INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday

Aloha PakaBloggers! Today we have some product of the highest tier hitting the store front for your purchasing pleasure on this Strain Drop Saturday.  We have hit perfect harmony in our cultivation which allows us to harvest and drop Pakalolo Grown strains in our retail on a much more consistent basis.  We also believe our strains have evolved quite a bit over the course of this last year and are really starting to reach their apex as every strain from this harvest hit at, or close to, 25% cannabinoids all of which have over 20% THC! (except AK Blueberry as it is a high CBD strain)  This week we are releasing 3 strains from our in-house grow:

Alaskan Blueberry CBD

That’s right it’s already back on the menu! This harvest of AK Blueberry is one of the best yet at 23.85% cannabinoids.  This strain always makes you feel amazing with its double whammy of rich CBD content and medium THC. This batch has 12.56% CBD and 10.36% THC.  Come down to PSC to grab some of this magical strain.


Maui Pineapple Chunk

This 50/50 hybrid was a smash hit on its premier release a couple months ago.  Its delicious aroma and flavor of fresh cut, sweet/tart pineapple can be misleading as this strain packs a powerful punch in its Badunka-Chunk at 25% Cannabinoids with 22.65% of it being THC!  This one is a customer and employee favorite alike.



The true PakaCookies has arrived.  This is GSC like you have never seen it before.  It almost looks like a different strain but it is the culmination of its evolution in our all-natural cultivation using Korean Natrual Farming techniques, Super soil and more.  If you like Cookies strains then do not pass up on the brand new PakaCookies at 24.45% cannabinoids and 22.8% THC!


There is also one more strain that has not been released yet but will be very soon.  Its been on our menu before with our record high THC.  Can you guess what it is…?


Einstein is in the Building!


Thats right party people we have reloaded on our Einstein Labs E * Blunts and cartridge refills.  This round we have two new flavors which are Green Apple and Blueberry along with Tropical Punch, KiwiStrawberry, Apple and Blackberry all in the 45%-50% THC range. You know how fast they go so don’t wait up.  Check our full menu at and we will see you at Pakalolo Supply Company! Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog 🙂



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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