Introducing Weekly Sales Specials

As the industry continues to grow our product line continues to grow with it.  New business partnerships with fresh on the scene cultivators have allowed us to have a healthy and varied selection of flower and prerolls.  This week at Pakalolo Supply Company we have a handful of those items going on sale from today until Saturday September 9th. Starting with flower we have Funkist 1 grams at only $16 down from $18, Alien Julio Kush 3.5 grams at $55 down from $60 and Alien Rift 7 grams down to only $100 from $108.  In the preroll section Orange Flare flower prerolls are $15 down from $19, Critical Sensi Star flower prerolls and Maninis are both $1 off  their original prices and Alien Julio Kush sidekick Sixpacks are down to $55 from $58.   That makes seven different items at a great value that you can pick and choose from when looking through our custom menu on our website,  on the televisions in-store or sliding through it on our iPads at the register.  Each sale item will be marked with a rainbow followed by the sale price making the sale items easy to find while also showing you how much you are saving:

TV MENU  (4).png

The weekly specials will also have their own page at the very end of the menu.  If you are a bargain hunter you can skip straight to the Weekly Special page right off the bat to find all of the current sales in one place.  It will look something like this:

Untitled presentation.png

Come down to Pakalolo Supply Company today to get great value on a varied sale menu ranging from flower to an assorted mix of prerolls! Don’t forget to like our the PakaBlog FaceBook page or follow the blog by email, which can be done on the sidebar to the right side of this page. And last but not at all least, please get out to let your voice be heard on October 3rd and VOTE NO on Props 1 and A which will ban retail cannabis from Fairbanks if passed. Mahalo for stopping by the PakaBlog and for your continued support in the fight to keep cannabis legal!


Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

Alaska's Premier Cannabis Retail Store and Cultivation Center. Read the PakaBlog to stay up to date!

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