“I Voted NO” SALE! on October 3rd!

The day has finally arrived that our community decides the fate of legal retail cannabis.  The industry as a whole has put on one hell of a campaign and we are extremely grateful to everyone that has been supporting the cause and in doing so you have also supported everyone involved in the cannabis industry including Pakalolo Supply Company.  It has been a long and stressful couple months but thanks to you we feel good about the vote and believe we have the advantage as the ballots open tomorrow morning.  We have heard through the grapevine that this year has been record breaking for early votes and we would like to believe that the majority of those votes are big ol’ N-Os. Still we all need to remain active and persistent until the last ballot goes into the box tomorrow evening so please gather the troops and get to a ballot and vote!  Additionally we would like to show our thanks to you by inviting you to come straight to Pakalolo Supply Company after you vote NO (or even stop by before you go vote as long as your are going!) and take part in the…


This is by far the biggest sale we have ever had and it is all for you, our awesome patrons! As you can see on the flyer we will have $5 grams of PakaCookies (1/person) and $5 clones of Green Crack (1/person), but that’s not all… The entire store will see drastic price cuts!  Everything from grams to Palms and everything in between.  You will see the Weekly Special rainbow next to every single menu item tomorrow.  Below is a screen shot of the Featured Cultivator menu just to give you an idea of what you can expect.  You are not going to want to miss this as it is most likely the best cannabis prices in the entire state up to this point.  Please stop by on your way to the poll to Vote NO on Prop 1 and Prop A or stop by on your way after voting NO on Prop 1 and Prop A. Hell, you could even stop by on your way to the polls and then again afterwards! This sale is that GOOD!  Thank you Fairbanks for your continued support.  Lets crush these prohibitionist narrow minded dreams tomorrow! Then stop by Pakalolo Supply Company 😉 Mahalo, see you tomorrow!

Menu Extras (1).png

Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

2 thoughts on ““I Voted NO” SALE! on October 3rd!”

  1. I genuinely cannot believe I missed your sale. I thought being subscribed to the Pakablog would’ve helped me stay informed yet, I still missed it somehow.


    1. We are very sorry to hear that. Things have been so busy with the vote that we might not have got the word out as soon as we wanted. Fortunately for you we still have $5 grams of Training Day as well as 12 other items that are still on sale! Hope to see you here. Mahalo!


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