Celebrating 1 Year of Legal Cannabis Sales at Pakalolo Supply Company

Time Flies…

Aloha Fairbanks! We hope you are all comfortably settling into the winter season as the end of October approaches and the last lingering signs of fall fade and disappear into white.  There is always snow on the ground by the last days of October marking beginning of winter in Fairbanks.  And when you think ‘beginning of winter’ you think about what it brings along with it such as short days, cold weather and of course the ever entertaining Halloween.  However, this Saturday October 28th marks something special for us here at Pakalolo Supply Co.  It also represents an important day that will go down in history books for Alaska. That day being the 1 year anniversary of the first legal cannabis sale made in Alaska by none other than Pakalolo Supply Company.

We are very excited to be celebrating 1 year of successful operation while reflecting on the past year.  We had some awesome moments of success starting with just the simple act of opening our doors to the public of our hometown, Fairbanks, Alaska.  We were able to bring home awards from the Cannabis Classic recognizing our hard work, sponsored multiple concerts, donated to charities, held food drives, recycled pop tops, met tons of awesome people and the list goes on.  However, we also faced many obstacles that we had to overcome as when we faced supply shortages or general issues in forming any new business, let alone a new business in the ever changing highly regulated and brand new cannabis industry in Alaska.  From those moments we were taught valueless lessons which we then able put to use to be more successful making our business more efficient and making our end product of higher quality for Fairbanks.


Pakalolo Grown

In this industry there are also so many unknowns because it is brand new and cannabis carries some undeserved baggage along with it making some issues more sensitive.  For example, the ban we faced as an industry on October 3rd that Fairbanks rejected with authority!  We came together as an industry and as a town and won a battle that only made the industry stronger in the end.  That is why this day is more than a celebration of our business 1 year anniversary its a celebration for the industry as a whole. An industry which would not be here without the support from the great people of Fairbanks. We’ve been growing some new stuff all summer and are breaking into it all at once on Saturday!


We are so excited for the biggest and strongest Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop Saturday EVER. When you come in we will have 5 Pakalolo Grown strains filling up the pages on our signature digital menus, 3 of which you have never had the opportunity to indulge in. We have complete confidence in the assumption that any person that comes into our store on Saturday will not be disappointed! We will also be having a large sale to show you our thanks for supporting us and the industry through our first year of business. Let’s check out the strains you will have the chance to choose from on Saturday to get stocked up for Halloween.

Maui Mango Diesel

A Sativa dominant hybrid with the sweet aroma and taste of fresh cut mango that uplifts the mood and intensifies the senses.


Total Cannibinoids: 26.44%

THC: 24.46%

CBG: 1.92%

Caramel Kona Coffee Kush

An offspring of Kona Gold this hybrid offers a comfortable body high with a mental buzz and a complex flavor profile of rich chocolate, coffee and caramel.


Total Cannibinoids: 26.92%

THC: 25.51%

CBG: 1.32%

Kona Gold

One of the most sought after Hawaiian strains, this cerebral and focused sativa offers sweet tropical notes with a sharp finish.


Total Cannibinoids: 19.59%

THC: 17.72%

CBG: 1.79%

Maui Pineapple Chunk

A descendant of the famous Maui Wowie this hybrid produces full, dense buds that delivers a perfectly balanced, powerful high with sweet and tart flavors of fresh pineapple.


Total Cannibinoids: 19.59%

THC: 17.72%

CBG: 1.79%

Aloha CBD

A sweet tropical fruit aroma and flavor reminiscent of the Islands, with a balanced CBD/THC ratio that leaves you hangin’ loose.

Aloha CBD

Total Cannibinoids: 19.87%

THC: 8.12%

CBD: 11.16%


We can’t wait for people to get to try these strains in their pipes, bongs or rolled up in a paper so we can hear what you all think.  All of these with the exception of the Aloha CBD are all bred from land race Hawaiian genetics straight from da islands. You wont find our signature strains anywhere else especially grown all naturally in soil and in-house made nutrients.  Our cultivation techniques are starting to reach their full potential as we reach the 1 year mark.  If you want something unique then PSC is where you want to be come this weekend during Pakalolo Grown Strain Drop Saturday!

Additionally we will be having a large sale store wide. You know how our big sales go…  Pretty much everything is on sale! We have 5  strains from Green Life including Skywalker and Lemon Haze so there will be plenty to choose from. We are fully stocked on MoMo’s edibles and have a healthy amount of concentrates on deck as well.  Come down and see us on Saturday 10/28 and celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Pakalolo Supply Company and the first legal cannabis sale in Alaska.  See you then, Mahalo!

Mauna Kea WFOG Has Returned and MoMo’s Bakery Drops Pumpkin Kisses

MoMo’s is Blowin’ Kisses

Aloha to all!  We hope you are all staying safe on the slick roads and were prepared for the early cold snap.  Days like these early in the fall its best to just hunker down, stay warm, sit back and relax.  Even better to do so if you have some of MoMo’s brand new limited fall season edition edibles.


MoMo’s Pumpkin Kisses are soft and moist pumpkin spice muffin tops with chocolate chips.  They are amazing. I know I have a new favorite!  They are packaged as usual with 5 muffins @ 5mg THC each for $24.  We have also have the all-natural ingredient Cannachews back on the menu from MoMo’s as well.


Mauna Kea WFOG Has Returned

If you haven’t been into the store in the last few days you may not know that our beloved Flagship signature Hawaiian strain has returned with with some beautiful buds as you can see below.  It has even got some strong purple tint this time around as it did the first time we harvested it. The Mauna Kea WFOG brought us home 2nd place hyrbid from the Cannabis Classic in Anchorage this summer. This batch is near perfect with its usual strong floral/earthy aromas and flavors, perfect shaped nugs and coming in at 16.5% THC.  maunaKeaWFOGWM.png

We still have Alaskan Blueberry CBD in 1 grams and Manini 2paks.  We have 3 different flavors of Einstein labs refill cartridges as well as plenty of The Pure, strawberry lemonade flavored at 90% THC! And as always we have Weekly Sale Specials that can be seen on our in-store menu @ PakaloloSupplyCo.com.  Come down to Pakalolo Supply Company this weekend and say hello! Mahalo.

Weekly Sale Specials Update 10/17

Aloha!  Each week we have close to 20 items with slashed prices.  The new Weekly Sale Specials are now live on our in-store menu which can be viewed on our website at PakaloloSupplyCo.com.  This week we are featuring Hug Maninis at $9 and Sidekick Sixpacks at $49.  We also have Tango Banana Pua Prerolls for $16 and the Pakalolo Grown PakaCookies 3.5g for $50.  The biggest price drops reside in the Alien Julio Kush 3.5g and Sixpacks, both down to $45 from all the way up at $60.  That’s $30 in savings.  If none of those work for you, don’t stress because there is at least 10 other items with discounted prices on the Pakalolo Weekly Sale Special menu.  While we encourage you to come take advantage of these great values, we also insist that you drive extremely safe and cautiously as the roads are very dangerous today.  Though it is always very slick with the first snow, it would seem from the amount of accidents that it is worse than usual this year.  Put on your winter tires and turn on the 4WD/AWD!  As always thank you for stopping by the PakaBlog and we hope to see you down at PSC, MAHALO!

TV MENU (12)

Strain Drop Saturday: Alaskan Blueberry is B-A-C-K

Aloha and happy weekend to all on this dreary Saturday afternoon.  Though its overcast we think we have something that will brighten up your day.  We are very pleased to announce that Pakalolo Grown Alaskan Blueberry is back on our menu!


This strain has earned its place among our favorite strain of all time for more than one reason.  First it should be noted that this strain brought us home the Silver medal from Cannabis Classic for second place Sativa this summer.  It should also be noted that before the judges smoked the Alaskan Blueberry, along with the 28 other strains that were judged in the competition, they were unaware of the test results.  The only thing they were really aware of before hand was the name of the strain.  Without knowing that Alaskan Blueberry is actually a CBD dominant strain it was voted as the second best Sativa in the entire state of Alaska. Its easy understand why as soon as you pop a blue pop-top full of AK Blueberry.  The pungent smell of  wild and tart Alaskan Blueberries punches you in the nose.  Its coloring is unique with a green so light it almost looks grey because its covered in big trichomes which almost wash the color out.  Orange hairs highlight the buds while hints of dark purple come out at the tips of the leaves.  This batch comes in at 21% cannabinoids with 12.11% being CBD while the other 8.78% is THC.  Boy let me tell you, it is just a magical combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Its origin is also something magical as we point out on the strain card…


No one really knows where it came from but a single plant was said to be growing among a wild patch of blueberries in an unspecified location somewhere in the North Star Borough area.  A select few knew of it and would take clones at their own discretion.  As of now no one knows what happened to that blueberry patch or the plant.  Maybe it was burned in a forest fire or someone got greedy and took too many clones killing the plant. The only thing we do know is that we have the last known mother plant so the only place you can get it is at Pakalolo Supply Company.  Don’t wait too long because it will go FAST!

Einstein Labs is Restocked

Einstein Labs has dropped off another batch of E * Blunt kits (10 of each) and bunch of the cartridge refills.  Below is an image of the menu with the new flavors and corresponding THC values.  The THC % is about 8% higher on all three than the last batch in the same flavors.  I don’t need to tell you how fast those go because you already know! We are also pleased to have The Pure back on the shelf.  Strawberry Lemonade at 90.9% THC! We are also stocked full on MoMo’s edibles and still have a healthy helping of Good Titration concentrates. Get down to Pakalolo supply Company for Strain Drop Saturday because we have just about everything right now.  Most of all the AK Blueberry is a special strain that we want as many people to get the chance to try before it flies out of the building. Mahalo! See you soon.

TV MENU  (10).png

TV MENU  (11).png

Weekly Specials and a Strain Drop on a Tuesday

Good afternoon PakaBloggers! The first snow/rain in the fall always makes for a cold and ugly day and today is no exception.  Days like these are good for one thing and that is bee lining it straight for the couch right after work to get out of the wet cold (that will give you a cold) and spark up a joint.  However, if your cannabis cupboard is starting to look sparse with ganja you better be stopping by Pakalolo Supply Company to pick up some flower, prerolls, concentrates and edibles AND THEN bee line it straight for the couch.  Today is a perfect day to restock because we have 20 items on our Weekly Special menu!

TV MENU  (9).png

Alien Julio Kush 3.5gs are $15 off! That’s a value that is hard to beat and that you probably don’t want to miss.  If that’s not your cup of tea… Well, the list goes on! Some other notable items are PakaCookies 3.5gs and Sixpacks as well as the Bowser and Hug Sixpacks.  Save big every single week with our Weekly Specials!

We also have a new strain from Green Life Supply that we couldn’t quite get to on Strain Drop Shatterday. Locktite is a potent hybrid from the Gorilla Glue lineage.  It has the neon green and orange coloring covered in big frosty trichomes.  Coming in at 22.5% Green Life drops another banger with Loctite.  The high THC numbers ALWAYS go fast so don’t wait too long.  Head to pakalolosupplyco.com/inStoreMenu.html to peep our live in-store menu. See you at Pakalolo Supply Company, Mahalo!


Strain Drop Shatterday!

Aloha PakaBloggers! Today we are once again dropping both a new strain and some new concentrates to make for the second official Strain Drop Shatterday.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Well start with the strain drop which comes from Green Life Supply with Lemon haze, a classic sativa coming in at 23.75% THC.  From Leafly:

“Lemon Haze has been characterized as smelling of fresh peeled lemon slices with a similar taste. Its buds appear to be green and yellow with amber hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow tint.”


The buds are beautiful and are ready to go home with one of our patrons.  Come in and grab some!

Today we also received another drop of concentrates from Good Titrations made from  the fan favorite strain Sour Dough from Frontier Grow Labs.   We have both shatter and crumble versions of Sour Dough concentrate.  Sour Dough is an amazing strain so I know I’m taking home some tonight! The concentrates move very quickly so don’t wait long if you want to try the Sour Dough versions.


Thanks for stopping by the Pakablog for the Strain Drop Shatterday update and well see you at Pakalolo Supply Company, mahalo!

It’s a Celebration!

The city has spoken with a fat exclamation point! Retail cannabis will Remain legal in the Fairbanks and North Star Borough area.  Not only did we keep it legal but we accomplished what we set out to do by defeating the proposition and Safe Neighborhoods in a landslide at a rate of approximately 70% rejection.  This means that over twice as many people wanted to keep it legal.  This will hopefully discourage funding to Safe Neighborhoods and similar prohibitionists in future endeavors.  Unfortunately, Alaska laws allow for them to try this every two years so there is a possibility of seeing it on the ballot again.  However, we now know it will be a complete waste of time for them because in 2 years the industry will be unstoppable.  To put it simply, we have done it.  To celebrate we are having another party at the Blue Loon this Friday at 9pm featuring H3, a Hawaiian reggae band from Anchorage! Pakalolo supply Company has donated some mula to cut down the ticket price from $15 down to $10 as one last thank you to our patrons and the community as a whole.  Please come enjoy the music and lets toast to all the hard work we put into the campaign together to keep cannabis legal.  It will also be a great opportunity to converse with people that have dedicated their life cannabis industry.  We hope to see EVERYONE there!




Additionally we would like to give a special shout out to Frontier Grow Labs who supplied everyone who made it into our store on Tuesday with $5 grams of both the fan favorite Sour Dough as well as a new strain called Training Day.  Thanks to them we were able to make it an even more special day and were able to show our gratitude in a larger capacity.  Frontier Grow Labs is a great company that knows hot to grow some FIRE.  We are excited to keep working with them and see what awesome product they will have to offer in the near and long-term future. CHEERS!