Strain Drop Saturday: Alaskan Blueberry is B-A-C-K

Aloha and happy weekend to all on this dreary Saturday afternoon.  Though its overcast we think we have something that will brighten up your day.  We are very pleased to announce that Pakalolo Grown Alaskan Blueberry is back on our menu!


This strain has earned its place among our favorite strain of all time for more than one reason.  First it should be noted that this strain brought us home the Silver medal from Cannabis Classic for second place Sativa this summer.  It should also be noted that before the judges smoked the Alaskan Blueberry, along with the 28 other strains that were judged in the competition, they were unaware of the test results.  The only thing they were really aware of before hand was the name of the strain.  Without knowing that Alaskan Blueberry is actually a CBD dominant strain it was voted as the second best Sativa in the entire state of Alaska. Its easy understand why as soon as you pop a blue pop-top full of AK Blueberry.  The pungent smell of  wild and tart Alaskan Blueberries punches you in the nose.  Its coloring is unique with a green so light it almost looks grey because its covered in big trichomes which almost wash the color out.  Orange hairs highlight the buds while hints of dark purple come out at the tips of the leaves.  This batch comes in at 21% cannabinoids with 12.11% being CBD while the other 8.78% is THC.  Boy let me tell you, it is just a magical combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Its origin is also something magical as we point out on the strain card…


No one really knows where it came from but a single plant was said to be growing among a wild patch of blueberries in an unspecified location somewhere in the North Star Borough area.  A select few knew of it and would take clones at their own discretion.  As of now no one knows what happened to that blueberry patch or the plant.  Maybe it was burned in a forest fire or someone got greedy and took too many clones killing the plant. The only thing we do know is that we have the last known mother plant so the only place you can get it is at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Don’t wait too long because it will go FAST!

Einstein Labs is Restocked

Einstein Labs has dropped off another batch of E * Blunt kits (10 of each) and bunch of the cartridge refills.  Below is an image of the menu with the new flavors and corresponding THC values.  The THC % is about 8% higher on all three than the last batch in the same flavors.  I don’t need to tell you how fast those go because you already know! We are also pleased to have The Pure back on the shelf.  Strawberry Lemonade at 90.9% THC! We are also stocked full on MoMo’s edibles and still have a healthy helping of Good Titration concentrates. Get down to Pakalolo supply Company for Strain Drop Saturday because we have just about everything right now.  Most of all the AK Blueberry is a special strain that we want as many people to get the chance to try before it flies out of the building. Mahalo! See you soon.

TV MENU  (10).png

TV MENU  (11).png


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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