiday  is now less than a week away.  Why do I believe it is the best you ask…? Well because Thanksgiving is the definition of a holiday.  Relaxing with friends and family with absolutely no stress (as opposed to Xmas..) while watching football, burning ganja, having a few beers and stuffing your face for hours on END.  What is better than that? I’ll tell you. Nothing. So by this time most people know where they will be spending the glorious day and all is left is stocking up with everything you need to make it a success.  Well you know we have you covered on the previously mentioned ‘burning ganja” part, and Since today is Friday that means tomorrow is Saturday and I think we do something pretty fun on that day… Oh, that’s right. WE DROP THAT FIRE FOR STRAIN DROP SATURDAY!  Lets take a look at what we are releasing for you holiday smoking pleasure…

Take a Stroll Down Ali’i Drive

We are excited to introduce a brand new strain tomorrow, Ali’i Drive.  Ali’i Drive is the name of strip-like road running part of  the west coast of the Big Island of Hawaii where all the shops, restaurants, bars, etc. reside. We believe this strain represents the essence of Ali’i Drive with it’s social driven attributes. Additionally, this sativa has significant lineage worth mentioning due to one of its parents being one of our other newly introduced strains, Kona Gold and the other strain being the legendary Trinity.  Many of you have met Kona Gold by now which is a a highly sought after Hawaiian strain.  It is a very uplifting and highly functioning sativa that has a unique aroma and flavor pallet. A combination of sweet, tropical fruit along with sharp and pungent eucalyptus.  Trinity is a highly sought after Californian strain.  The origin of which is almost thought of as a folk tale or legend.  It is said to be very hard to find which has brought Trinity to a cult classic status. It lineage is said to be several of the best Cali strains but no one seems to be sure.  It is thought to be a Sativa dominant hybrid that packs an initial punch of a highly active and uplifting head high though its indica genes are said to make you sleepy on that last half of the ride. I can confidently say that I felt that Trinity sativa punch when smoking the Ali’i Drive. It’s smell and flavor is one of the most unique I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  It has a pungent muskiness and the peppery spice of a fresh garden herb all held together by a note of skunkiness at the very end.

Total Cannibinoids: 24.77%

THC: 23.73%


Northern Lights Will Be Shining Bright

Yes, it’s true. The classic and powerful indica will be back on the menu come Saturday morning.  Northern Lights is a strain that the people of Alaska connect with for obvious reasons.  We are the Northern most state by far and we have the pleasure of pretty much claiming the Aurora Borealis as our own, along with everyone else above a certain latitude in other countries, where the sightings of the true, intense and beautiful Northern Lights are common.  It also represents our winter strain similar to heavier winter beers.  The Northern Lights are only visible at night and the strain Northern Lights is something you want to smoke at night due to its heavy indica effects (couch-lock) to get comfy, hunker down in your warm home for the night, watch some TV and maybe even indulge in sleeping a little extra during the long Alaskan winter nights (animals call it hibernation).

The definition of indica with its heavy, euphoric high this hall of famer offers pungent pine, spice and earth flavors with a sweet finish…

Total Cannibinoids: 20.92%

THC: 19.82%


Frontier Grow Labs, Alaska Cannabis Cultivators and Other Fancy Stuff

Earlier this week we received a package of buds from our friends down at Alaska Cannabis Cultivators.  It’s been a little bit since we have had new product from them on our menu so we are happy to have it.  We were even happier to find out they are some brand new strains! Big Bud XXL is a frosty and hard hitting indica,  Critical Super Silver Haze is a fun hybrid and Think Fast an active sativa.

TV MENU (15)TV MENU  (13).png

As you can see we also have a brand new indica dominant hybrid from Frontier Grow Labs (We had it once before in Maninis only) called Tangerine dream.  As you would guess, it offers strong and sweet citrus notes and packs a powerful indica wallop with almost 24% THC.


As always we hope you can make it down to PSC for Strain Drop Saturday.  We are excited to see what people think of our new “social sativa”,  Ali’i Drive.   Also a reminder, we have had our Einstein Labs supplies replenished since last weekend so if you are running low on oil in your cartridge we have 2 new flavors, blueberry and green apple along with the rest of the usual suspects. We have shatter and wax from Good Titrations as well.  Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog and we’ll see you on the flip side.

Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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