INCOMING: Strain Drop Saturday

Good afternoon to you all.  Today is a good day.  Do you know why? Well there are actually 3 separate reasons that combine to make it more than a good day.  It’s a GREAT day!

Reason #1

As you most likely know, each weekend we like to drop a new strain onto our menu on Saturday.  It is even better when that new strain is a BRAND new Pakalolo GROWN strain.  Even more so when the genetics originate in the the tropical islands of Hawaii bred by the Pua Mana Ohana as our award winning Mauna Kea White fire OG was. Well we think we have another award winner for you today with our Maui Pineapple Chunk!


“Maui Pineapple Chunk is a 50/50 hybrid bred by Pua Mana 1st Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, who crossed Pineapple Chunk with their Nāhiku Maui Wowie to create this balanced Hawaiian strain. Sweet and sour tropical flavors reminiscent of this strain’s homeland deliver you to a calm, uplifted mindset far away from stress.” – Leafly

This strain is potent coming in at 26.5% and starts off with strong aroma of tropical fruit and ending with a pungent spice and skunkiness.  It’s a keeper for sure… Unfortunately, we most likely wont be able to keep it on our shelves for very long before our awesome friends get word and clean us out!  So come down and start you GREAT Saturday with a fantastic strain drop.  While you are here you might want to take part in….

Reason #2


Our edibles have been replenished and then some! Einstein Lab’s has graced us with a full shipment of their popular Leaf Chews.  We have their full line up including Goodness Grapecious, Pineapple Sorbet and Cookies and Cream on the shelves waiting to be consumed.  We have also received a new shipment of MoMo’s Bakery full line up including Lemon Dreams, Crinkles, Cannachews and Butterscotch Brownies. If you are an edible lover than today is your day at Pakalolo Supply Company!  Perhaps you aren’t an edible lover but a concentrate connoisseur.  Well then you are going to love reason 3….

Reason #3

We are currently carrying the biggest selection of concentrates we have ever had!  We have the fan favorites from Einstein Labs: E * Blunt Slim Kits and the cartridge oil refills.  Once again we have collaborated with Einstein himself to create a strain specific Slim Kit and refills.  This time we used our record breaking THC strain CHERNOBYL! We also have 4 different types of shatter from Good Titrations as well as their 80% cannabis oil.  Like I said, we are STOCKED UP! You can be too…. 🙂

Reason #4

Did I say 3 reasons?! That’s my bad because I forgot we are having a GET OUT AND VOTE NO PARTY TONIGHT AT THE BLUE LOON!!! We really hope to see as many friendly faces as possible out there tonight and support the cause for KEEPING CANNABIS LEGAL in Fairbanks.  We want to spread the word as much as possible before the vote on Tuesday October 3rd. On top of that its going to be a BLAST.  We are going to have live music from 3 local artists in Alaska Redd, Lee Jones and Shawny Bones.  Our local super star and cannabis proponent Glenner will be speaking and performing some comedy.  Most importantly we will hear from Brandon Emmett who is on the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association and the Marijuana Control Board here in Fairbanks.  Mr. Emmett has been one the very most active proponents of the legal cannabis industry and he. Knows. His. stuff.  So please come out and converse with the industry, have a drink, listen to some music and blow some trees at the Get Out and VOTE NO Party at the Blue Loon tonight at 8pm!


Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog, we hope to see you at some point on this GREAT day!


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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