New Hours, New Weekly Specials, New Edibles and New Strains

Open 7 Days a Week

Aloha PakaBloggers!  We have a few things on the agenda for you today.  The big news is that we have extended our hours so that we are now open on Sundays from 11 am to 5pm.  Our hours have been in a constant flux since we opened almost a year ago due to the supply and demand issues that the whole industry faced so we are excited to have our doors open to our patrons every single day of the week!  Plus if you need some last minute ganja before the football game on Sunday you know there is a budtender standing at the register at Pakalolo Supply Co. eager to give you a hand choosing some beautiful buds, proper prerolls and/or some excellent edibles for kickoff.  See you on Sunday… Hut, hut, HIKE!


Introducing Momo’s Crinkles

This weekend we received a brand new shipment of MoMo’s Edibles entire line including Cannachews, Butterscotch Brownies, Lemon Dreams and the brand new tasty Crinkles, which are  molasses cookies that are hard to put down once you bite down on one.  Soft and chewy with the taste of molasses, ginger and brown sugar. YUMMY! The Crinkles are sativa dominant for those of you that prefer more of a head high and like to get things done after partaking in cannabis consumption. So next time you come in ask your budtender to help you find the right edible for you. That’s what we are here for!

Sativa Dominant Crinkles

Strain Drops

This week we have two new strains from Green Life as well as a new batch of their Hug.   First of the new strains is Tango Banana, a hybrid consisting bright green and orange buds coated in the fuzzy looking crystals.  It smells and tastes of banana as the name suggests ending with a sweet ice cream-like finish.  Tango Banana comes in at 15.4% THC.

Tango Banana

The second new drop is Bowser, as in Mario’s mortal enemy! Bowser is indica dominant hybrid that is darker in color and but lightened up with it’s trichome cover and has a sharp and musky pine aroma and taste. Bowser comes in at 13.4% THC.


Our last drop is from Frontier Grow Labs who have graced us with a special version of their Sour Dough Strain.  Sour Dough, which has been quite the hit at Pakalolo Supply Co. among customers and employees alike,  is a balanced sativa, light green with orange hairs and a lemon-lime candy aroma and taste.   This harvest is “special” because it was grown all naturally in soil compared to the last batch that was grown hydroponically.  We appreciate this because we grow all our cannabis in soil with naturally made nutrients.  We believe, and studies have shown, that growing naturally in soil increases terpene content (aromatic and flavorful oils secreted from cannabinoid glands) which results in more pungent and complex smells and flavors in the buds.  They have also  shown to have effects on the high which we have touched on in past blog posts. (Studies have demonstrated that Myrcene, a common terpene in marijuana, actually causes the THC/CBD to have a stronger, quicker and longer lasting effect on your brain.) A few of us have tried the soil grown version of Sour Dough and we all agreed across the board that the aroma and flavor are awesome and maybe even a little stronger in flavor than the hydroponic batch which smelled and tasted excellent itself.  We are very eager to see which version of the Sour Dough our patrons enjoy more.  The soil grown batch is coming in at 17.9% THC.

Soil Grown Sour Dough

Weekly Specials Are Live

Last but not least, this weeks specials are currently live on our in-store menu.  We have an even larger selection than last week with 10 different items on sale from their original prices.  We attempt to put an item in the weekly specials for everyone with a varying range of strains. Going forward we will have a new list of specials ready for you every week on Tuesday so be sure to check back to see how much money you can save, or perhaps if your favorite strain made it on the roster!

TV MENU  (5).png


As always we appreciate you stopping by the PakaBlog. If you haven’t already, please like both of our Facebook pages (Pakablog and Pakalolo Supply Co.) as well as follow the blog via email by signing up on the sidebar on the right side of this page.  Stay up to date on everything Pakalolo and industry related including the upcoming vote to ban legal cannabis.  Please remember to spread the word to let your voice be heard on October 3rd and VOTE NO on PROPS 1 and A!  We are facing a ban on cannabis in Fairbanks and the Fairbanks North Star Borough and we need everyone who supports the legal cannabis industry to spread the word and get out and vote.  This vote could be much closer than we all think.  Our opposition is currently busy fear mongering the Fairbanks community by spreading false statements, fear and propaganda.  We must be overly cautious to not let them win with these immoral techniques to ban something they simply do not understand.  Come down to Pakalolo and grab a sticker or a button to help spread the word.  1 million mahalos for your continued support.  Lets win this vote in a landslide!



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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