Strain Drop Saturday

Green Crack is Back

Today we dropped the first to come of our summer harvest in the form of the super sativa Green Crack and it. is. a. pretty. crop.  The buds are beautiful, full and cured to perfection.  The aroma is very pungent (pungent as in the whole facility smelled of Green Crack during its packaging) offering a strong pine base with tangy citrus intertwined throughout and even some hints of that classic skunk smell.


Coming in at 16.2% THC we have the Green Crack available in grams, eighths and quarters. Not to mention, the best way to smoke any of the high terpene, delicious Pakalolo Grown strains, our Signature Pakalolo Palms stuffed to the brim. Nothing but all natural flavor burnin off these beauties.  They are sticking out of the sand and water around the surfboards waiting to be chosen by one of you!  Don’t forget we have MoMo’s edibles back on the menu including the new sativa dominant Crinkles.  Soft and chewy molasses cookies with tastes of brown sugar, ginger and sugar.

Sativa Dominant Crinkles

If you are a concentrate lover then we have a special edition Casino E * Blunt from Einstein labs that are filled with concentrates made from our Cannabis Classic 2nd place Indica;Pele Fire O0.  It tastes exactly like our the buds from Pele Fire OG and has that classic, heavy indica high that will put elevate your mood and chillax your bones.


Our smoking accessories have been replenished with some cool new bongs, pipes and vaporizers.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we believe we got you covered at Pakalolo Supply Company so come down and see us!


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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