Our First First Friday, Frontier Grow Labs and Sour Dough (Weekly Update 8/30)

Our First First Friday

Aloha! The last month of summer is coming to an end and to mark the start of the fall season we will be hosting a First Friday art event on the first day of September here at Pakalolo Supply Company.

This First Friday is a special one to us, and we hope to those who attend, as it will serve the important secondary purpose for gathering awareness about the potential cannabis ban that we are fighting in the City of Fairbanks (NO on prop A)and the Fairbanks North Star Borough (NO on prop 1) this October 3rd.  We will have local artist Grey Inks, displaying his amazing art in the mediums of photography, videography, tattoo and sketch. Grey is retired military and has primarily been putting his artwork on living human canvases in the form of tattoos and has recently taken on the mediums of photography and filming and editing fantastic drone videos of Fairbanks from all angles, elevation and weather! His videos will be playing, his art will be displayed and there will be legal weed for sale!  Be sure to come check out his first gallery and Pakalolo Supply Company’s first First Friday event!

Exciting Endeavors

We are excited to announce a  partnership with a new cultivation company fresh on the scene.  Introducing Frontier Grow Labs whose first harvest of their flagship strain, Sour Dough, has dropped at Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks. Sour Dough is a bright green and frosty sativa dominant hybrid that starts off on the active side then quietly balances out.  Its aroma starts off with sour citrus hints and ends with a sweet finish similar to cookie dough.  It smokes smoothly and taste deliciously natural. From their first harvest it is easy to see that Frontier Grow Labs cultivation potential is sky high (pun intended…).   This round of Sour Dough is grown hydroponically they also have began a naturally farmed soil line of strains in their cultivation as well.  Though there may be others, this is the first we have heard of one cultivation diversifying their harvest using both methods.  Being that natural farming is something we are pretty familiar with we are very excited to see the results and differences in one cultivators varying methods, especially Frontier Grow Labs.  Cheers to them and our future endeavors together!  In the mean time, check out the pretty pictures below and you wont be able to help yourself from coming down to Pakalolo to grab yourself a pop-top full of the Sour Dough!



A quick reminder that that the deadline for registering to vote is fast approaching on September 3rd.  If you haven’t registered yet we have you covered.  Our store manager Max is a registrar and it only takes about 3 minutes to fill out the sheet.  You can also pick up a sticker or a button pictured below.  Help spread the word to let our voices be heard on October 3rd and VOTE NO on PROP 1 and PROP A, which would BAN LEGAL RETAIL CANNABIS from Fairbanks/North Star Borough and City of Fairbanks.  Don’t let them take away the rights we have fought for, voted on and earned. Many believe there is no chance that it will happen but we want to get everyone out to vote, crush this thing 99% to 1% and send the prohibitionists packing, so give us a hand and encourage everyone you know to get out and vote. As always, we appreciate the support… 1 MILLION MAHALOS!



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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