Einstein Labs Has Landed Once again

Aloha to all on this fine Saturday afternoon.  It looked to be an overcast today but the clouds seem to be dispersing making it a beautiful day to come down to Pakalolo Supply Company.  Today we don’t have a strain drop for you but we believe can do you one better with a drop from Einstein Labs! We know many of our patrons have been eagerly awaiting for us to restock our shelves with their products, specifically the cartridge refills for the E * Blunt Slims.  Good news for those who are! We are happy to say we have a good amount of the Slim Cartridge refills this time around in two different flavors: 48% Indica Tropical Punch and 51% Sativa KiwiStrawberry!  We have a handful of the full kits including the battery and charger in both of those flavors as well.


We also have a brand new batch of the almighty potent Pure! Wait a minute… Didn’t it used to be called The Klear?  Indeed it did.  The Pure has been given a new and more appropriate (straight to the point) name as this concentrate is the most pure and strongest form of THC available on the market.  Completely solvent free The Pure at 94% THC is a one of a kind product and we are happy to say that you can only get it at Pakalolo Supply Company in Fairbanks.


Mr. Einstein graced us with one more surprise in the form of a completely new product that you have not seen in our store yet!  We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Casino Vape Pen, a chrome-covered, slick and modern looking one-time use vaporizer prefilled with 0.25g of the 48% Indica Tropical Punch cannabis concentrate.  The Casino is all about the convenience factor due to its very small size (about the size of cigarette) while also allowing for the stress free, no-worry attitude because you vape until the oil runs out then dispose of the pen by tossing it in the recycle bin.  No need to worry about charging the battery, keeping it clean or refilling it.


We are also still carrying Einsten Lab’s Leafchews in Goodness Grapecious and Cookies & Cream that we got late last week but they are going fast!  We also still have some flower from Green Life on our shelves as well as a huge selection of prerolls including Maninis, Sidekick Sixpacks, Big Kahunas and flower joints in 12 different strains!  As always Mahalo for stopping by the Pakablog and we hope to see you down here at Pakalolo Supply Company!



Author: Pakalolo Supply Co.

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