It’s a Celebration!

The city has spoken with a fat exclamation point! Retail cannabis will Remain legal in the Fairbanks and North Star Borough area.  Not only did we keep it legal but we accomplished what we set out to do by defeating the proposition and Safe Neighborhoods in a landslide at a rate of approximately 70% rejection.  This means that over twice as many people wanted to keep it legal.  This will hopefully discourage funding to Safe Neighborhoods and similar prohibitionists in future endeavors.  Unfortunately, Alaska laws allow for them to try this every two years so there is a possibility of seeing it on the ballot again.  However, we now know it will be a complete waste of time for them because in 2 years the industry will be unstoppable.  To put it simply, we have done it.  To celebrate we are having another party at the Blue Loon this Friday at 9pm featuring H3, a Hawaiian reggae band from Anchorage! Pakalolo supply Company has donated some mula to cut down the ticket price from $15 down to $10 as one last thank you to our patrons and the community as a whole.  Please come enjoy the music and lets toast to all the hard work we put into the campaign together to keep cannabis legal.  It will also be a great opportunity to converse with people that have dedicated their life cannabis industry.  We hope to see EVERYONE there!




Additionally we would like to give a special shout out to Frontier Grow Labs who supplied everyone who made it into our store on Tuesday with $5 grams of both the fan favorite Sour Dough as well as a new strain called Training Day.  Thanks to them we were able to make it an even more special day and were able to show our gratitude in a larger capacity.  Frontier Grow Labs is a great company that knows hot to grow some FIRE.  We are excited to keep working with them and see what awesome product they will have to offer in the near and long-term future. CHEERS!


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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